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CXA184 Foundation Of Health Literacy

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CXA184 Foundation Of Health Literacy Question: There are two posting, we are asked to respond to the posting. 1. Health literacy is a set of skills that includes an ability to perform a basic study and research skills required to stay healthy (Ad Hoc Committee on Health Literacy, 1999). It helps an individual to apply the information required to improve and maintain sound health by assisting them to make better decisions about consumption of food, exercise, and prevention of health anomalies (Australian Safety and Quality Commission, 2013). Low health literacy limits an individual’s ability to read well and develop a strategy to maintain good health and stay active and fit (Adams et al. 2009). 2. Individual health literacy is defined by The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care (2014) as “the knowledge, motivation and competencies of a consumer to access, understand, appraise and apply health information to make effective decisions about health and health care and take appropriate action”. This concept is a growing notion as we see a rise in patient centred care-based health professions and centres. Answer: 1. I highly agree with you that healthy literacy is indeed a set of skills which comprises of competency of performing both basic research and study skills which are needed in order to remain health.  Healthy literacy is quite important and beneficially because it helped people to effectively apply information which is needed in order to both enhance and maintain viable health. Health literacy is quite beneficial to all and sundry because it enables people to make wise and well informed decisions regarding their health like for instance on the appropriate food to be consumed which contains balanced diets, the appropriate exercises that people should get involved in, and activities that people should get involved in so that they prevent anomalies (Estacio, Whittle & Protheroe, 2017). It is important for all people in the world to have high levels of literacy since low literacy levels in populations may highly limit their ability to not only read well but also develop effective strategies that can aid them in the maintenance of good health as well as staying fit and active. I strongly believe that as individuals who are tasked with the responsibility of teaching other people regarding health literacy, it is important for us to have high competence skills as far as health literacy information is concerned (McCormack et al. 2017). This implies that as professionals in health, we must thus have the appropriate knowledge and skills that will enable us teach other people regarding the importance of staying health. To better enhance our knowledge regarding the issue of health literacy, I highly believe that there is great need for us to get involved in numerous refresher courses and short-trainings that deal with health literacy so that we become updated with the most recent knowledge regarding this issue. This is quite important because it will help us to have an enhanced comprehension regarding issues to do with health, prevention of ailments that occur as a result of having health literacy, and also provide us with the much needed knowledge regarding how to deal with health problems as they arise as we interact with different people in different societies and communities.      Apart from having the appropriate knowledge regarding health literacy, it is also important to ensure that we have the appropriate skills that which will help us to effectively convince the society and communities we live in regarding the importance of having health eating diets and also keeping physically fit (Meggetto, Ward & Isaccs, 2018). As an individual working in the health department, it will be prudent for me to also have the appropriate health literacy skills like for instance writing skills, communication skills, speaking skills, and even reading skills as this will play a significant role in ensuring that I impact on other people around me.  As professionals concerned with health literacy, we must actually have the relevant experience that will enable us to execute the relevant health and medical practices which includes among others checking of both cholesterol levels and blood pressure levels, calculation of nutrition in various foods, as well as measurement of various medication doses. Class, should healthy literacy classes be incorporated in all the subjects in learning institutions? Your responses are highly welcomed.   2. Health literacy refers to the capacity of understanding, evaluating, and applying relevant information in order to make viable decisions regarding both health as well as health care. As a university student, health literacy is quite important because it will help me in effectively exploring the manner in which health information is ultimately communicated to various stakeholders in the societies and communities and also help in the distinguishing any evidence based information from any other sources of health information or  materials that is publicly available(Ali et al.2018). On the other hand, health literacy is also quite important because it helps in ascertaining the degree in which individuals have the potential or capacity of obtaining, processing, and comprehending the basic health services and information which is required to make viable decisions. As personnel in the health sector, it is prudent for us to ensure that there is integration of patient centre, health literacy, and cultural competencies in the various societies in which we live and work in. it is prudent for us to note that cultural competencies at health care system levels refers to the ability of the relevant systems to effectively meet the needs of different groups of clients in a health setting.    As stakeholders in the health sector, it is important for us to make sure that we participate in the development of capacities to not only help people comprehend but also evaluate and apply the relevant information that will be used in making relevant decisions regarding both and health care. as students learning about health care, it is important for us to not only explore how health information in the society is communicated but also become aware of distinguishing between the evidence based information from other sources that are publicly available (Smith et al.2018). It is important to note that the numerous elements which are involved in ensuring that health information becomes accessible to different stakeholders is effectively introduced and that the goals of “successful health communication” are effectively communicated.   As students undertaking causes in health literacy, it is important for us to ensure that we have the relevant capacities of obtaining, processing, and comprehending the basic health services and information which is required in order to make the relevant health decisions in our respective places of work. Class, it is prudent for us as health care personnel to note that health literacy is not only depended on skills that our clients have (Loan et al.2018). Rather, it is important for us to note that health literacy is also highly depended on our ability as healthcare personnel to effectively communicate in a way which can be easily comprehend by our respective clients that I will be handling. Class, what could be the consequences that may emanate as a result of low rates of health literacy? According to me, the major consequence of having low health literacy levels in a population is that it can result in having poor health outcomes in the affected communities. In addition to that, the affected people may also become less likely of using preventive care and managing any chronic conditions that may occur.   References Ali, P.A., Salway, S., Such, E., Dearden, A. and Willox, M., 2018. Enhancing health literacy through co-design: development of culturally appropriate materials on genetic risk and customary consanguineous marriage. Primary health care research & development, pp.1-13. Loan, L.A., Parnell, T.A., Stichler, J.F., Boyle, D.K., Allen, P., VanFosson, C.A. and Barton, A.J., 2018. Call for action: Nurses must play a critical role to enhance health literacy. Nursing outlook, 66(1), pp.97-100. Smith, S.G., Jackson, S.E., Kobayashi, L.C. and Steptoe, A., 2018. Social isolation, health literacy, and mortality risk: Findings from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. Health Psychology, 37(2), p.160. Estacio, E.V., Whittle, R. and Protheroe, J., 2017. The digital divide: examining socio-demographic factors associated with health literacy, access and use of internet to seek health information. Journal of health psychology, p.1359105317695429. McCormack, L., Thomas, V., Lewis, M.A. and Rudd, R., 2017. Improving low health literacy and patient engagement: a social ecological approach. Patient education and counseling, 100(1), pp.8-13. Meggetto, E., Ward, B. and Isaccs, A., 2018. What’s in a name? An overview of organizational health literacy terminology. Australian Health Review, 42(1), pp.21-30.

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