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96336 Organisational Management In Health Care

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96336 Organisational Management In Health Care Question:  Development of an organisational strategy Intent: This assessment item focusses on the skills required to develop a strategy and implement it within a healthcare organisation. Strategic planning in health care encompasses a spectrum of activities that all address the organisation’s place in the market.   Strategic planning in health care is essential for successful operations, expansions and profitability. There are constant shifts and changes in the healthcare , and these present challenges for providers on a financial, operational and monitoring level. Ensuring that an organisational strategy is in place reduces the risk that staff will deviate from the overall vision, mission, goals and objectives. Answer: Introduction The strategic plan is made for identifying the areas, which will focus on community services systems and on health for the next three years. It is based on opportunities as well as future challenges. The plan helps in identifying the strategic issues like Safety, quality, Population health and Demographics. The Motto of Chandler Health is to promote the community services for aged person and taking care of their health. The vision of the organisation is to create a community service for aged person. It has also the vision of taking care of the health of the aged person and providing them better management. The mission of the new non profit organisation is to work towards their planned vision of providing the good community service and health care for the aged people. The organisation identifies the challenges for the aging people suffering from chronic disease. The organisation is building the community services as well as a health care system for meeting the challenges in present and future. The organisation has also a mission of implementing evaluation framework, analysing evidence for improvement of quality as well as safety and implementing strategies in significant areas. Set Of Strategic Goals  Goal 1:  Department will give emphasis on training as well as licensing resources who can improve the health care. Goal 2: Organisation will enhance the procedure of monitoring for improving the performance of the system and meeting the requirements of the population. Goal 3: The organisation will improve the access of selected services for improving health outcomes. Goal 4: The organisation will enhance the initiatives that will focus on illness prevention and cure. It will also protect and promote the health for improving the status of health of the population. Goal 5: The organisation will respond to changes in demographics and will be more responsive for the community system and health service. Goal 6:  Identifying the potential gaps in Human resources. Set Of Values Values are significant for fulfilling the responsibilities of the clients. Organisation gives value to: Professionalism: Individuals working should be qualified as well as maintain professional approach towards the organisation. Excellence: Person should take decision based on evidence for maintaining highest standard. Transparency and Accountability: All the employees should take the obligations of their clients for making an open culture as well as maintaining transparency in decision making. Collaboration: Employees should engage themselves with each other both externally and internally to the organisation with a positive approach. Privacy: Employees should protect the informations that are related to the organisation and patients. Task 2 Valuing the needs of customer Customers in healthcare services are the patients. Patients should be treated both as customer and partners. This will help the service providers of healthcare in delivering quality care of high level with a positive experience. The customer centric approach can change the scenario by shifting concentration on consumers (Lee 2014). This approach will help the patient in cooperating with physicians. The five significant points for valuing the needs of customers are depends on five E’s. It incorporates: Experience which will help in leading to cure Empathy which will make the customers to feel that the organisation cares for them Efficiency, which will help in resolving the issues rapidly Economy, which will ensure customers are getting fair values for their treatment. Empowerment which will give the choice to the customers for their treatment plan (Sweeney,  Danaher and McColl-Kennedy 2015) Relevant Internal And External Stake Holders The external stakeholders are the local employers and the third party payers. Other stakeholders are the major suppliers. Internal stakeholders are the active medical staff and the governance of Chandle healthcare. Other Important stakeholders are Customers and Community.  Engaging Staff In Creation Of Strategy Staff engagement is significant for gaining advantage within the organisation. Staff should be engaged in decision making and also in making strategy. Staff can be involved by the following ways: Management and Leadership: This factor can help the staff engagement. Factors like communication, visibility and accounting should be in process within the organisation. If this factors flow in a streamline path within the structure of management then staff could be engaged in making strategies (Porter and Lee 2015). Involving in making decision- Staffs should be involved in making decisions and formulate strategies. This will make them feel that they are important to the organisation. This process should be involved in a circular way by consulting the staff and interrogating them about the consequences of strategies (Leekha Chhabra and Sharma 2014). The organisation should discuss the business strategy clearly with the staff. There should be a presence of communication mechanism for allowing dialogue in a bidirectional process with the staff. Staffs needed to be ensured their roles as well as objectives. Communication Of Strategies To The Staff Formulating smart strategically plan can be a significant factor for the organisation. The strategies could be communicated to the staffs in the following ways: Staff should be asked for attending the informational meeting held by the organisation.   Valid reasons should be explained for the new strategy. Details should be incorporated about the failure of old strategy used by other organisation and the innovative strategy formulated by the new organisation Chandler Health. Insight should be provided with the new strategy. New strategy should be presented in front of the staffs with specificity. Demonstration should be given on how the new strategy could be effective. Differences should be provided with the failure strategy of another organisation and the new strategy of the new organisation. These differences will help the staff to understand the impact of new strategy that will be implemented. Staffs should be given the chance on asking any questions. Thew communication should be bidirectional. Evaluation Of Strategy Strategies should be evaluated for measuring the success. The evaluation of startegies could be done in the following ways: Consistency: If the strategy is effective then it cannot be inconsistent within the organisations. No conflicts will rise within the structures of organisation. The evaluation helps in verifying the operation existing within the organisation. External Environment: Notwithstanding being predictable with the interior organization structures, a technique needs to match the outer condition. Organizations exist in a commercial centre that incorporates clients, contenders and administrative bodies. Organizations make esteem and convey benefits (Conway and Chenery  2016). They acquire expenses and make benefits inside a current evaluating structure. The assessment examines to what degree the technique addresses these components in a steady way for instance, confirming that the esteem creation determined by the procedure matches target showcase needs. Strategic Advantages: A strategy needs to make preferences to make its usage beneficial. The advantages of the procedure must be generously more noteworthy than expenses of completing it, and the methodology needs to make upper hands in the commercial centre. For instance, change an item to build its incentive for a particular market fragment that needs the change (Joseph et al. 2014). The assessment looks at the costs identified with technique exercises, the advantages to the organization and what vital focal points the procedure predicts. The strategies are been evaluated by the higher rank stake holders like managers and the governing bodies of Chandler Health. Reference List Conway, E.R. and Chenery, H.J., 2016. Evaluating the MESSAGE Communication Strategies in Dementia training for use with community?based aged care staff working with people with dementia: a controlled pretest–post?test study. Journal of clinical nursing. Joseph, A., Quan, X., Keller, A.B., Taylor, E., Nanda, U. and Hua, Y., 2014. Building a knowledge base for evidence-based healthcare facility design through a post-occupancy evaluation toolkit. Intelligent Buildings International, 6(3), pp.155-169. Lee, T.H., 2014. The strategy that will fix health care. Leekha Chhabra, N. and Sharma, S., 2014. Employer branding: strategy for improving employer attractiveness. International Journal of Organizational Analysis, 22(1), pp.48-60. Porter, M.E. and Lee, T.H., 2015. Why strategy matters now. New England Journal of Medicine, 372(18), pp.1681-1684. Sweeney, J.C., Danaher, T.S. and McColl-Kennedy, J.R., 2015. Customer effort in value cocreation activities: Improving quality of life and behavioral intentions of health care customers. Journal of Service Research, 18(3), pp.318-335.

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