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B991 Health And Social Care Question: Write the changes that individuals experience during adolescence and how they may impact on their education. Answer: Introduction Adolescence refers to the period when an individual is transmitting from childhood to adulthood according to Bailey, Duncan, Odgers & Yu, (2017). The stage occurs during the age of ten to fourteen years. However, during this period the person undergoes some changes in his or her body. The changes comprise of physical, emotional and social changes. Consequently, these changes have an impact on the person in terms the daily life, family and education. When these changes start occurring, the family members to the person may experience some difficulties to control the individual. However, constant talks and advice mainly assist the person to make sound decisions in life. Physical Changes During Adolescence Berk, (2017) says that physical changes refer to the changes that other people can see occurring to the adolescent. These changes differ in girls and boys and mostly go according to the age of the person. The physical changes that occur at the age of between ten to eleven are different from those that happens when one has reached twelve to fourteen years. When it comes to girls, at the age of ten to eleven years, one of the physical changes that happen to the individual is that the breast starts growing. The breasts grow as they become tender. However, it is essential to note that the speed of growth is different on different girls. The second visible sign is that the individual grows taller than before, the face becomes mature in reference to Chandra-Mouli, Svanemyr, Amin, Fogstad, Say, Girard, & Temmerman, (2015). Apart from the above changes other early physical change in girls is that pubic hair begins to grow on the private parts like external genitals when the girl reaches later ages like twelve to fourteen years, other private parts like the arms. The last vital change is the beginning of the menstrual period; it is characterized by pain or bad odor. However, when the pain has persisted, it is essential to seek medication. When it comes to boys, Carr, (2015) argues that the physical changes include the growth of external genital including testes, penis, and scrotum. There is also an increase in height which accompanied by a widening of the chest and increase of voice. The other changes include the growth of hair in private parts such as armpits and on the genitals. Social Changes The social changes that change that occur on teens during adolescence include; the teens start looking for identity whereby they search for fellow puberty who they can share their changes within any circumstance — these people they can get them in the school peer group or among the among the family members. The second change is that the adolescents tend to look for new experiences. However, such situations are risky because the teenage may engage in risky behavior. Apart from the above social changes, Davidow, Insel & Somerville, (2018) says that another change is that the friends of the teenager are the most people who influence his or her behaviors such situations may be difficult because the parents may not be able to control the individual. However, engaging with the opposite sex at this particular time. The primary challenge is that dating at this early age may make the teenage to get pregnant or infected with sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis. The last social change from research is that the mode of communication starts changing according to Fuhrmann, Knoll & Blakemore, (2015). The teenage tend to like social media and cell phones to ensure that he or she is connected to friends and can see the latest trends in the world. However, the adolescent may start developing a pressure of getting whatever he or she sees on social media. When the parent cannot provide the luxury materials, the child may seek other risky ways of getting the materials which are not good in reference to Hanson, Hariri & Williamson, (2015). Emotional Changes During Adolescence Emotions deals with the feelings of the individual. Newman & Newman, (2017) says that when a child is approaching adolescent, various emotional changes take place on the individual. The first main change that happens to the feelings of the person is that the teenage become sensitive to everyone’s emotion. At this stage, the skill of processing other individual’s emotion is high; however, to some extent, the teenage may misinterpret another person’s feelings according Noller & Callan, (2015). The second change is that the adolescent becomes more self-conscious than they were in the previous age. The individual become worried the way they look and even compare themselves with their friends. Lastly, the emotion of the teenage is unpredictable; the teenage may show different feelings at different times. Impact Of The Changes To The Education Of The Adolescent. For one to succeed in education, there is a need for full participation which involves cooperation between the student, teachers and the parent. However, the changes that come with adolescence pose some challenges in the education of the adolescent according Nusslock, & Miller, (2016). However, a point may reach such that the teenagers lose full focus on academics because of lack of guidance. Some of the teenagers fear to tell their parents about the changes hence lack of advice to fully participate in class. The following are some of the significant impacts of adolescence changes in academics: – Lack Of Full Participation In Class Work. The physical signs that come with adolescence make the teenager feel embarrassed hence cannot stand in front of the classmate to contribute in class work. For instance, the girls feel shy of the grown breasts while the boys shy about their voice. Such changes make the teenagers not to ask questions in areas they are not getting well. In some circumstances, the teacher may want to hear views from the student, but no one is free to contribute because of shyness according to Stapinski, Araya, Heron, Montgomery, & Stallard, (2015). Poor Performance Poor performance comes due to the emotional influence that the teenager develops at this stage. They become sensitive to what other people are talking about concerning the individual. For instance, there can be a situation whereby the teacher can comment about the behavior of the student. However, it may not go well with the teenager. After the comment, the adolescent will take to hate the subject together with the teacher. The outcome of hating the issue is failing at the end of the term examination. Embarrassment There several changes in the body of the teenager that leave him or she feel embarrassed while with fellow students. The discomfort affects the education of the child. An example of the change includes pimples in both boys and girls, an unexpected monthly period in girls and widen chest in boys. Some of these changes happen unexpectedly such that the teenagers feel embarrassed to express various views in different subjects. For instance, Simmons, (2017) says that when the teacher is teaching science, and he or she tries to talk about the real things that happen in the body of the child, the individual feel match embarrassed in class, and this effect lowers performance both on fieldwork and academics. Conclusion Puberty is a stage that everyone undergoes in life. However, the stage is characterized by emotional, social and physical changes in the body of the individual. These changes affect the way the adolescent relate and communicate with other people. Apart from that effect of the changes is evident in education. Parents need to advise their children the way they should carry themselves during this stage to avoid poor performance in academics. The adolescents should know that these changes are regular and they should not feel shy to share what they experience with their parents or teachers.      References Bailey, D., Duncan, G. J., Odgers, C. L., & Yu, W. (2017). Persistence and fadeout in the impacts of child and adolescent interventions. Journal of Research on Educational Effectiveness, 10(1), 7-39. Berk, L. (2017). Development through the lifespan. Pearson Education India. Carr, A. (2015). The handbook of child and adolescent clinical psychology: A contextual approach. Routledge. Chandra-Mouli, V., Svanemyr, J., Amin, A., Fogstad, H., Say, L., Girard, F., & Temmerman, M. (2015). Twenty years after International Conference on Population and Development: where are we with adolescent sexual and reproductive health and rights?. Journal of Adolescent Health, 56(1), S1-S6. Davidow, J. Y., Insel, C., & Somerville, L. H. (2018). Adolescent development of value-guided goal pursuit. Trends in cognitive sciences. Fuhrmann, D., Knoll, L. J., & Blakemore, S. J. (2015). Adolescence as a sensitive period of brain development. Trends in cognitive sciences, 19(10), 558-566.

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