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HCMG101 Health Care Systems Question: 1. Explain how the Affordable Care Act impacts marketing of the product .   2. Discuss the role of social media in marketing the product   3. Discuss the role of the pharmaceutical company representatives concerning marketing the product to physicians   4. Explain the possibility of litigation as it pertains to deceptive marketing of the product.   5. Discuss whether the healthcare manufacturer can lessen the legal load by describing in detail the possible side effects of the product. Answer: Introduction The main aim of this essay is to discuss the impact of the Affordable Care Act on the marketing of a product. This essay will also include a discussion about the role of social media in marketing the product. Social media is a useful tool for healthcare marketing and achieving profitability in the target market. At the same time, it also helps the business to sustain for longer with effectiveness & efficiency both. In order to prepare this essay in the best possible manner, the example of Bengay pain relieving cream will be considered as a case study. This cream is used mostly for getting relief from the arthritis pain. In this concern, the purpose of this essay is to discuss the role of the representatives of the pharmaceutical company concerning marketing of the particular product to the physicians will also take place in this essay in an appropriate manner. This essay will suggest various accurate ways that may contribute to the success of marketing healthcare product. Apart from this, some better options for marketing which can help in reducing the legal load on the company will be described in this essay. Main Body  Arthritis is not a single disease, it gets considered as an informal way of referring to a joint disease or joint pain. The symptoms of common arthritis joint include pain, swelling, stiffness and decreased range of motion. Bengay pain relieving cream is the most popular cream which helps in getting relief from bone pain or muscle pain. This cream contains salicylates, menthol & camphor which helps in reducing inflammation & has warning and cooling effects as well. It has seen that the Affordable Care Act as the expansion of health coverage helps the lower income families by providing them a medical program. ACA means that millions of Americans in the 32 states choose to expand in Medicaid which helps with their health coverage. This process or procedure highly impacts on the marketing of Bengay pain relieving cream (Heggde & Shainesh, 2018).Normally, creams like Bengay is used by people when they do not get proper treatment of pain. The most important reason behind this is that the people feel less interested in using these types of cream to get rid of the pain. Instead of trying these types of creams, they feel more interested in taking care by hospitals or health care centres. It happens because they seem to be pretty much sure that they will not have to spend much on the medical services and will be getting lifetime treatment. As people feel less interested in these types of cream due to easy availability of healthcare, it highly impacts on the popularity or sales of the same. The role of social media in the marketing of the product is very well known. Social media gets considered as one of the main platforms for increasing the brand awareness & building healthy relationships with the existing or potential customers. The use of social media for the marketing of Bengay pain relieving cream greatly contributes to the increased traffic, lead generation and sales as well. Social media also contributes to validate the brand in the target market. The associations’ social media presence, when processed appropriately, helps customers to know about if their brand is active or not & focused on thriving communication with customers. The use of social media includes great power for increasing the loyalty of customers (AGARWAL & SINGH, 2018). The social media in marketing helps in improving the site traffic or contribute associations to reach more customers. It also provides a valuable venue for better understanding or learning from the target audience. Apart from this, it also improves the conversion rates & reduces marketing costs. The social media has been ranked as one of the best digital marketing platform and same is the case for healthcare products marketing through these platforms. The representatives of Bengay pain relieving cream play an immense role in marketing their product to the physicians. They offer this product to the physicians with a good range so that physicians may help the patients to get rid of the joint pains by providing this cream at affordable rates. Representatives also pay attention to become knowledgeable about the uses, interactions, side effects and so on, so that all the implications of the cream can get taken care in a proper manner. The representatives of the Bengay pain relieving cream tries hard to be very confident or mature enough while interacting with the physicians and recommending their product to them. While marketing their product, representatives tend to behave with strong interpersonal or communication skills. At the time when representative tries selling the products to the physicians, he or she needs to be very sure about what kind of product they are going to sell, what benefits of it are, and how it is going to help the physician to cure or prevent the disease of patients of arthritis (Sunstein, 2018). The product may be unreliable, as most of the times; it has seen that the product which gets offered in the market seems not that effective as their marketing or advertisement feels like. If in case, the product is not reliable, various legal actions can be taken. Most of the times it happens that the use of product results with some kind of side effect which was not informed or it doesn’t provide that satisfaction or relief which has shown in advertisements. In these stages or scenarios, a patient may take legal action against the brand or company (Zaheri & Kameli, 2018). The patient may sue the company to get the payment back or to get penalized for getting some better treatment. The patients who have survived from this kind of issues may complain in consumer forum or can get the best solution. In order to reduce the legal load, it is very important for the health care manufacturer company like Bengay pain relieving cream to describe the product information in details. It is importantly required to mention all the benefits or side effects so that patient may not come to sue or to question the product in the future (Irish, 2018). The proper way to use the product should also be mentioned in an appropriate manner which will help in making people knowledgeable about the right ways to use the same. Conclusion By the above discussion, it is concluded that Affordable Care Act impacts on the marketing of Bengay pain relieving cream. It has been revealed that Medicaid programs help the people in getting affordable treatment in the real time. It impacts very negatively on the marketing of products, which may help the patients to prevent the disease in a different manner. It has also concluded that social media plays an immense role in advertising the product in the target market. It has been explained that the representatives of pharmaceutical companies use their knowledge or skills for marketing their product to the physicians to increase sales. On the other hand, it is also concluded that there are various possibilities of litigation as it pertains to be deceptive marketing of the product. Most of the time, companies provide wrong information to the users for increasing their sales which proves as very harmful to the users. In these types of situations, people may take the help of consumer forum for justice.   References AGARWAL, S. & SINGH, K. (2018). ENHANCING SUPPLY CHAIN OF HUMANITARIAN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT-A Case study. International Journal of Applied Engineering Research. 13(6), 99-110. Heggde, G. & Shainesh, G. (2018). Social Media Marketing: Emerging Concepts and Applications. Germany: Springer. Irish, B. (2018). Emotion in the Tudor Court: Literature, History, and Early Modern Feeling. USA: North-western University Press. Sunstein, C.R. (2018). Republic: Divided democracy in the age of social media. USA: Princeton University Press. Zaheri, M. & Kameli, E. (2018). Problems of Street Working Children in Iran and Preventive Crime Policy. Journal of US-China Public Administration, 15(2), 93-103.

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