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HCMG101 Health Care System Question Create a presentation providing a historical overview of one of the four basic components of the U.S. health care delivery system: Medicine and Medical Education, Hospitals, Public Health, or Health Insurance. In the Resources section of this assessment, you will be asked to access current online resources that provide information on health care and issues that impact health care. Answer Introduction to Public Health Public health can be described as the science of providing protection towards improving the health of the people that are living in communities. This is achieved by promoting the prevention of the infectious diseases, detection of the infectious diseases, prevention of injury, researching for the curing diseases and promoting the healthy lifestyles. Public health is concerned with the protecting the status of health of the whole population and the population can be small or big as an entire country. The healthcare professionals that are associated with healthcare provisions act to prevent the recurrence of a disease (, 2018). Historical overview of public health in U.S Before the 18th century, the growth of the epidemics like smallpox, cholera. Plague forced the government to look into the issue for the protection of its citizens. Although at that time, an epidemic disease was considered to be a sign of poor spiritual and poor moral condition. By the 18th century, steps were taken in the form of isolating the ill and were quarantined so that it becomes a common measure for the containment of the contagious disease. Several American ports adopted the rules that were based on the isolation and quarantine of the sick people. During this time, cities started to build the general hospital for the ill. In the year 1752, First American voluntary hospital was established in Philadelphia, in New York in the year 1771, a mental hospital was established in Virginia and Williamsburg (, 2018).                                      The 19th century marked a major advancement in the field of public health as it was the period of great awakening. Sanitation itself changed the way society thought about the health. cleanliness was considered to be the path of which pertained both to the better spiritual and moral health. Sanitation changed the way of thinking about health and protecting the health of the citizens became a public responsibility. The disease control became one of the major focus of epidemics but the initial practice of isolation and quarantine turned into improving the common environment and cleaning up the same (, 2018).  Sanitation is one of the milestone in healthcare and it has wide array of effects on the health of patients that are receiving healthcare in a healthcare organization. Proper management of a healthcare institute is necessary to promote the hygiene and clean environment and that can be done properly when a hospital administrator is properly executing his work.    The healthcare management career of nursing director is one of the important job when it comes to managing the nurses that are considered to be primary healthcare providers. Nurses are the one that provide primary care to the patients and thus are responsible for maintaining sanitation in healthcare. Nurses also play a major role in educating the patients with respect to maintenance of sanitation. Sanitation here is vital in healthcare because the lack of sanitation promotes the cause of diseases and spread of diseases.                                                With the increase in population and increased urbanization in the nineteenth century, the environmental conditions became filthy, the spread of the diseases increased and the working conditions deteriorated. Considering the urban society, the strategies of isolation and quarantine became insufficient and inadequate. Thus, the public responsibility for the purpose of bettering the health conditions of the population became fiscally possible and acceptable. In the United States, a survey was carried out by Lemuel Shattuck and his report documented the differences that existed in the mortality and the morbidity rates in the different localities. The report also emphasized on the specific diseases, waste disposal, supervision on water supplies, local health conditions (Turnock, 2012).    In the late 19th century, major developments in the public health took place and the rapid advancement in the field of health and science led to the prevention of the numerous diseases and the science of healthcare was applied to the public health. The identification of the bacteria let to the development of interventions like water purification and immunization and this provided the means of preventing diseases. In the year 1890, the local and the state health governments in the U.S began to establish the laboratories. Later in the early 20th century, the direction of healthcare moved towards the personal care. The federal activities in health also started to grow in the early 20th century. In the mid- 20th century the government role also expanded towards the personal health (Young, 2015).  Reference (2018). What is Public Health? | CDC Foundation. Retrieved from (2018). A History of the Public Health System. Retrieved from (2018). Public Health in the United States. Retrieved from Turnock, B. (2012). Public health. Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Young, J. H. (2015). The Medical Messiahs: A Social History of Health Quackery in 20th Century America. Princeton University Press.

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