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HLST207 Global Healthcare Management

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HLST207 Global Healthcare Management Question: Rosewood Rosewood is an after school play centre for children with special needs (aged 11- 16years old). It operates from 3.30pm – 7pm weekdays. A number of children who attend the centre have a hearing impairment. The centre is fairly new, having only been built 4 years previous. In the four years that it has been running, it has had the same Manager – ‘Natasha’. In terms of teaching and support staff though, there has been a consistently high staff turnover. Recently Natasha left Rosewood to start at another centre. Syed externally applied for Natasha’s position and was successful. During his first month in appointment, Syed observed several things. These included: Parents pay £10 an hour for their children to attend. The Team Leader has an ‘autocratic’ style of leadership Support staff take a number of days off ‘sick’ Support staff are motivated, but only 3 have undertaken Makaton training (level 3) All students have the opportunity to have a snack and drink. On Mondays and Fridays only 10 children attend the centre, whilst on the remaining days around 20 children attend. From his observations, Syed has decided that some changes need to be implemented. Tasks You Are Required To Write A Report Addressing The Following: 1) Discuss Syed’s roles and responsibilities (as the new Healthcare Manager) in maintaining quality in Rosewood Centre 2) Conduct a SWOT analysis of Rosewood  3) From your SWOT analysis, suggest two changes to be implemented in the service. Using a relevant change management theory, explain how Syed should implement and manage these changes. Additional Marks for the academic quality of the assignment These marks will be reserved for the overall quality of the assignment in terms of: appropriate use of referencing, extent and evidence of research, structure of the submission, coverage of issues, presentation and use of appropriate language.  Answer: Introduction: The Rosewood Centre, a special school that focuses on the training and development of children suffering from auditory impairment is undergoing a crucial shift in their organization setup. The initiative has emerged due to the context of the business proceedings of and its assessment by the new Human Resource Manager, Syed appointed in the position of Natasha. The objectives and purpose of the the special school is to offer a coherent solution to the children’s who have been prey to hearing impairment. The profile of Rosewood Centre is to supervise the training and development process of the kids who enroll in their services for improving the challenges that are posed by the physical disability (Chen, Kim and Yamaguchi 2014). Roles And Responsibilities Of The Healthcare Manager The analysis of organizational structures, the training modules and the development procedures of the playschool will facilitate the process and functions of the school.  Syed, who has been appointed as the new Healthcare Manager have to perform a number of activities, which he has established after an initial review of the modules and frameworks of Rosewood (Ford and Ford 2014).The responsibilities are: Primarily the new Healthcare Manager should carry out an extensive research of all the business, technical and regulatory aspects of the concern in order to formulate a work plan or direction following which the alterations will be brought about by Syed as he informs or proposes it to the management or the authorities (Hollensen 2016). The first factor is developing a change in the leadership style and which is limited to a domineering approach. This approach must be altered so that the detrimental effects of the autocratic rule can be improved (Farkas 2016). The healthcare manager will carry out a review of the development process and techniques used by Rosewood in helping the kids and reduce their inability to her. They must engage and hire experts who shall determine the present condition of the children and suggest advice to the authority about their improvement. The priority should be health long with strategic execution of the rules (Lozano, Ceulemans and Seatter 2015). There should be strict leave policies and rules, which will be obligatory in nature. Moreover, there is a negative impact on the current proceedings due to regular sick leaves by the trainers and associated people as the improvement process gets hampered. There must be new incorporation in the organizational structure, which will enable the appropriate and strategic interaction between the trainers and the students as currently they lack the percentage motivation as well as the suitable knowledge motivation, which are essential for the characteristics of a successful enterprise (Quinn 2013). The payment structure of the training module which the school allows and apparently delivers to the student requires redesigning as the school has some plans and proposals which of incorporating new tools and technologies which will enhance the whole process within a stipulated time (Chen, Kim and Yamaguchi 2014). SWOT Analysis Of Rosewood Assessing the SWOT analysis of an organization is one of the relevant factors that will determine the status and function of the operations. It will aid in proposing the best assessment techniques of the market as well as their response to the implications, which emerge from it. The environmental review is essentially for comprehending the tactics, strategies and management conduct of the enterprise. SWOT assessments are carried out by enterprise in order to allocate its resources for gaining the best effects. The external environment entails the Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat, which will determine the current working environment of the Rosewood (Dujardinn et al. 2016).                                           SWOT ANALYSIS (Created by the Author) Strength: One of the biggest strength of Rosewood School is the economical nature of training modules, which is the motivational factor or the reason for which parents. There is no obligatory or any exclusive charge of admission purpose as they have the mission statement to cooperate and support them mentally so that their disability is not a reason for faltering in their other capabilities. The trainers are friendly and cooperative in nature in comparison with the contemporary play school of that locality. It follows an easy and simplistic approach, which is the reason for selecting this playschool for the admission of the kids (Cameron and Green 2015).   Weakness: There are many visible weakness of Rosewood School at the managerial and operational level. It affects the efficiency of the performance and training schedules. The current aspect of weakness deteriorates the culture and organizational practices of Rosewood School.  Primarily the autocratic style of leadership technique, the frequent absence of the employees on the grounds of sickness, the inequality of the training and development criteria to all the trainers has a detrimental effect on the approaches of the concern.  The business as well as the admitted kids suffer from the detrimental effects that are accounted in the face of the weakness (Waddell et al. 2013).                          Opportunities: There are immense opportunities and scopes of improvement for Rosewood training centre. The new medical health officer can exhaust the utilities of the valuable resources of Rosewood. There can be provisions and possibilities allotted for the digitalization of the training process so that the students can benefit from the process quite efficiently. The opportunities that have emerged for Rosewood School is the facilitation of medical tools and advanced technology for improving  their auditory nerves. There have been a number of new devices granted by the developing healthcare regimes have been invented in improving the possibilities of hearing (Cameron and Green 2015). Threats: After conducting the SWOT Analysis of Rosewood School, the threats that have been observed are simply the internal deficiencies and discrepancies that Rosewood School has been facing since the resignation of the previous healthcare manager.  The competitors of Rosewood have better and efficient strategies, which they have implemented in their course, training modules and the recovery system. The fact that the regular attendance of the employees is a very important factor, as it determines the motivation and success of their recovery structure.  In this regards the contemporary special schools have better approaches in their training and supervising criteria, which is one of the prominent threats of Rosewood School (Waddell et al. 2013). Relevant Change Management Theory To Be Implemented Change Management Theory is one of the important practices that must be implemented by the Rosewood School. Therefore in the course of the changes that must be brought about by, Syed the newly appointed Healthcare Manager in the place of Natasha. Therefore, the incorporation of the major changes should be implemented so that it will aid the efficiency and nature of productivity of the Rosewood School.  In order to eliminate the weakness in their managerial structure of Rosewood School, it must incorporate new rules regarding the training and childcare procedures related to impairment. The trainers should be able to understand the sensitivity of the situation in regards to the children who attend the recovery sessions and engage in comprehensive organizational practices, which will enable and improve the operations and function of Rosewood School (Elving 2014). The prerequisite for the change takes place in a formal and structural way.   Moreover, the course and discipline of the training school might cause a significant transformation in order to adapt to the prevailing opportunities. One of the primary transformations, which are recommended for Rosewood school, is the supervision management in regards to the operation of the training process. The focus should be on eliminating any kind of advantages that are associated with the organizational practices (Atzori, Iera and Morabito 2014).The strategic functions that are associated with leadership management are the positive impact on the organizational culture and effectiveness. All the operations that seek in to hiring the best practices, policies and methods for its management and regulation should be made central to Rosewood.  It entails organizational challenges of Rosewood Rosewood along with the mitigation measures that will look into the matters of the operation of the special playschool for children in their adolescent stage. The proposals and influences or the application of motivational theory, along with rewards and recognition process shall enhance the effectiveness in regards to the trainers. On the other hand the poor attendance of the students in two specific days of the week shall be investigated and new policies and plans can be implemented which will raise their interest and capture their attention for attending the class in a regular manner. The special school can effectively apply the specific 8- rule model which by invented by John P. Kotter in order to bring about the change in their development process. The communications and interactions in change management is an agenda, which involves causing about a total change right from the approaches to the operations. In fact it makes the outcome more coherent and sustainable and productive use of the investment and also the integration for changes in the type of operations that goes on in special activity school training centre like Rosewood (Hamer and Collinson 2014). Reference: Atzori, L., Iera, A. and Morabito, G., 2014. From” smart objects” to” social objects”: The next evolutionary step of the internet of things. IEEE Communications Magazine, 52(1), pp.97-105. Bull, J.W., Jobstvogt, N., Böhnke-Henrichs, A., Mascarenhas, A., Sitas, N., Baulcomb, C., Lambini, C.K., Rawlins, M., Baral, H., Zähringer, J. and Carter-Silk, E., 2016. Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats: A SWOT analysis of the ecosystem services framework. Ecosystem services, 17, pp.99-111. Chen, W.M., Kim, H. and Yamaguchi, H., 2014. Renewable energy in eastern Asia: Renewable energy policy review and comparative SWOT analysis for promoting renewable energy in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan. Energy Policy, 74, pp.319-329. Dujardin, P.P., Reverdy, T., Valette, A. and François, P., 2016. Healthcare manager and project management of quality improvement: analysis of managerial action using a professional hands-on training in project management. Recherche en soins infirmiers, (2), p.46. Elving, W.J., 2015. The role of communication in organisational change.Corporate Communications: An International Journal, 10(2), pp.129-138. Farkas, F., 2016. Hard and Soft Approaches of Strategic Organisational Change Management. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, 21(2), pp.13-22. Ford, J.D. and Ford, L.W., 2014. The role of conversations in producing intentional change in organizations. Academy of Management Review, 20(3), pp.541-570. Hamer, S. and Collinson, G., 2014. Achieving evidence-based practice: A handbook for practitioners. Elsevier Health Sciences.Management and Curatorship,29(1), pp.19-35. Hollensen, S., 2015. Marketing management: A relationship approach. Pearson Education. Lozano, R., Ceulemans, K. and Seatter, C.S., 2015. Teaching organisational change management for sustainability: designing and delivering a course at the University of Leeds to better prepare future sustainability change agents.Journal of Cleaner Production, 106, pp.205-215. McCall, V. and Gray, C., 2014. Museums and the ‘new museology’: theory, practice and organisational change. Museum Quinn, D., 2016. Organisational change in the NHS: how to adapt to tough times. British Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 12(5), pp.244-245. Waddell, D., Creed, A., Cummings, T.G. and Worley, C., 2013.Organisational change: Development and transformation. Cengage Learning.

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