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HCMG101 Health Care Systems Question: We recently saw the movie “Sicko” by Director, Michael Moore (2007). Since Moore made the film in 2007, the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was signed into law by President Obama and some of the policies presented in the movie have changed. Some believe these changes will get us closer to having universal health care like many other developed countries. If the ACA is repealed, we will likely go back to how things were in 2007. Give a reflect ion on the movie. In your response, be sure to address the following: • Pick a country (either one of the 4 countries in the movie or another one not presented that has universal healthcare) and do a short overview of that country’s healthcare system. Does your chosen country provide better quality, cheaper, or more accessible healthcare than the U.S.? Can or should that country’s system be adapted to work here in the United States? Should policy makers consider this system when they are repealing and replacing Obamacare—why/why not? Answer: The documentary “Sicko” by Michael Moore on the Unites States Health care system was one of the most detailed documentaries that address the corrupt practices that are involved in the healthcare insurance and the healthcare industry. The documentary had been written and directed by Michael Moore and was edited by Christopher Seward, Geoffrey Richman and Dan Sweitlik (Scott, 2018). The documentary revolves around experiences of several individuals, who have been either denied of their coverage even after being ensured. Moore travels through the origin of the healthcare system to its reformation through changing political powers. The documentary set in an editorial critic style can be observes the stories of the numerous people who have been part of the health care system, who have not been part of the system, and gives an overview of the universal health care systems as compared to for-profit non universal healthcare system in the unites states. Michael Moore gives an insight into the tricky, manipulative and degenerative healthcare system that aims at maximizing profit for the private health care companies, who are more inclined to decline the insured customers by manipulating the cases in their favour. Michael travels across developed economies that have a universal education system and develop. Michael Moore experiences the universal health care plan developed in Canada, France, United Kingdom and Cuba (Maldonado, 2015). The movie finally ends up with a Cuban extradition of few patients and back and giving the viewers a live experience of healthcare system of Cuba. The movie compares the various differences that universal health care systems provide and contrasts them with the US healthcare system. Several individuals have been interviewed and their experiences with respect to health policies were recorded. The movie sends a sturdy message to the policy makers of the health care industry in the US and uses intelligent techniques to deliver the impact. The factual presentation of data represents the horrifying scenario in public healthcare in the country (Marmor, Okma, & Rojas, 2007). The comparison of public health care system in the US will be done with comparisons of the health care system in the Canada. Canada has implemented the Universal Healthcare System which is commonly known as Medicare in the Canada. Canada provides easily accessible healthcare systems to its individuals and is reimbursed form public funded money.  The health care system provides coverage of all basic health care and excludes prescription drugs and home and long term care. The cost effective nature of the Medicare system is due to the administrative simplicities that are implemented in the health care system. The billing and financial issues are looked after by the medical practitioners in respective provinces (Reich et al., 2016). The US health care system can adopt the Canadian Healthcare system in the American way and devise policies that are best applied in the American scenarios. Both the countries being administratively similar have greater chances of successful implementation. The necessary requirement to boost public healthcare involves participation of the government and the private entities with synchronization. The success of the implementation of the pubic health care service in the United Service will reduce costs and increase the amount of coverage ensured. The service will also expand the health care choices that are available to Americans across all sections. The Obamacare being repealed out leaves the policy makers with open ended choice to implement fresh policies that can be devised with extensive research and experiences from the past. The implementation of the policy can definitely be done by empowering the respective states with authority similar to the Canadian health system. The Canadian Health Care system has been designed to cater to all the citizens and removes fragmentation of administrative policies by single payer policy. A brief overview of the Canadian health Care system can be reviewed to understand how the implementation can be done according to the American way. The basic provisions of the Canadian Healthcare System include public funding of health care through private sector engagement in providing services.  The process is a single payer system where all services provided are paid by the provincial governments. The pharmaceutical costs are not paid but the cost is set at a global average. The care is mostly provided by the public funded hospitals which are centralized in their management. The dental and pharmaceutical costs are generally carried out by the individuals. Even for private health care the funds are divided among private insurances and the individual in a fifty-fifty share. Looking at the Canadian scenario, the American backdrop can be evaluated. The replacing of the Obmacare and reforming the public health care system, similar approaches can be applied, to the US scenario by implementing a similar framework of provincial administration. The importance in providing primary health can be emphasized and eventual development on critical health care can be decided. The necessary amalgamation of private healthcare facilities can also be done reduce competition and patient care quality and quantity would be considered for subsidies and fund allocations. The waiting list in the Canadian health Care system is an issue that needs to be managed formerly while implementing a similar role. The essential calculation and analysis should be done to reduce these issues (Shakeel, et al., 2016). The Universal Healthcare System is a need of the time and requires policy reforms and policy changes that need to be addressed adequately before implementing a different system of health care service. Completely replacing an already existing system has a huge expenditure attached to it which must be taken into consideration. Once correctly implemented, a public health care system can increase life expectancy and quality of living. In fact Public Health Care Systems are the need of the hour not just for America, but of all the growing economies that have different healthcare approaches. It is high time that reforms are made to the system that benefit the whole mass and also reduce the economic and social burdens that have affected lives in a detrimental way. References Maldonado, C. A. (2015). Michael Moore and the rhetoric of documentary. Journal of Communication, 65(6), E1-E3. Marmor, T. R., Okma, K. G., & Rojas, J. R. (2007). What It Is, What It Does and What It Might Do: A Review of Michael Moore’s Sicko, 113 Minutes, Dog Eat Dog Films, USA, 2007. The American Journal of Bioethics, 7(10), 49-51. Reich, M. R., Harris, J., Ikegami, N., Maeda, A., Cashin, C., Araujo, E. C.,.. & Evans, T. G. (2016). Moving towards universal health coverage: lessons from 11 country studies. The Lancet, 387(10020), 811-816. Shakeel, S. M., Basha, S. S., Nagabhushanam, M. V., Reddy, D. N., & Bonthagarala, B. (2016). Comparision of Regulataory Requirements for Generic Drugs Dossier Submission in United States and Canada. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science and Health Care, ISSN, 2249-5738. Trombetta, B. (2015). Managed Care “Sicko”/Profits so-so. In Proceedings of the 2008 Academy of Marketing Science (AMS) Annual Conference (pp. 194-194). Springer, Cham. Scott, A. (2018). Sicko – Movies – Review. Retrieved from

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