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7311MED Social Determinants Of Health

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7311MED Social Determinants Of Health Question  Explain how education is a social determinant of health. Discuss the impact on health outcomes between two population groups. You may choose to compare population groups within one country or between countries. Answer Introduction   The development of the communities is dependent on the changes in the structural and the educational systems. It helps in supporting the health conditions of the communities. Knowledge and education help in undertaking the sustainable approach; thereby helps in enhancing the health care bring in a change in the mortality rate. Education and proper knowledge helps in making the people aware of the different aspects of issues that are being faced relating to the health. Education helps in the understanding of the issues and brings in considerable modifications in the practices undertaken by the people. The purpose of this analysis is to understand the increasing importance of education and knowledge in bringing in sustenance in the health care (Franck & Rainer, 2012). It helps in the understanding of the needs of the people relating to the health care options. The report helps in the understanding of the necessity of the knowledge and differentiates between two distinct communities in a nation. Education and knowledge helps in the clear understanding of the health related issues and thereby affects the mortality rate in the demographic structure. Importance Of Education For Determining The Health Issues  Proper education creates awareness among the people and thereby helps them in understanding the different health related issues. The important steps that is being undertaken by the mass media depends on the criteria of making the people aware of the general issues that are being faced by the communities (Meghir, Palme & Simeonova, 2012). It helps in making them understand the loopholes and rectify them. The culture and the heritage of the people create a havoc impact on the practices that they undertake. The sentiments and the practices undertaken by the communities affect the lifestyle and the health respectively. Education helps in making them understand the flaws in their practices and helps them in rectifying those in order to bring in the subtle changes in the health related issues faced by the communities. The educated society undertakes the changes based on the advancements made in the knowledge and the new findings, which helps them in undertaking healthy practices. Not only health, but also it helps them in the growth of a safe social culture. The Effect Of Education On The Lives Of Indigenous And Non-Indigenous Australians The difference in the education of the indigenous and the non-indigenous people of Australia has created a havoc impact on the diseases faced by them. The communities have faced many changes based on the demographical structures of the communities and the awareness (Tones, Robinson & Tilford, 2013). The population growth has severely affected the health related issues in the people and thereby education played a major role in the understanding of the health issues. The major issues faced by the people are based on their mortality rate. The increasing population of the indigenous people over the non-indigenous people has resulted to the rise in the rates of mortality (Ross, Masters & Hummer, 2012). The practices undertaken by the indigenous people have caused an increase in their mortality rate. On the other hand, the non-indigenous Australians face a lower mortality rate due to their increased awareness, which is being facilitated by proper education (Girard & Olude, 2012).  However, it is noticed that the non-indigenous people suffer from a higher rate of cardio-vascular diseases and cancer- maybe because their exposure to pollutants in the atmosphere, causing their death. On the other hand, the indigenous people face several other health related issues causing their death.   Education helps in enhancing the knowledge and thereby helps in understanding the logic behind the practices that re being undertaken by the communities. The knowledge helps in curbing off the different health related issues, thereby bringing in a difference in the rate of mortality. According to a report, the indigenous people are facing around 65% of the deaths and health issues, whereas the non-indigenous people suffer from a 19% rate of mortality (Sharma,  2016). It is due to the education and the knowledge of the practices undertaken by the people that affect their health and their respective lifestyles. Relative superfluous knowledge of the issues and the causes helps in determining the prevention that the non-indigenous community undertakes, while the unaware community faces a crisis. It is assumed that the indigenous people face a rate of 1.6 times relating to their mortality rate, which affected their lifestyle and population. Therefore, proper educational practices help in the reduction of the mortality rate (Sharma, 2016).   The change in the educational systems can bring in significant changes in the lifestyle and the health considerations of the people (Lipsey et al., 2012). Therefore, education forms the integral part while considering the health related issues and the difference in the mortality rate of the indigenous and the non-indigenous people. The increase in the population is again another factor that disallows the improvement in the health conditions of the indigenous people. The rising population reduces the medical attention that is being given to the people (Refer to Appendice 1). The educational practices help the community in developing their insights into the health related issues and thereby help in the understanding of the different causes of the issues. On the other hand, proper education also helps in improving the standard of living of the indigenous people (Mirowsky, 2017).  In order to match the requirements of the people and thereby reduce the mortality rate, proper educational practices must be induced in the communities. The increasing population and the lack of proper knowledge affect the rate of mortality of the indigenous people and thereby bring in changes in their lifestyle. Although the non-indigenous people suffer from the threats of mortality, they are sure to take preventive measures based on the education and the knowledge of the causes for the health related issues. Conclusion  Therefore, from the above analysis it can be stated that education plays a major role in understanding the different needs of the people in order to sustain them in the environment. The aboriginals of Australia faces a threat based on the lack of proper education whereas the non-indigenous people can afford to avoid the circumstances of the illiteracy, which might constrain the understanding of the causes for their health issues. Proper education helps in undertaking the different aspects of the preventive measures. It helps in the retention of the lives and thereby promotes a healthy lifestyle among the communities. It also affects the population growth in the community. Therefore, education affects the health care systems by the proper understanding of the issues and the causes. References  Cohen, A. K., & Syme, S. L. (2013). Education: a missed opportunity for public health intervention. American journal of public health, 103(6), 997-1001. Franck, R., & Rainer, I. (2012). Does the leader’s ethnicity matter? Ethnic favoritism, education, and health in sub-Saharan Africa. American Political Science Review, 106(2), 294-325. Girard, A. W., & Olude, O. (2012). Nutrition education and counselling provided during pregnancy: effects on maternal, neonatal and child health outcomes. Paediatric and perinatal epidemiology, 26(s1), 191-204. Hinze, S. W., Lin, J., & Andersson, T. E. (2012). Can we capture the intersections? Older Black women, education, and health. Women’s Health Issues, 22(1), e91-e98. Lipsey, M. W., Puzio, K., Yun, C., Hebert, M. A., Steinka-Fry, K., Cole, M. W., … & Busick, M. D. (2012). Translating the Statistical Representation of the Effects of Education Interventions into More Readily Interpretable Forms. National Center for Special Education Research. Meghir, C., Palme, M., & Simeonova, E. (2012). Education, health and mortality: Evidence from a social experiment (No. w17932). National Bureau of Economic Research. Mirowsky, J. (2017). Education, social status, and health. Routledge. Ross, C. E., Masters, R. K., & Hummer, R. A. (2012). Education and the gender gaps in health and mortality. Demography, 49(4), 1157-1183. Sharma, M. (2016). Theoretical foundations of health education and health promotion. Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Tones, K., Robinson, Y. K., & Tilford, S. (2013). Health education: effectiveness and efficiency. Springer.

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