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CID460 Health And Social Care Question: Define leadership Use your SWOT/PEST to explore What are the extrinsic factors that affect the organisation National policies e.g Brexit/ safeguarding and how does this impact leadership and management in your organisation Meeting target ( National / local/internal , what are the targets for the organisation, and how does they inflence leadership and management Financial constraints- budget how does influence leadership and management. Answer: Leadership And Management At Blue Ribbon Leadership is well-defined as the action of leading persons in an organization, regarded collectivity. It is the action of running a group of people or a group of an organization. Leadership is about having a clear dream and distributing this vision with others so that they can follow the leader willingly. This essay is about leadership and management in the context of a health and social care organization. An effective leadership and management skill is very important in order to improve a specific healthcare organization (Cregård, 2017). Healthcare executives and frontrunners must have the volume to meet the contests while the organization objectives may get altered in a specific period of time. Having an operative healthcare management surely administers the success of a healthcare organization. Leadership and management in healthcare must influence the staffs of the organization to take their work seriously. It is important for modern healthcare reform. Leadership is the potentiality of the person and a group of people to influence as well as help the members of the company. Leadership includes decisions making, developing accomplishable objectives, creating clear vision and also offers necessary tools for achieving all the objectives (Cregård, 2017). Leadership is the capability of a firm’s management for setting as well as achieving challenging objectives and also encourages others for performing well and better. The management of Blue-ribbon has a way to operate is decentralized and information is transfer from the top management to the lower workers and staffs. Management is an art of conducting things done with the help of people in formally organized teams (Cregård, 2017). Management is an art of making an atmosphere under which the people can play and the people can cooperate towards achievement of goal and objectives. Management is a purposive activity which directs team efforts towards the achievement of particular determined objectives. PEST Analysis Of Blue Ribbon The evaluation of Political, economical, social and technological terms is very important in a healthcare industry. The healthcare company] undergoes from these factors, as they have their influences to the performance of the players in the industry. Political factors are about the governmental factors that impact on how the healthcare programs perform (Grint, 2014). Blue Ribbon has to adhere the problems such as tax strategies that are in existence. It also has to do with matters such as customer protection legislature and employ regulations. These political issues are huge weakness for the business. Economic factors outlines to current economic situations in which company operates. It contains factors such as inflation, predilections of the consumers, and unemployment. As for lustration, variables such as joblessness and the buying behavior of the customers could affect the association such as Blue Ribbon. The economic factors thus work as weakness to the industry. But the positive things is about Blue Ribbon is that it is operating in a well-established economy nation. Social factors include the demographics and culture of the customers. The employees of Blue Ribbon have to examine and give respect to the patient or t the person to whom it is providing services. Organizations that mind the culture of the customers do well in their business. For Blue ribbon, it is important that to ensure the norms and values of the population its serves (Grint, 2014). Technological advancements are at the heart of the healthcare organizations. It is about the way in which governments in the business are able to connect with its customers (Kovner, Fine and D’Aquila, 2009). Blue Ribbon is engaged with healthcare services, in which technological advance has importance.   National Policies E.G Brexit Impact Leadership And Management In Blue Ribbon National policies of a country are developed for the benefit of the organizations. It is developed to inform the companies about what they must do and what should they do not do. National policies such as Brexit also had its effect on the healthcare organizations in UK. After Brexit there was economic outcome that is widely predictable to result in a slump in the UK along with the reduced GDP growth across European Countries (Appleby, 2016). The UK’s National Health Service is expecting to face a shortage of 16,000 primary care physicians. The government of UK conventionally tried to gap by employing both doctors and nurses from overseas countries mainly other EU countries. Brexit beigest effect is on healthcare service providers. There is a huge impact in the manpower. This is considered as a critical aspect of the healthcare transition as the UK seeks to reduce the spending on the secondary care.    Supporters of Brexit have claimed that leaving the EU would give UK an further £ 350 million a week to spend on health and public services (McIntosh and West, 2017). The researcher has analyzed that according to the study by institute of Fiscal studies, after the Brexit the net contribution is only about £150 million a week. Before Brexit, most of the EU citizens have the right to live and work under the European Law, and they can take families with them to the UK if they can support themselves without relying on public funds (McIntosh and West, 2017). But now, as, Britain is already exited from the EU, the healthcare organizations have to look out for the man power within the country.      Targets And Its Influence Leadership And Management One of the main targets of Blue Ribbon is to create a variance for everyone that the company works with. The company aims creating difference to the people that uses its service, its staff teams and also to its working partners. The company’s method is based on an open and honest communication, limpidity and the highest professional ethics that help in making dissimilarity at home. Blue Ribbon aims in getting involved in caring role to the needy (Kovner, Fine and D’Aquila, 2009). The company provides quality sustenance at home and has empathy for the personalities in dissimilar situations. Blue Ribbon is an award winning independent health and social carte provider that specializes in providing home care support services. The management of Blue Ribbon recognizes the difficulties that people in need of care and support and are committed to provide services which do not compromise one’s independence.    Having a proper target is good for the progression of an organization as it provides a sense of direction and purpose. It is the targets of the company from which employees understands what is expected from them and how the company will measure their success. Having a challenging targets always tend to result in a higher performance than easy or no goals. Having a target is important for the leadership and management context of Blue ribbon as it stands for establishing what the organization wants to achieve (Mertkan, 2014). It is important for the leadership and management for the Blue Ribbon to have targets as it gives focus to the organization. Budget How Does Influence Leadership And Management. Budget has a major influence over the leadership and management of a health care provider. It is used for multiple purposes among which the superior’s one are decision making, planning and control. Budget is important for planning purposes as it serves as a tool to forecast the probability. Allocate resources and communicate specialized works. The commitment of a healthcare provider is completely based on the budgeting process (Kovner, Fine and D’Aquila, 2009). If a healthcare organization does not have the sufficient budget to provide standard assistance to the patients and elders, then it will not be able to reach its objectives and goals. Full commitment of healthcare organizations cannot be reached without the sufficient costs. At Blue-ribbon Care, funding has its utmost importance. Managers of the organizations wants to be get informed about the budget to improve forecasts and allocate the resources efficiently. One of the most important effects of budgets on management and leadership of a company is on managerial behavior and the performance relating to the control role of budgeting (Kovner, Fine and D’Aquila, 2009). If budgets are not clearly mentioned, then managers of the Blue Ribbon will not be able to be able to give improvement to the company and there will a decrease in the company profit as there will plan errors and perquisite consumption for subordinate managers.     Inspection Bodies CQC stands for care Quality Commission and is an executive non-departmental public body of Department of Health. This inspection body is located at London. Blue Ribbon is engaged with the stated inspection body. CQC does the regulatory checks on the health and social; acre services. The department calls these comprehensive inspections and utilizes them to make sure that the services provided by the companies are safe, caring, effective and responsive to the people needs. The stated department focus inspections to look at the things that the healthcare providers are concern of hat might have been raised during a comprehensive inspection. It also checks the services of other originations to analyze whether there is any change in the care provider circumstances (Kovner, Fine and D’Aquila, 2009). The department observes, examine and adjust services to make assured that the health care suppliers meet the essential standards of quality and security comprising the enactment ratings to help the people choose care. The department sets good and outstanding care and makes sure that the care of the healthcare service providing companies meets the fundamental standards.     It is analyzed that during the inspection of Blue Ribbon, it was found that the company is handling people with admiration and concerning them in care. They are providing care, cure and sustenance that meet people’s needs. The company is also caring for people securely and defensive them from harm. Staffing process of the company is also properly organized and the company is providing training to all the new comers (Kovner, Fine and D’Aquila, 2009). Persons were sheltered from risks to their health and welfare and were protected from the risk of abuse. Staff received training to enable them to do their jobs safely and to a good standard. Staffs were available in enough amounts to meet the needs and wishes of the people they maintained. Conclusion: The study identified that Leadership is the potentiality of the person and a group of people to influence as well as help the members of the company. Leadership includes decisions making, developing accomplishable objectives, creating clear vision and also offers necessary tools for achieving all the objectives. The study also analyzed that at Blue Ribbon persons were sheltered from risks to their health and welfare and were protected from the risk of abuse. Staff also receives training to enable them to do their jobs safely and to a good standard. References: Appleby, J. (2016). Healthcare and the EU: Brexit, Bremain … or Brundecided?. BMJ, p.i2328. Cregård, A. (2017). Investigating the Risks of Spiritual Leadership. Nonprofit Management and Leadership. Grint, K. (2014). Leadership, management and command. 1st ed. [Place of publication not identified]: Palgrave Macmillan. Kovner, A., Fine, D. and D’Aquila, R. (2009). Evidence-based management in healthcare. 1st ed. Chicago: Health Administration Press. McIntosh, B. and West, S. (2017). Brexit: the consequences and impact on the health sector. British Journal of Healthcare Management, 23(4), pp.154-157. Mertkan, S. (2014). In search of leadership: what happened to management?. Educational Management Administration & Leadership, 42(2), pp.226-242.

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