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HLT43015 Allied Health Assistance

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HLT43015 Allied Health Assistance Question: Your written answers should be approximate 40-100 words in length (+/-10%). The word count is a guideline and you can present your answers in narrative or bullet point format. Ensure you acknowledge and cite your sources accordingly – this is important whether you use your own words or another writer’s. You can review the Academic Referencing Guide in your Accurate, reliable, valid and relevant information is critical to effective client support when working in the allied health sector. Describe at least 3 pieces of information that your supervising allied health professional might need you to obtain from a client so that they were able to plan appropriate support for them.Describe how you would obtain this information from the client How would this information be documented Where would this information be stored and who would have access to this information Your supervising Allied Health Professional has asked you to check that the information that is on file for one of your clients is correct and up-to-date. Describe how you would approach this task) Describe the interpersonal skills that you think are important when liaising with clients and colleagues to obtain information relevant to your role as an allied health professional. Describe at least 3 types of business technology and/or systems that are used to maintain client information in an allied health service. For each that you identify, describe the role that each piece of technology/system plays in ensuring a quality service is provided to clients.   You have just finished a session with a client and you need to write up their progress notes so your supervisor can review them and make recommendations to the program moving forward. When you open up the program on your computer to write up the notes from the session, the computer crashes and you cannot get access to the system. What would you do in this situation? Describe 3 ways that client information can be distributed within an allied health service to those who are authorised to have access this information. In your answer, remember your obligation to uphold client privacy and confidentiality Describe 2 ways in which client information can be shared with external service providers (i.e. another allied health service). In your answer, discuss how client privacy and confidentiality is upheld during this process of communication Describe the process you would follow to obtain feedback on your performance with regard to managing information in the workplace. In your answer, discuss: Who you would seek feedback from How you would go about getting this feedback The specific areas would you obtain feedback on relating to your performance The type of information that is required when providing allied health services and the way in which this information is collected is continually changing. Provide an example of how you see information needs changing in the future, relating to your chosen allied health field.  In your answer, discuss how current systems would need to be modified to allow for this change and document this information. Answer: a). It is very important to obtain all the required information from the client for planning an appropriate support to them. Some of those information’s are as follows- Age, name & address of the client Disease or issue which the client is facing Information about the medicines or treatment which client is taking currently The ailed health professionals try to find out the actual reason for the disease or issue which is getting faced by the client so that they can provide effective & efficient support to them. Some of standards & legislation are there for ailed health assistants that help or guide them to collect the appropriate information such as Standard of Practice for allied health, Council for allied health professions (2016) according to which they are responsible for collecting the information. b). In order to obtain all the above information from the client, the allied health professional or assistant may conduct a survey to them. On the other hand, allied health assistants can also directly ask the questions related to the information they are required to gather form the clients or patients. If in case anything is serious they can also communicate with the family members or colleagues of the client to obtain the information. c) In order to document these informations, two different types of ways can get used such as documenting the information manually or documenting it on computers too. Both of these methods will be effective or efficient in a different manner for documenting the collected information in a safe & secure manner. By documenting in the computer the chances of loss or theft may decrease by using some id or passwords (Holland, 2017). d). The best way to store this information is on computers. As discussed it will be the best & easier way to documents the information’s in a faster manner. By using the computers the information’s will get stored very appropriately. The allied health assistant will be actually responsible for keeping these information’s entire safe & he’ll also have the access to these information so that whenever they require, they can find out the information’s. With this information, they will get various benefits for planning the different ways of providing reliable support to the people. As same it will also contribute to providing the best healthcare services in the required manner (Hadley,, 2018). Current Information- This type of information refers to the meaning of information which states the present situation or condition about the health of person or patient. Valid Information- The information which has proved as accurate or reliable gets considered as valid information. Accurate Information- The information where chances of confusion or doubt take no place is known as accurate information. Authentic Information- The information bearing a seal or signature attesting explains that it is official or genuine and presents the accuracy of that particular information. It is known as authentic information (Iganski,, 2018). In order to go through with the information of the file of the client, for checking whether if it is up to date or not, an assistant will try to look for all those files of related information’s which are documented manually. He or she will also check the entire manual file or the files that are documented in the computer, system or any digital device with all the informations. An assistant will try to check for all the columns that are required to be filled with the important information’s so that client will not have to face any issue while getting service & the professional will not have to face any problem while serving the same. It will also help the allied health professional is serving the best services or make the client satisfied in an accurate manner (Skurka, 2018). At the time of liaising with the patients, colleagues or clients for obtaining the information’s that are relevant by the allied health professionals some of the interpersonal skills are very important to be taken care of as it helps in serving best. Some of those interpersonal skills are well stated as follows- Listening skills Building the rapport Empathy Being Assertive Decision-making skills at the real-time Clarifying well when the issue occurs Understanding the stress of the client in a proper manner. Choosing the words very carefully while communicating with them Nonverbal communication Verbal communication Controlling the emotions Acknowledging the issues of clients etc. All these skills greatly help the allied health professional to understand the client & helping them with the best solutions as well (Smith,, 2017). It is importantly required for maintaining all the information’s of the client in the services of allied health. In order to do the same some of the systems or technologies are well stated below- Encrypting the password protect- In order to implement this it requires to protect all the devices in which health professionals have saved the client’s information such as laptop, smartphones, tablets and etc. with passwords or id’s.  It will help in maintaining the information of the client in an appropriate manner & helping them with the best cure. Protecting from malicious software’s- This step includes different policies & procedures such as using the specific servers that are appropriately protected by the antivirus or suspicious activities & threats. By this, the chances of loss of information can get avoided & it helps in maintaining the client’s information in a perfect manner & benefit with the best or quality services to them in allied health services.   Creating separate networks while offering WI-Fi- Separating the networks for practice use & patient use differently may also help in maintaining the client information in popper manner. This policy & procedure will contribute to providing quality services to clients (Taylor, 2017). In this type of situation, as per the policies & procedure the assistant may use the policy of manual system to document the progress notes. The allied health services include the policies or procedures of manual documentation to write down the progress notes & forward them to the supervisor so that he or she can make effective recommendations for the betterment of the client (Le Grand, 2018).  In order to avoid the same issue again in the future, it is importantly required to report the computer operator or senior management regarding the problem of a computer crash. By this, the person will get help in getting rid of these kinds of issues & the fear of losing the information as well. After computer gets started we’ll surely input the information in that which will help in finding the information easily whenever required.   The three important ways from which the information of client may distribute within an allied health to all those people who are authorized for having access to the information are well stated as follows- By calling them & making sure that call is not getting recorded. It can also be sent via e-mail with a protective password. A sealed pack manual document or letter may get provided to them in an efficient manner by taking care of privacy & confidentiality of the patient. All these ways are the great source to pass on the client’s information’s to the authorized people (Bartlik,, 2018). If the information is getting shared by call it is important to make sure that the call is not getting recorded, it will avoid the chances of losing the information as no one will be able to hear it. By sending the e-mail with a protective password, any other person will not be able to access that without permission & at last by sending a sealed pack document none another person will dare to unseal the document without permission. It will help in maintaining the confidentiality & privacy of the patient’s information (Iganski,, 2018). Before sharing the information of the client, it is importantly required to obtain all their personal & necessary information that may help them in providing the best possible care to get rid of all those issues which they are facing. The two different ways in which the information of the client may get shared with the service providers who are external such as other allied health services are as follows- E-mail- It is the most secure & safer way to share the information of client with other allied health services. It includes the policy & procedure of protective password too. Whenever the receiver will try to open the document or file it will ask to enter the specific password with some characters or letter which will get provided to them by the sender. Only by entering the same receiver will be able to access it. The receiver will have to make sure about keeping the password safe & not to share with anyone. It will contribute to upholding the confidentiality & privacy of the client at the time of communication & would be the best way to help the client with better services as well. Providing a manual document to another allied health services in hand- It includes the policy & procedure of sharing the information of the client to other allied health services by giving the manual document face to face & in hand so that chances of loss or threat can take no place. Prior to sharing the client’s information with external service provider & while handing the document over it is important to make sure that all the necessary information’s are documented appropriately. It requires obtaining all the required & reliable information from the client or patient. The receiver also needs to be aware of not disclosing the information in front of any other person. a) In order to get the feedback person will communicate to the allied health professional in an appropriate manner.In regards to managing the information at the workplace, taking the feedback from the senior management of allied health services would be very helpful for me. b) The person will try to reach the allied health professional via- email or letter for getting the feedback. To get the feedback I can also follow the method of survey, providing proactive live chat session, calling clients on daily basis etc. that will help me to know about by performance better. c) The specific areas are such as the way to treat & communicate, getting their information, providing the service etc. Getting feedback on all these areas & how to keep the clients information confidential will greatly help me to improve my performance with regards to managing the information in the workplace in future references(Van Bogaert,, 2018). It has seen that in terms of providing the allied health services to the client their personal information is required which includes their sexual status, marital status, bank statement, parents information & their education, age, education, an issue which they are facing & many more. But these information’s are getting changed day by day as observed. The health professionals rarely ask for their marital status or information about parents now as it is not required. For example- I n the different allied health centers some of the changes related to the information are importantly required such as asking for their bank statement, parents information etc. In order to document the information, they should only update the information’s that are necessary to help them with the best treatment such as health issue, age to treat them accordingly, sexuality and so on. It will help in getting rid out of frustration to document many of the information that is not needed & help clients with better treatments or solutions as well. The current level of information includes the complete situation or condition of the client at the present time. The real status of his or her health gets documented in a proper manner. It helps the health allied professionals in treating the client with the best possible care as per the requirement of real time. Desired future level of information includes ensuring & keeping valuable information for the time when it will require addressing. It includes planning with what extra changes or additional support or service may be required in the future for the team, client, and service as well.   The modifications those are required for meeting the future expectations basically includes having details of the current status & liabilities of the client. It also includes specific activities which the client may perform like able to walk, talk etc. It also requires including accurate & reliable information about mental & physical health as well (Leon,, 2018). The strategies that can get used to implementing the modification are accessing & interpreting the formation, including some relevant policies & procedures, employment contracts etc. To measure the changes checking with reliability, currency, validity will take place. It will also include the dissemination of all the clinical information of the client in an appropriate manner. References Bartlik, B., Espinosa, G. and Mindes, J. (2018) Integrative Sexual Health. U.K: Oxford University Press. Hadley, R. and Hatch, S. (2018) Social welfare and the failure of the state: centralised social services and participatory alternatives. New York: Routledge. Holland, K. (2017) Cultural awareness in nursing and health care: an introductory text. New York: Routledge. Iganski, P. and Mason, D. (2018) Ethnicity, equality of opportunity and the British National Health Service. New York: Routledge. Le Grand, J. (2018) The strategy of equality: redistribution and the social services. New York: Routledge. Skurka, M.A. (2017) Health information management: principles and organization for health information services. USA: John Wiley & Sons. Smith, J. and Goodwin, N. (2017) Towards managed primary care: the role and experience of primary care organizations. New York: Routledge. Taylor, R.R. (2017) Kielhofner’s research in occupational therapy: Methods of inquiry for enhancing practice. USA : FA Davis. Van Bogaert, P. and Clarke, S. (2018) The Organizational Context of Nursing Practice: Concepts, Evidence, and Interventions for Improvement. Germany: Springer.

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