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HLSC120 Indigenous Health And Culture

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HLSC120 Indigenous Health And Culture Question Such as mass media, personal experiences and any literature which may have shaped your views.. Comparisons of indigenous peoples from other countries may inform your descriptions and you may decide to include some discussion of similarity that by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. Consider The Folloing Participate Structing Your Assignment. Reflect on how your personal views of Aboriginal and Tomes Strait Islander peoples have been shaped; Describe family and/or personal history influences on your perceptions of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples;  There should be no introduction or conclusion; the assignment should be written in the first person;  Answer Views And History Of Aboriginals And Torres Strait Islander People Personal Views Of Aboriginals And Torres Strait Islander People In my opinion, indigenous Australian culture is more complicated and different. The Australian religion of indigenous is among the oldest in the world cultural history over 50000 years, and that’s why the community was able to survive and adapt to variations as time passed. Aboriginals have rich cultural beliefs that are kept strong by transiting the rituals, arts, and knowledge through generations. The foundation of their wellbeing is based on their land because the surrounding can sustain the people culture and spiritual wellbeing. Aboriginal’s people were hunters and gatherers. I found out that aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander people highly depended on uncultivated plants and wild animals for their meals which were high proteins, carbohydrates, and vitamins (Parnell, Morris & Jacobs, 2017). The diet was low in sugar and fats, and hence it was health to their bodies.  Social structures like the World Health Organization which monitor the way people in different communities grow live and age has invested themselves in the Aboriginal people that they provide them with accommodation and healthcare facilities as well as employment opportunities so that individuals can cater for their own needs. Through thorough research I found out that WHO has also ensured that the aboriginals are provided with clinical interventions which have a clinical focus on the individual’s diets, use of a condom to stop the spread of STIs, exercise to avoid diseases like heart attacks and obesity and consumption of alcohol despite the lower socio-economic status of the community. According to Andersen, Edwards, & Wolfe (2017), Aboriginals have been victims of racism in the society since the colonialism period because the dominating culture upholds inclusion, exclusion as well as assimilation. Though WHO has ensured that there is an education in this community, I found out that indigenous children always have poor academic performance and the rate of their enrolment in the educational institutions is meager (Jones et al., 2018). The community is characterized by high school dropout of students which has increased their vulnerabilities to child labor. Aboriginal’s community and Torres Strait people of islander highly acknowledge and value their indigenous tradition education in which girls are taught how to cook and take care of homes while boys are taught how to hunt to earn a living. In my views, this has led to high illiteracy level in the community (Morris & Burgess, 2018. The reason this society has few health institutions is that they live in remote areas where construction of infrastructures is hard and costly. Personal History Influences On Perceptions Of Aboriginals And Torres Strait Islander People I tried to compare aboriginals’ people and Torres Strait people of Islander who are known to be the first inhabitants of Australia to other countries and found out that they are not able to access health facilities. According to me, this has been contributed by the remote places in which they live. However, in most cases even if they access the health centers due to some cultural barriers, they end up not receiving proper medication because the only language they understand is their indigenous language which leads to poor communication between them and the health professionals (Kelaher, 2018). It is evident that Aboriginals don’t have full access of good health services in the Australian community which constitutes their health standards negatively. The community believes that their land is the only source of materials and spiritual wellbeing, so when they lost the land due to policies created by the government creates social problems (Murphy, 2015). I was also able to find that land acts as a source of identity, political powers, and status as well as food security. As compared to other countries the aboriginals are believed to lead poor economic status which is contributed by the high level of illiteracy in which potential youths are not able to secure themselves good paying jobs. Aboriginals’ people are most exposed to health risks as compared to other nations (Townsend, White, Cullen, Wright & Zeeman, 2018). This is because they depend on foods from the forest and most of the time they are not a balanced diet. I found out that this community has to walk long distances to reach health centers or most of the time they prefer using the original type of medication in which they use herbs from the forest to treat their sick individuals. They are not able to socialite easily with other countries because of barriers to their communication as they only understand their indigenous language. Despite all these differences with other countries, organizations like WHO has tried to improve the health facilities so that it can cater for the health of the aboriginals and also constructing education center where the aboriginal children can get educated to brighten their future just as it has done in the other countries. Although the community been so dominant, the government has set some policies to guide them only as in the other communities. References Andersen, C., Edwards, A., & Wolfe, B. (2017). Finding Space and Place: Using Narrative and Imagery to Support Successful Outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Enabling Programs. The Australian Journal of Indigenous Education, 46(1), 1-11. Jones, R., Thurber, K. A., Wright, A., Chapman, J., Donohoe, P., Davis, V., & Lovett, R. (2018). Associations between Participation in a Ranger Program and Health and Wellbeing Outcomes among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People in Central Australia: A Proof of Concept Study. International journal of environmental research and public health, 15(7). Kelaher, M. (2018). Improving the identification of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in Australian general practice. Morris, A., & Burgess, C. (2018). The intellectual quality and inclusivity of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content in the NSW Stage 5 History syllabus. Curriculum Perspectives, 1-10. Murphy, E. (2015). Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. Green Left Weekly, (1072), 5. Parnell, D., Morris, S., & Jacobs, R. (2017). Engaging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the ‘Proper Way’. Townsend, C., White, P., Cullen, J., Wright, C. J., & Zeeman, H. (2018). Making every Australian count: challenges for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and the equal inclusion of homeless Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples with neurocognitive disability. Australian Health Review, 42(2), 227-229.

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