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B991 Health And Social Care Question: Ehow one piece of legislation, one policy and one code of practice could be applied to planning for individuals  Explain how to incorporate ethical principles into the provision of support for individuals  Explain why ethical approach may provide workers with dilemmas.  justify how an ethical approach to providing support would benefit individuals.  Answer: Introduction: The following paper tends to focus on the different aspects that are important in the context of planning for individuals. It is a very important thing to provide the care for the individuals within an organization a person works and he has to be given with facilities for the support. Thus, the various things like the legislation, policies and code of ethics and the ethical principles for the support of the individuals have to be discussed in this paper. The workers may fall into dilemmas in their workplaces so the positive ethical approaches have to be provided to them. Legislation, Policy And Code Of Practice The parliament in the UK along with the legislative bodies has consulted between them to ensure the best safety of the workers or the individuals in the organization. The most important legislation act that has been developed in this perspective is the Care Standard Act in 2000 (Betancourt et al. 2016). This cat has been developed in the England as its purpose was to develop and redesign the care revolution system in the countries like England and Wales. This legislative act had been developed so that the persons can be taken care in various care organizations like the care homes, domiciliary care homes and the private voluntary care services. This legislative act clarifies that all the people should be provided with the minimum care within the care settings of the country (Swayne, Duncan and Ginter 2012). The policy that should be maintained by the employers to ensure the care of the particular individuals is many. All of these policies have to be followed by the employers so that the employees can get the assurance that they are taken care of properly. The sustainable development policy may be followed for both the growth of the organizations and the welfare of the employees (Swayne, Duncan and Ginter 2012). They have to ensure that the economic growth is properly maintained. This will help the employees to be given the proper care in the care settings. More jobs have to be created in cities, towns and villages with proper infrastructure of the hospitals in those places. It could serve the individuals more in their times of need (Aveyard 2012). Some codes of practice that are useful for the individual planning and care are:- The interest of the service users and care planners has to be promoted. The trust and faith of the service users has to be set up by the organizations. The confidence of the public must be maintained so that more people can be intended to join the organizations. People who plan for the individuals must be reliable and dependable (Furrow et al. 2013). Incorporating Ethical Principles Into The Provision Of Support For Individuals Some of the ethical principles that can be incorporated in for the support of the individuals are that the social care workers and the practitioners must understand and realize properly the meaning of morality and the moral decisions (Page 2012). There are other underlying ethical principles in this context as well. They can be listed as below:- 1) The rights of the individuals in a certain community must be respected so that the public health can achieve community health (Minkler 2012). 2) The particular information should be asked by the public health authorities so that the different plans and policies can be implemented properly. 3) These policies and programs should be carried out in such a manner that it should enhance the social and physical environment (Aveyard 2012). 4) All the policies and programs should be developed in the community so that it would enhance the infrastructure and the community members can be benefitted by the processes. 5) When the health care and social care workers are dealt with, it must be ensured that their rights are secured.    Ethical Approach May Provide Workers With Dilemmas In the case of day to day working in the area of care, the employees may face some dilemmas in the workplace (Pauly, Varcoe and Storch 2012). These dilemmas can arise from the different issues of the ethical approach that the care workers use. The various dilemmas that arise in this context can be seen as the independence and rights, empowerment, safeguarding, autonomy, dignity, duty and morals in the workplace. There is always an opportunity that the vulnerable people in health care seek for the help of the health professionals and these health professionals have to ensure that the vulnerable people under their care must be given proper assistance (Pauly, Varcoe and Storch 2012). However, the professionals must not be pushed under the dilemmas because that will put a negative impact on their performance in treatment. They should limit the alcohol consumptions of the patients; they should also choose the best activities which are appropriate for the vulnerable people. Ethical Approach To Providing Support Benefitting Individuals    The ethical approaches that have been prevalent in the social and health care of the organizations are very much beneficial for the individuals under their care. The people who are vulnerable are deeply in need of care and support of the health care professionals (Viswanathan et al. 2012). The health care professionals should follow the ethical approaches and this would lead to not allowing them about going out alone on their own. Thus, the vulnerable people would be given support so that they could gain some confidence and would be benefitted much. The people under their care lose their confidence and their independence as well in trying to do something as they wish. The ethical approaches should help the people to be empowered with renewed confidence. This would boost up their mentality. Conclusion: Thus, the paper can be concluded by saying that the various ethical practices, approaches and applications of legislation have helped the individuals for support. The people in need of support are quite helpless much times and this helplessness may lead to disasters. So, it is very much important for the individuals to rely on the health care and social work professionals for support. In other words, it can be said that the health care professionals should also follow the legislative acts and the codes of practice to do their work more efficiently. References: Aveyard, H., 2014. Doing a literature review in health and social care: A practical guide. McGraw-Hill Education (UK). Betancourt, J.R., Green, A.R., Carrillo, J.E. and Owusu Ananeh-Firempong, I.I., 2016. Defining cultural competence: a practical framework for addressing racial/ethnic disparities in health and health care. Public health reports. Furrow, B.R., Greaney, T.L., Johnson, S.H., Jost, T.S. and Schwartz, R.L., 2013. Health Law: Materials and Problems. Minkler, M. ed., 2012. Community organizing and community building for health and welfare. Rutgers University Press. Page, K., 2012. The four principles: Can they be measured and do they predict ethical decision making?. BMC medical ethics, 13(1), p.10. Pauly, B.M., Varcoe, C. and Storch, J., 2012, March. Framing the issues: moral distress in health care. In Hec Forum (Vol. 24, No. 1, pp. 1-11). Springer Netherlands. Swayne, L.E., Duncan, W.J. and Ginter, P.M., 2012. Strategic management of health care organizations. John Wiley & Sons. Viswanathan, M., Ansari, M.T., Berkman, N.D., Chang, S., Hartling, L., McPheeters, M., Santaguida, P.L., Shamliyan, T., Singh, K., Tsertsvadze, A. and Treadwell, J.R., 2012. Assessing the risk of bias of individual studies in systematic reviews of health care interventions.

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