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CHC40413 Community Services Health And Lifestyle

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CHC40413 Community Services Health And Lifestyle Question: Describe five different forms of diversity you see when working with young people in your focus area. 2. Identify and examine a range of experiences and issues that may be facing young people you are working with in your focus area who come from a diverse background. 3. Describe three services who could support the needs and rights of young people from diverse background accessing services in you focus area. Name three youth work models which may be used by the service. 4. Understanding that young people may hold different worldviews,by giving one example, explain how these may influence their engagement with mainstream services in your focus area.   5. Outline four cultural considerations that may affect a young person’s issues and the decisions made by services to support them. What appropriate modifications would you make to your approach to address these? Include consideration of the young person’s rights and responsibilities 6. Describe three principles of effective communication when working with young people. 7. Where there are communication difficulties, give three examples of modified approaches you could use to address these. 8. Explain three different ways in which a service can provide young people and their families with information tailored to their capacity of understanding and designed to calm and reassure them. Answer: 1.Different forms of diversity when working with drug and alcohol abuse addicts One type of diversity is culture while working with young people using drugs and alcohol; cultural diversity requires workers’ services to be sensitive in culturally meaningful ways. Another diversity is LGBT communities, and some youths may feel vulnerable or reluctant in disclosing their sexual orientation. Additionally the different groups of people including immigrants and the indigenous people, have different needs. Also, people with disabilities add to the diversity of people being dealt with when dealing with youth using drugs and alcohol. Frequency of use, is also put into consideration, others use the drugs more often than other people, making them need different levels of attention to promote recovery (Mitchelle, 2016). Background diversity can bring a range of issues like personal social resources available in supporting the recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Social identity also affects the recovery of a person, with those having a strong identity developing the purpose and need to change, thus promoting cessation of drug and alcohol use. Experiences and background diversity also determines the recovery capital a person has to help them in recovering, this depends on social identities and a personal story or goals motivating them to change. Other recovery capital includes social groups where people are having the same problem meet and encourage each other to encourage change. I.Services which can promote the needs of youth abusing drugs and alcohol include understanding the client’ need for the use of drugs, abuse and pleasure to decide which approach to use. The other service model which can be helpful is using caregivers in the recovery process. The caregivers can act as a bridge between the client and relatives where they explain the treatments given and how it will help in promoting the positive impact on the client. III.Lastly, collecting detailed information about the client’s background, needs and culture is key as it helps the caregiver in coming up with a proper plan for the client’s future needs.  The data will also be helpful in promoting better services when the gaps in service provision are identified (Monti, 2012). Different worldviews affecting engagement When a person has low self-worth, they feel the need to take drugs to feel better therefore, during treatment services, the perception has first to change to promote healing and self –confidence. 5.Four cultural issues which may affect a young person’s decisions Customs of a person can affect whether they take treatment and in a particular place or not. Customs will require one to act in a particular manner so as not to offend the client or to make them feel comfortable in utilizing services from particular practitioners. Another cultural consideration is language, where language barrier ought to be addressed for the proper provision of services; lack of understanding can lead give the young youth and attitude not to continue with treatment, Also, religion is another cultural consideration, where a person acts in a particular way, or expect other people to act in a particular way because their religion requires of them to act that way. Lack of such considerations can lead to conflict or the other person feeling offended. Lastly, interpersonal relationships can affect decision making when the needs of the family are put before individual needs. Principles of effective  communication Facial expressions can help in communicating the message in a way that a person is appreciated and taken seriously.  Body language – reinforces relationships and make those listening interested in what one has to say while at the same time respecting and putting a value on what is being said. Communicating in a clear and in a manner which is pleasant is also crucial as it ensures that a person understands what is being said. .Approaching communication difficulties When a person does not understand what is being said; Empathy and patience can be important to improve communication.  To prevent misunderstanding, the speaker should pass information in a concise but clear manner. When there is a lack of trust, effective communication through confidence and body language can build trust. 8.information to families in reassuring them oyoung people and their families should be included in the planning for pharmacotherapy so that they understand the drugs being given to the patient and why Service providers also need to explain to the client and the family the use of different drugs and the importance The service providers can also accommodate the family members and ask them what they would like and see what is possible and can be incorporated in the care plan. References Mitchell, P. F., Kutin, J. J., Daley, K., Best, D., & Bruun, A. J. (2016). Gender differences in psychosocial complexity for a cohort of adolescents attending youth-specific substance abuse services. Children and Youth Services Review, 68, 34-43. Monti, P. M., Colby, S. M., & Tevyaw, T. O. L. (Eds.). (2012). Adolescents, alcohol, and substance abuse: Reaching teens through brief interventions. Guilford Press.

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