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HCMG 101 Health Care Systems Question: The most Important function of information technology (IT) for the managed care organization (MCO) ts to support the business of the MCO. and how the IT department aligns with the operational dynamics of the MC() is a vital management consideration. A well-functioning rr department will help the MCO reduce risk (e.g., costs). The IT department should design, implement. and operate the systems that run the MCO. Efficiency is the hallmark of a good system. Your task as the manager of the MCO is to determine what the IT department in your cagainzation should consist of. what its function will be, and what critical elements will be turned over to the IT department. Complete the following. – Describe the key elements of an information system for an MCO. What elements are different than for a physician office or group’ – Describe the technology that you think the MCO would need to operate hilly – Propose a specific electronic health record (ERR) or electronic medical record (EMR) program that is Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant Describe the essential functions, costs, and projected savings for the MCO. – Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of insourcing versus outsourcing your IT needs and make a final leconunendation based on that evaluation. Answer: Key Elements Of Information System For MCO The key important purpose of information technology (IT) for managed care organization (MCO) is means to support their business. The key elements of the information system are: Timeliness: The information system can able to provide distributing information to the right users. It has ability to provide short as well as long reports of information. It can help to process and produce results from the data (Burwell, 2015). Accuracy: The information system provides control checks to edit balancing. The external and internal audit programs are done by the organization to offer adequacy of the internal control (Wright, Aaron, & Sittig, 2016). Relevance: The information is relevant to objectives of the organization and its strategies. The information which is too detailed should sort out using the information system.       Technology Used In MCO The proposed technology or system which is used in MCO is transaction processing system to overcome with cost issues. The system is involved to collect and retrieve transactional data. The system is included performance, reliability as well as consistency. Speed as well as accuracy is achieved by the proposed system and programmed to follow the routines functions within the organization (Manogaran et al., 2017). The main benefit of this technology is ability to gain more customers and their high satisfaction level. The system allows people from all over the world to access the business along with buy goods and services for MCO.        Propose Electronic Health Record (EHR) Program Kareo EHR is a program which is certified under Health Insurance Portability and Accountability (HIPAA) act. The main function of this program is to join healthcare business organization perfectly and shared of required information installed into the EHR system. This program also makes certain that the information is inaccuracy free along with stored effortlessly while assembly with HIPAA privacy act. Meeting security along with private regulations furthermore EHR program will discard access to the unconstitutional person as this exacting program is operated later than right codes are inputted (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). The program s cost effective as it shares data across the organizational teams. The efficiency of the system provides right to use of data dependably at negligible cost. Throughout the program, MCO is able to get the predictable profits of around 1 billion dollars. Strengths And Weaknesses Of In Sourcing Versus Outsourcing Of IT Needs In souring vs outsourcing In Sourcing Outsourcing Strengths · The strength of in-sourcing is control which keeps the project controlled by increasing staffs and resources (Wright, Aaron, & Sittig, 2016). · In-sourcing has customer satisfaction, reputational management benefits. · The outsourced vendors have technical expertise and effective works are completed faster with better quality output (Burwell, 2015). · It reduces operational, recruitment cost. Weaknesses · It promotes ineffective material skills and abilities. · It can increase production, as well as operating cost (Laudon & Laudon, 2016). · It is involved to expose of confidential information to the third party (Manogaran et al., 2017). · Outsourcing is cost effective when it is involved with hidden cost at time of contract signing.   Recommendations Based On Evaluation EHR design and implementation for MCO should improve electronic access to the health related information. It can improve healthcare services, safety and protection of patient confidentiality as well as privacy. References Burwell, S. M. (2015). Setting value-based payment goals—HHS efforts to improve US health care. N Engl J Med, 372(10), 897-899. Laudon, K. C., & Laudon, J. P. (2016). Management information system. Pearson Education India. Manogaran, G., Thota, C., Lopez, D., Vijayakumar, V., Abbas, K. M., & Sundarsekar, R. (2017). Big data knowledge system in healthcare. In Internet of things and big data technologies for next generation healthcare (pp. 133-157). Springer, Cham. Wright, A., Aaron, S., & Sittig, D. F. (2016). Testing electronic health records in the “production” environment: an essential step in the journey to a safe and effective health care system. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 24(1), 188-192.

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