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HLT 302 Human Experience Question: Analyzes the story of Ivan Illych in terms of concepts of the “healing environment”. Answer: Introduction The death of Ivan Ilych brought lots of studies and concepts that researchers wanted to know about the healing environment of the patients. This particular concept of healing environment was first developed by Nightingale F in 1859. The models outlined that the nurses should come up with a therapeutic environment (Tolstoy, 2016).  In addition, Nightingale pointed out the requirement of the sick room to reduce more suffering and assist in coming up with significant capacity for the patients to recover. These include clean air, light, warmth, quite environment and good food. Various innovations which came up in the early 1960s have contributed to dominance in the technology in the healthcare industry. The healing of the patients has been explained using the physiological and psychological effects (Nussbaum, 2014). However, the physiological effects involve factors like stressors which have an impact on the healing process of the patient while in hospital. The psychological effects involve the supportive environment that assists the sick to get healed. The three concepts of healing environment are described below. Lighting And Colour This concept of lighting colour has got aesthetic and psychological effects on the sick. It was pointed out by Buchanan and associates that there is 30 percent reduction in the rate of dispensing errors when the lighting intensity was significantly increased (Mehrotra, et al., 2015). It is believed that colours have a soothing impact on the patients and affect the way they reason and also how they perceive things at the period of sickness. This particular factor will have an impact on the healing speed of the patient in health care centres. The most stimulating colours have been found to be red, yellow and orange. Furthermore, varying types of colours are used to attain particular objectives. For instance, softer colour accompanied with softer music is recommended din postoperative units to facilitate calm environment for patients Noise And Sounds Several types of research have found that sound and noise have a great impact on the anxiety of the sick people. During operations, patients are offered with headphones having soft background music aimed at reducing the anxiety throughout the process (Benfield et al., 2014). In addition, it has been found that the music minimizes the levels of emotions of the patients thus ensuring that they cooperate with clinicians during operation.  The body cells of the patients have been found to multiply during peaceful sleep. Loud noise has a consequence also on the patients. It distracts the peace of the sick. Temperatures And Humidity  These are factors which have a significant impact on the patients in the healthcare setting. The thermal stress has different impact on the sick based on the type of ailment. First and for most, there are diseases which are virulent with low temperatures. For the case of pneumonia, patients might be adversely impacted when exposed to low temperatures and humid air (Rodopoulou et al., 2015). It is necessary to assess these conditions within the hospital setting to avoid further fatalities. In addition, some conditions such as cardiac arrest should have temperatures maintained at 70F to enable the patients to be comfortable and get well quickly. It is therefore, necessary to keep in mind that temperatures and humidity are key factors which the conditions of each and every patient should be assessed so that they can be in a position to recuperate well. Christian View Radical loving care is one of the Christian views is believed to have an impact on the way patient recuperate in the healthcare context. According to Arlene B Miller and Judith Allen Shelly, nursing is a ministry which encompasses compassionate care for all people in regards to the grace of the God towards a sinful world (O’brien, 2017). It aims at facilitating an optimum health and offer a comfort in suffering and death for any individual in need. According to Called to Care, nursing is a calling to look after the patients (Galiatsatos et al., 2017). However, according to 1st Corinthians 6 v 19, the human beings body is a temple of God. These teachings have the different impact on the way nurses perform their duties. It has proven to bring lots of confusions to then and demotivates them a lot.  Erie Chapman, healthcare industry leader asserted that through embracing the culture of radical loving care is a significant role towards ensuring the patients get well. The Phenomenology This a model which assist in comprehending the genuine meaning of the health. In regards to the context of Ivan Ilych, this individual had forgotten everything and he was happy with life till when he was stricken by illness and found himself on the hospital bed. One of the things we ask ourselves is the way we define health (van Manen, 2017). When we feel dizziness, fear and nausea and the absence of hopelessness, we find it as opportune time that we define health. It is only when we feel sick that we start to define the condition of our health.  At the time we can get some infections like pneumonia and everything is not the same. Pain, nausea, anxiety, cold and fever all looms. This is the point we feel we need to define health like Ivan Ilych.  We need to understand the health instead of waiting till the time that we feel ill. Sickness is interference of the lived body and not dysfunction of the biological body. Conclusion Being sick is one of the experience I believe it causes lots of challenges in my life. Different bodies have different ways on how they react to infections and some time I feel that I might be among a few who are much disturbed by even mere fever. Due to the fact that our body is involved in the probable experience, it is considered as a constitutive or mystical principle. They are different activities that get disrupted when we fall sick. I believe that it is not only the physiological activities of the body that get affected but also the psychological activities are greatly impacted. For instance, our minds are not stable when we feel a stomach ache. Also, we are not in a position to perform our daily tasks because all the energy in the body is spent in fighting the disease. Reference Benfield, J. A., Taff, B. D., Newman, P., & Smyth, J. (2014). Natural sound facilitates mood recovery. Ecopsychology, 6(3), 183-188. Galiatsatos, P., Nelson, K., & Hale, W. D. (2017). Caring for the Caregiver: Identifying the Needs of Those Called to Care Through Partnerships with Congregations. Journal of religion and health, 56(3), 946-950. Mehrotra, S., Basukala, S., & Devarakonda, S. (2015). Effective Lighting Design Standards Impacting Patient Care: A Systems Approach. Journal of Biosciences and Medicines, 3(11), 54. Nussbaum, A. M. (2014). The only thing to face is death”: DeLillo’s White Noise and Tolstoy’s ‘The Death of Ivan Ilyich’. Academic Medicine, 89(9), 1229. O’brien, M. E. (2017). Spirituality in nursing. Jones & Bartlett Learning. Rodopoulou, S., Samoli, E., Analitis, A., Atkinson, R. W., de’Donato, F. K., & Katsouyanni, K. (2015). Searching for the best modeling specification for assessing the effects of temperature and humidity on health: a time series analysis in three European cities. International journal of biometeorology, 59(11), 1585-1596. Tolstoy, L. (2016). The Death of Ivan Ilyich. Broadview Press. van Manen, M. (2017). Phenomenology and Meaning Attribution.

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