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HLT305 Legal And Ethical Principals In Health Care

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HLT305 Legal And Ethical Principals In Health Care Question Examine your personal value system in relation to the professional values described in the assigned readings (here is the link address to the readings for this chapters 3 and “5” my login if needed is ALara10 and password L&a091414) . These together influence your worldview and your approach to ethical decision making. answer the following questions: How do you personally define values and morals? What events, experiences, and teachings have influenced the development of your values and morals? How do your personal beliefs regarding moral and ethical behavior influence your worldview (perspective) and behavior? How do your cultural values and personal traditions influence your worldview (perspective) and behavior?How do you respond when others values and morals conflict with your own? Discuss integrity, accountability, and ethical behavior in health care. Why are these concepts important in the context of patient care? Answer Personal Values And Moral Integrity Values And Moral Integrity Most people agree that having personal values is important to humans but not many know how it measured or evaluated. The argument is often over the type of values someone holds. Personal values are principles and ideologies that one holds dear to them and would stand to defend them even if they seem irrational. Morals, on the other hand, are ethical rules which are often derived from societal structures such as religion and experiences. Morals are often considered the borderline between what is right and wrong. The difference between values and morals is often almost nonexistent. However, there are good and bad morals, but there are no good or bad personal values since anyone can hold any personal value. Personal values are of importance to the person who possesses them. Values are relative and can be seen as good or bad depending on how one views them. There are no universal personal values as values are often shaped by many things such as experiences and cultures. People’s values and morals are often influenced by experiences, events, and teachings. One can hold dear a personal value but change it when they experience something. Books have significantly influenced the development of my values. Reading books have introduced me to many new ideas and has changed my way of thinking. Books have shown me a lot of things I never knew about the world. Most of the values and morals I held before, which were shaped by my parents and schooling, have changed after being exposed to books. The novel by Daniel Quinn was known as Ishmael changed my perspectives and values. The book changed the way I look at things and how I look at humanity. The book altered the beliefs and values I had before and changed my morals. Teachings in books have influenced my morals and values. Various readings have shaped my personal values such as honesty, respect, empathy and honor. People behave and act in a manner guided by their personal beliefs and morals. My beliefs influence my behavior and perspectives. Beliefs often shape the way of thinking of someone. My beliefs on ethical behavior shape my reality and how I act. When faced with a decision, it is one’s beliefs that will influence how they will act.  How I perceive things and issues are influenced by my personal beliefs (Bloom, 2010). Beliefs control one’s actions and acquiring good beliefs will have a positive impact on how you behave. Beliefs influences good or bad behaviors and one should alter their beliefs to get positive results. Culture and traditions shape one’s perspectives and views. People with different traditions and cultures act and perceive things differently. Many studies have shown that culture affects how one behaves when faced with a particular situation. People from a certain region, for example, Asia, will think differently of something since they have a more traditional culture (Blais, Jack, Scheepers, Fiset, & Caldara, 2008). Culture molds the way we think and act. Culture shapes our way of thoughts and how we interact with people. Conflict often arises when there is a clash in moral views and perspectives. When values and morals clash, it creates misunderstandings and mistrust which lead to the escalation of conflicts. Since moral conflict often leads to misunderstandings, it should be handled well. I often deal with moral conflict by changing stories. Talking of other things often de-escalates the argument caused by moral clash (Batson & Thompson, 2001). Dialogue is often used to respond to moral conflicts. This happens b allowing the other party to give all their arguments then you give your argument. This allows both parties to understand each other and seek ways of moving out of the conflicts. Ethics and integrity are inherent in nursing practice. Application of ethical issues in healthcare is known as bioethics. It concerns with the treatment of patients, research and use of healthcare resources. Healthcare givers are expected to conduct themselves in an ethical and transparent manner. Ethics and integrity in healthcare manifest itself in being truthful with patients, respecting their privacy and confidentiality. Making decision-based integrity and ethics is crucial in making decisions on healthcare. Ethical practices include informed consent and maintaining patient confidentiality (Iserson, 1999). Ethical behavior in healthcare is important because it promotes healthcare standards. For example, during recruitment of healthcare professionals, integrity should be applied so that only professionals are recruited. Communication is important in health care, and ethical behavior promotes good communication between the patient and the healthcare giver. Ethical behavior and integrity promote good communication hence improving accountability. Morals and personal values shape our behavior and attitudes in our day to day life. Our morals and beliefs are shaped by our environment, our cultures, and experiences. In healthcare, ethical values are of importance and should be upheld by all healthcare individuals. References Batson, C. D., & Thompson, E. R. (2001). Why Don’t Moral People Act Morally? Motivational Considerations. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 10(1996), 54–57. Blais, C., Jack, R. E., Scheepers, C., Fiset, D., & Caldara, R. (2008). Culture shapes how we look at faces. PLoS ONE, 3(8). Bloom, P. (2010). How do morals change? Nature, 464(March), 490. Iserson, K. V. (1999). Principles of biomedical ethics. Emergency Medicine Clinics of North America.

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