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E1031B Certificate IV In Youth Work

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E1031B Certificate IV In Youth Work Questions: 1.Outline 2 significant issues Joshua might be faced with and discuss how these issues might impact on one another. 2.Outline 3 potential needs Joshua might have and considerations for prioritising his needs. 3.How would you make sure that Wings has the capacity to provide Joshua with the service he requires? 4.Discuss two risks you can see in the service delivery to Joshua. After debriefing about the meeting with Joshua with your supervisor you decide that it might be beneficial to use an assessment tool to get further insight into what is happening for Joshua. 5.Choose one issue you have identified and name an assessment tool that might give you further understanding of what is going on for the client. Before meeting with Joshua again you decide that you would like further information about Joshua’s background to make sure you can work in cooperation with other services involved to meet Joshua’s needs. 6.What information would you consider and who might you ask to obtain this information from? 7.Name 2 organisational policies and procedures that you might need to consider when trying to source further information about Joshua? 8.You decide to carry out a formal assessment with Joshua. Name 3 aspects you would have to consider when organising the assessment (think practical)? 9.Write a short script outlining how you would brief Joshua about the assessment. 10.Outline 3 pieces of information that you would give to Joshua to make sure he understands the scope of service you can deliver and state how you could confirm Joshua’s understanding of service delivery. 11.Name 3 specific pieces of information that you would give to Joshua to make sure that you can obtain informed consent? 12.Write a brief script of how you might seek feedback about the assessment process from Joshua. 13.Name 2 other people that you could seek feedback from to improve and reflect on your own performance? 14.Create a case note for your meeting with Joshua and write down the outcomes of your assessment according to best practice within your organisation/the sector. 15.How would you handle Joshua’s personal information to make sure that confidentiality requirements are adhered to? 16.How do you ensure that any decisions made and follow up actions are decided is in collaboration with Joshua? 17.How can you monitor that your work meets Joshua’s needs? Name at least 3 strategies. After some time Joshua discloses to you that he has taken himself off his meds altogether, as they made him feel like a “zombie” (he does a pretty good impersonation of the walking dead). The bad side is that he is now hearing voices again, and they are telling him to do bad things, including hurting himself and other people. Joshua also says that he is somewhat happy to hear the voices again, as he feels closer to his mum when he goes through the same experiences as her. Using a strengths based approach: 18.How would you respond to Joshua’s disclosure in an empathic and empowering way? 19.What might you offer Joshua in terms of follow up and potential referral? 20.How would you make sure that Joshua receives the best care possible? 21.Provide a step by step guide to how you would initiate and facilitate the referral in accordance with procedural and ethical requirements. 22.Name at least 2 strategies that you could use to evaluate the effectiveness of the referral made. 23.Name 3 rights that Joshua has in this situation? 24.How could you support Joshua to exercise his rights? Answers: Answer 1 Joshua, from the beginning of his childhood never had a support system in his life. As his mother was suffering from schizophrenia and he never shared anything about his father to anyone, so he had no one too share his feelings with. Later when he along with his brother mark went to wings because her mother was unable to take care of them, he faced the same problem of being left alone as nobody wanted to be friends with him. Joshua never had a good friend in his life who can tell him what is wrong for him and what is right due to which he got attracted towards things like alcohol and drugs. So these were the issues which Joshua might face during his childhood (Harrow, & Jobe, 2007). These issues might impact differently on very person as per their nature; some might become too shy and reserved while others might become very aggressive and irritated because of these problems. Answer 2 Two potential needs which Joshua might have and shall prioritize it are: As the scenario tells that Joshua had a good relation with his both the mothers which showed that he loved the two most important women in his life (Bowie, C. R., Leung, W. W., et al. 2008). This portrays that Joshua respects women and he knows how to deal with women. Earlier Joshua used liked learning karate, which shows that he wanted to become a fit and healthy person but due to certain circumstances he got distracted towards evil things like drugs etc. Till the age of 13, Joshua lived with his mother and brother, which shows that he knows how to take care of a sick person. As his mother had mental disorder so he knew how to tackle a person with difficult personality. Answer 3 The wings healthcare center is into this field for a very long time. So they have experienced doctors who are able to handle tough situation easily as they have seen many conditions like this. The center has qualified staff and well maintained infrastructure also. Service users are always under surveillance of caretakers who are always present for help. Proper health checkups, counseling sessions are being held to help the people living over there (Angel wings., 2016). Answer 4 Joshua is a vulnerable child because of having a bad childhood. Therefore he needed special attention which maybe he didn’t received in wings healthcare (Duraiswamy, Thirthalli, Nagendra, & Gangadhar, 2007). As Joshua was new to that place he faced many problems in adjusting himself in new environment but there was no one in the center to support him. Answer 5 For better treatment of Joshua who himself is suffering from feeling of left alone and schizophrenia shall be treated by caretaking and supporting procedure. Answer 6 Firstly I would contact Joshua’s mother and brother to get to know more about his childhood. Further, wings healthcare and Joshua’s karate teacher would be the sources whom I will approach. Answer 7 The organizational policies which I would consider are- Not disclosing any personal information of the client. Work professionally and not get personal with the client. Answer 8 Aspects to be considered are: I will make sure that he is comfortable in that environment. Any conversation in which he is uncomfortable is not discussed. I will not to remind him about is past. Answer 9 As I got to know about Joshua’s nature that he is highly reactive and is aggressive in nature. So, I will not ask him to come for counseling sessions or healing sessions instead I will ask him to come and tell me about his experience at wings and be friends with me so that he won’t feel alone and has a friend. I will try to make him comfortable in surroundings around him so that he can trust me and share his problems with me (Ferrarelli, Huber, et al., 2007). Answer 10 Joshua’s understanding to my words can be only understood through his expressions and response he’ll give to me. I will ask Joshua to meet me next day as well so that a good bond of friendship is maintained and if his response is positive then it can be assumed that he has understood my service delivery. I’ll make him gain trust on me and confirm him that his past experiences won’t get repeated. Answer 11 I will ask Joshua to trust my services and all the information that he will provide would be confidential and it shall not be shared. Answer 12 After my session with Joshua I will ask him to work on his nature and make friends so that won’t be lonely most of the time. Also I will ask him to tell me about his whole daily schedule. So in this way I would seek feedback from Joshua.   Answer 13 Joshua’s brother Caretaker of Joshua at wings Answer 14 After meeting Joshua few things that hit my concern were that Joshua is very lonely at this time and needs family support to overcome his conditions. Few things that I can to do to make a recovery in his condition are through cognitive behavioral theory, admitting him in self-help groups. So in this way his loneliness will reduce and he will invest his time in other resourceful activities so that he does not get to hear such voices. Answer 15 Joshua’s information shall be kept confidential in lockers so that it does not harm him and no body shall access that information. Answer 16 All the decisions shall be taken concerning Joshua’s condition and health. Any action planning to take shall not harm his heath and all such actions shall be initiated to improve Joshua’s mental and physical health (Vrijenhoek, Buizer-Voskamp, et al.,2008). Answer 17 The workings can only be monitored by Joshua’s response towards me and my task which I ask him to do. Answer 18 I will support Joshua on leaving his medication and will also tell him that he does not need to hear all those voices in order to feel close to his mother as she s always there beside him. Answer 19 Joshua can join SHGs, rehab centers and try not be alone most of the time. And I will ask him to karate class as well. Answer 20 I would make sure that his feelings do not get hurt with any conversation and his health improves day by day. Answer 21 I will ask Joshua to calm his mind and not get depressed. And will also ask him to not listen to voices and not pay attention on them (Hamann, Cohen, Leucht, Busch, & Kissling, 2007).   Answer 22 Family education Caretaking Answer 23 Right that he has is to discontinue his services whenever he wants. Right is not to provide information which he doesn’t want to share. Right is to seek advice of counselor. Answer 24 I will ask Joshua to follow the procedure and listen to my words because I am here to support him and help him to improve his state (Rais, M., Cahn, et al. 2008). References Angel wings., (2016). Why choose Angel Wings Home Care., viewed on 12 may 2017, from <> Bowie, C. R., Leung, W. W., et al. (2008). Predicting schizophrenia patients’ real-world behavior with specific neuropsychological and functional capacity measures. Biological psychiatry, 63(5), 505-511. Duraiswamy, G., Thirthalli, J., Nagendra, H. R., & Gangadhar, B. N. (2007). Yoga therapy as an add?on treatment in the management of patients with schizophrenia–a randomized controlled trial. Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica, 116(3), 226-232. Ferrarelli, F., Huber, R., et al., (2007). Reduced sleep spindle activity in schizophrenia patients. American Journal of Psychiatry, 164(3), 483-492. Hamann, J., Cohen, R., Leucht, S., Busch, R., & Kissling, W. (2007). Shared decision making and long-term outcome in schizophrenia treatment. The Journal of clinical psychiatry, 68(7), 992-997. Harrow, M., & Jobe, T. H. (2007). Factors involved in outcome and recovery in schizophrenia patients not on antipsychotic medications: a 15-year multifollow-up study. The Journal of nervous and mental disease, 195(5), 406-414. Rais, M., Cahn, et al. (2008). Excessive brain volume loss over time in cannabis-using first-episode schizophrenia patients. American Journal of Psychiatry, 165(4), 490-496. Vrijenhoek, T., Buizer-Voskamp, J. E., et al., (2008). Recurrent CNVs disrupt three candidate genes in schizophrenia patients. The American Journal of Human Genetics, 83(4), 504-510.

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