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EEH101 Health And Physical Education Studies

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EEH101 Health And Physical Education Studies Question:  Mod. 2 Discussion Forum 1 In this discussion forum I would like you to become familiar with and apply the principles of exercise training (conditioning) in order to achieve a specific exercise goal. Chapter 2 of the Powers & Dodd (2016) textbook will be your primary reading for this topic. The SMART goal is: To go from the couch to being able to complete a 5K with 2 months of training. Discuss how you would apply each of the following principles in order to achieve the goal stated above: Frequency, Intensity, Duration, Specificity, Progression, Overload & Recuperation. Mod. 2 Discussion Forum 2 Read pages 60, 86, & 127-128 of the Powers & Dodd (2016) textbook. After reading about the health benefits of different types of fitness, identify and discuss one specific health benefit associated with each. What did you find to be the most compelling reason to engage in regular exercise? Why? Which component of wellness (other than physical) do you think is the most impacted by developing health-related fitness? Mod. 2 Discussion Forum 3 In Powers & Dodd (2016) read pages 164 – 168 in Chapter 6. We have methods for evaluating body weight and methods for evaluating body composition. Most physicians only evaluate body weight and then make recommendations for weight loss to their ‘overweight’ patients. Describe which method discussed in Chapter 6 your physician uses to evaluate you. Do you agree with this assessment practice? Consider the following statement: Body mass index (BMI) and height-weight charts are poor criterion for determining weight loss needs. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Provide an explanation regarding your position. Have you ever had your body composition assessed? If so how? Provide an argument you could make to your physician as to why it would be more helpful to have a body composition assessment as part of your physical vs. a body weight assessment. Answer:  Mod. 2 Discussion Forum 1  The five principles of exercise training are the overload principle, the principle of progression, specificity of exercise, principle of recuperation and reversibility of training effects. A 5k run is 301 miles. To be able to complete a 5k in 2 months, implementation of the principles would be as follows: Frequency: The frequency of exercise is the number of times per week the particular exercise is performed. The appropriate frequency would be running or walking 5 days a week with 1-day complete rest and another day can be rest or walk.   Intensity: The amount of physiological stress or overload placed on the body during the exercise is called the intensity. Since the goal is 5K in 2 months, it would be of moderate intensity. Duration: The time duration of the exercise performance is referred to as duration in physical education. To achieve the goal, a duration of 30minutes run or walk every day would be necessary. Specificity: The principle of specificity is targeting specific muscles for a given activity. To achieve the goal, the target muscles are hamstring muscles therefore, the focus would be biceps femoris, semitendinosus and semimembranosus. Overload: Following the principle of overload to achieve the goal, the time duration of the exercise can be controlled which will determine the load of the exercise on the body. Progression: The principle of the progression is the pressure on the body is asserted gradually every week. Since this particular principle is related to the principle of overload, the principle of the progression will be implemented with the time duration of the exercise. Recuperation: It is the rest period between exercises. To achieve the target the principle of recuperation is 2 days in every week. Mod. 2 Discussion Forum 2  There is a difference between health and fitness. Among all the health benefitting exercises, cardiorespiratory fitness is one of the best exercises since it can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and increase longevity. People doing regular cardiorespiratory fitness routine have lower chances of type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure and increased bone density in weight-bearing bones. There are various reasons for engaging in regular exercise. Regular exercise has several benefits. Regular exercise improves breathing, keeps bones strong and increases body energy by reducing lethargy. The other component of wellness apart from physical wellness is emotional wellness. Emotional wellness is as important as the physical wellness. It helps in maintaining a positive attitude towards life. Emotional wellness help in keeping mental stability and dealing with stress wisely in a calm manner. Therefore, maintaining emotional wellness along with physical wellness improves the way of living. Mod. 2 Discussion Forum 3 1: Body mass index is the most common technique that is used and preferred. The method used by my physician is the body mass index. It is the ratio of weight and height. Body mass index correlates with the body fat and helps in identifying whether I am overweight, underweight or normal. It has been found that people considered obese according to BMI are at greater risk for various diseases. It is an inexpensive method which gives adequate information regarding weight status. However, it has limitations as well which makes the method doubtful for a few circumstances. It can often over or underestimate body fat. Regardless of not being the perfect predictor, it is used widely and has helped me as well too. Considering the BMI I have been able to maintain my weight throughout. 2: A measure of weight that is adjusted for height is called Body mass index that is calculated by finding the ratio between height and ratio (Locke et al., 2015). It is used widely since it is a simple, inexpensive and noninvasive surrogate measure of calculating extra body weight. The body mass index and a height-weight chart are considered as a poor criterion for determining weight loss. Comparing with other measures, BMI considers only height and weight to measure the body fat. There are issues which make BMI, not the best option. BMI is not the appropriate method as it measures only extra body weight and not extra body fat. It cannot distinguish between extra fat, muscle or bone mass which creates a problem in identifying the source of the extra weight. There are other issues as well with BMI method however, it is not absolutely a poor criterion. It is a reasonable indicator for identifying body fat. Although BMI should not be used as a diagnostic tool, it can be used to track weight in population and also for identifying potential weight problem as a screening tool. 3: Yes, I have had my body composition assessed. The body accessing method was Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis. It was one of the quick and painless methods I experienced in one of the nearby fitness centers. The system works with the help of a small electrical current passing through hand and legs. Body weight assessment only provides the extra body weight whereas body composition assessment helps in identifying extra body fat. The appropriate method of finding out body composition will be determined only by body composition assessment. Reference: Locke, A. E., Kahali, B., Berndt, S. I., Justice, A. E., Pers, T. H., Day, F. R., … & Croteau-Chonka, D. C. (2015). Genetic studies of body mass index yield new insights for obesity biology. Nature, 518(7538), 197. Powers, S. K., & Dodd, S. L. (2017). Total Fitness and Wellness: The Mastering Health Editon. Pearson Education. ISBN: 0134153154 / 9780134153155

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