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B101 Early Childhood Education Question: In this assignment you will be required to reflect on your own development. You will consider your genetic inheritance (mother, father) as well as the social context of your childhood (where and how you grew up) and the significant events that led you to where you are today at Norquest College. This assignment requires you to meaningfully assess your own childhood which will help you understand the impact of nature and nurture on your development and look critical at how this might influence your interactions with children in your ELCC practice as well as consider how nature and nurture play a role in the lives of the children and families you work with. You must read Chapter 13 carefully to guide you in your reflection. NOTE: This assignment will be shared only with your instructor and will remain confidential. 1. A Map of your life Draw a spiral like we did in class. Start in the middle with your birth. Draw or use an image for every significant event or person that impacted your life circumstance. Put the image along with a caption or sentence that clearly tells us why you chose this image. You must have a minimum of 20 images The last image at the end of the spiral is you at Norquest College. You will scan or take a photo of your personal map and upload the image to Moodle in the dropbox. 2. Influences on You in your environment: On the second page, describe yourself in the middle section: temperament, birth order, characteristics of your personality, attachment style Around the description of yourself, you will write about 4 influences on your own development: Parents and Family – Style of parenting, patterns of communication and control, warmth and responsiveness, sibling relationships, Answer: My Life Spiral Map Influence On My Environment I was born in a traditional Punjabi family located at Amritsar, Punjab.  My father’s name is Amandeep Singh and my mother’s name is Satvinder Kaur.  Born in a middle class, Punjabi family, my parents have always taught me about the importance of money in our life and how we should refrain from lavishly spending the same.  When it comes to the parenting style of my parents, I am highly fortunate. My parents have followed authoritative parenting. Authorative parenting is considered to be the most effective as well as beneficial parenting style. This is because, in this type of parenting, parents though have high expectations on their children, posses the potential to tamper it with understanding as well as support for their children as well. My parents had created the healthiest environment for both my cognitive grow. I was never being pressurized to take a specific educational course for myself. When it comes to communication and control, my father was highly strict. In my childhood, I have been scolded several times for my wrong doing. However, my parents avoided beating me since they believed that it is a poor practice of parenting.  I remember any event when my parents wanted me to take science group as my subject in class 11 while I wanted to pursue my study in Eco stats Mathematics. They did not force it on me. Instead they understood my concern and let me study my chosen subjects. I was a single child. However we lived in a join family and I had great bonding with my cousins. I still rejoice the memory when we used to fly kites on summer holidays. When it comes to my socioeconomic status, we belong to a middle class family. My father was a farmer and we lived in a two stored house. Our house was located in a populated area. We had an effective relation with our neighbors as well.  From childhood, my parents have taught me to consider my neighbor uncle and aunties as my own ad demonstrate respect to them. In childhood my chief recreation included playing with my friends and cousins after my school time was over. I still remember how we used to play cricket, “gilli danda“ which is a local game as well as football in the afternoon after returning from school. I believe that this recreation have not only enhanced my bonding with my relatives and neighbors but has also imposed positive impact on my physical fitness. When it comes to my education, from childhood, I ranked in my school. I loved studying Mathematics.  In the same time, I loved to study history, since it provided me with the knowledge of the past. When it comes to culture, Punjabi culture is supposed to be one of the oldest as well as richest cultures of the world that posses a very great history as well as complexity. In our culture, each member of the family had got certain duties as well as responsibilities assigned too them in the day to day life, birth as well as marriage ceremonies, funerals as well as other social occasions. During the wedding of one of cousins, I learned that it falls in our culture that the bride needs to wear a red ivory bangle known as Choora as a gift from the maternal uncle as a gift. The custom of exchanging gifts is a highly traditional practice among us since our community believed that this helps in maintain a well knit relationship among the friends and family members in the society. In our community, I have noticed that majority of the females were housewife. Men were supposed to work outside and earn for the family. When it comes to stressors, I had faced my first stressor as a child when I lost my grandfather. From childhood, I was very close to him. I used to call him “bada papa” and as accustomed to spend a major part of the day with him. My grandfather was suffering from several cardiovascular diseases and was under medication. He had died out of heart attack. His depth had pushed me in deep grief and I had even undergone depression for several days. Finally, my parents decided to consult a doctor and within the next 3 months I got fully recovered. The Bronfenbrenner Ecological Systems Theory explains how the inherent qualities of a child as well as his environment influence how he will grow and develop.  This theory has helped me to understand how my environments that can be segregated into microsystem, mesosystem, exosystem, macro system and chronosystem have influenced my upbringing and future decision making. While teaching my students, several times I consciously as well as unconsciously relate their childhood with mine. My feelings and learning of childhood often helps me to understand their point of view. Not only this, I also develops the capability of understanding their parents. For instance, several times, I found that parents often get authoritarian. That is, their expectation from the child gets increased and thus the child stated feeling to be in pressure. As an educator, I conduct a session with the parents where I educate them about the importance of high responsiveness. I also provided them effective strategy to be friendly with their offspring and yet have control over their acts. This assignment have made me understood the impact of my environment on my success.

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