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HLTAP501C Analyse Health Information

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HLTAP501C Analyse Health Information Question: 1.1. Your client is suffering from Cardiovascular Disease. Provide examples using a problem solving approach to plan services to reflect their health status and needs (40 words). 1.2. Propose the importance of monitoring and documenting the impacts of services provided to a client in line within your job role and organization policies and procedures. (30 words). 2.1. Analyse why the administration of intravenous fluids is contraindicated to a patient with oedema and Respiratory crackles. 2.2. Revise the observational changes you would be noting if this was to occur. 3. All of the observation result is abnormal. Plan for your approach/interventions for the above issues. Consider immediate action prior to intervention (20-30 words for each reading that may require an intervention). BP- 150/90 mm of Hg BSL- 13.8 mmol/dl pre meal Pulse rate- 140 bpm in a resting person 4. Formulate a rationale for administering an Anginine tablet to a client suffering from Angina    5. Scenario Mr Martin, 56 years old, lost his job recently. He is a car mechanic with over 25 years of experience with the same company and is finding it very hard to get another job in the local community. He is a Type 2 diabetic with a history of obesity. His specialist has put him on a strict diabetic diet and exercise pattern with very limited amounts of alcohol. After losing his job, Martin is very upset and anxious that he cannot fulfil his responsibilities as a husband and father and relies heavily on alcohol, smoking and junk food – ignoring his health status. Martin had an accident on Friday night and fractured his right arm and was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol. Answer the following questions. 5.1. Identify the various potential health factors (External factors and Internal factors) for Martin in this scenario  5.2. Analyse the above information. What services would you organise for Martin? 5.3. The services organised should have an impact on Martins future wellbeing. Identify Interventions that you believe may be taken and the impact they may have.  5.4. Without assistance and education, Martins long term effects of obesity, diabetes, alcoholism, smoking and lack of nutritional intake is going to have a severe impact on his health, biological maturation and ageing. Create an education session for Martin and include information on all of these components  5.5. In what ways has the loss of employment impacted Martin’s dietary pattern? Are there any potential problems that could occur if he continues on this path? 5.6. Alcohol use and smoking has impacted Martin. How? Are there any further problems that could occur if he continues on this path? 5.7. Do you think Martin’s Diabetes and stress levels combined with his current life style is going to affect the healing of his fractured arm? How? Answer: 1.1 Examples of problem solving approach are prompt use of nitroglycerin to prevent pain in the patient, providing palliative care to maintain the ethics while treatment, regular monitoring of hypotension and coronary artery spasm and cardiac catheterization for diagnosis of condition.   1.2 As a nurse, it is extremely important to monitor and document the planned services in order to embark on the pavement for future necessary therapeutic measures for optimum results.   2.1 Oedema and respiratory crackles are maladies occurring due to increased levels of fluid circulating in the body and such condition becomes extremely critical for heart to pump up with. Further addition of intravenous fluid will worsen the situation (Voldby and Brandstrup 2016).   2.2Excessive intravenous fluid can lead to excessive concentrations of sodium and water in    body, as it is extremely difficult to excrete it out and can affect the renal function, fluid transportation imbalance and working of organs in body (Moritz and Ayus 2015).   3. Step before intervention requires collection of samples for tests and analysis of symptoms. Intervention for high BPrequires optimum exercise, medication to lower the numbers, stress and hormonal balance. Intervention for high Blood Sugar Levelrequires walking, sugar free diet and intravenous insulin intake. Intervention of high Pulse Rate requires vagal maneuvers, cardioversion and appropriate medication such as anti- arrhythmic injections.   4. Anginine tablets reduce the pain in angina pectoris. 300gms is required for elders and upto 900gms in severe conditions according to the prescription. Effects are immediate and usually last for 30 minutes (Shell et al. 2016). 5.1 Potential external health factors for Martin are antisocial personality disorder, stress in personal life, stress in professional life for not being able to find a job, weariness due to substandard dynamic life, sedentary lifestyle and addiction towards alcohol, smoking and junk food. Internal health factors for Martin are genetics, as genes play an important role in determining the tolerance toward alcohol consumption and alcohol abuse due to antisocial personality disorder. Further, inability of breaking acetaldehyde into acetyl radical, as it is poisonous for body leads to collection of acetaldehyde and degrading the condition of body more (Shuval et al. 2017). 5.2 Services for Martin constitute first aid, for immediate injuries, x-ray, medication for lowering of pain and palliative care with counseling. 5.3 Palliative care will help with reducing factors contributing to the alcoholism in Martin. Reestablishment of mental and somatic balance can be done by proper counseling session, body therapy, hypnosis and others. Such inputs will have long-term effects as they imply the importance of healthy lifestyle irrespective of any life crisis (Lippke 2014). 5.4 Sedentary Lifestyle is the root of cause of lifestyle related conditions such as obesity, diabetes, alcoholism, lack of nutritional intake. Fast pace and continual desire to grow has compelled people to run in race to achieve a dynamic life. Such continual lifestyle acts as havoc to health of individuals. Further, they tend to live an unhealthy lifestyle instilled with consumption of alcohol, nutrition less food, no exercise, increase levels of stress and others. Alcoholism is excessive consumption of alcohol leading to detrimental effects on the body. Alcohol abuse damages the ability of body to convert the acetaldehyde into acetyl radical for further absorption. Presence of acetaldehyde is poisonous for the body and continual consumption leads to fatal conditions such as heart stroke, cancer, liver damage, pancreas damage, reduced sexual performance and others. Another condition, Obesity is a medical condition that occurs due to excessive increase in body weight leading to unbalanced Body Mass Index (BMI). Obesity makes a body physically and mentally unfit for undertaking of any activity. Diabetes is a medical malady occurring due to low levels of insulin present in the body. Insulin is extremely essential for the digestion of food and is achieved by the conversion of glucose into glycogen, as glycogen form can be absorbed further ahead. Diabetes occurs when decrement occurs in insulin level leading to increment of glucose in body. This condition proves to be fatal as it can damage any organ, transportation system, connective system or nervous system of the body. Above mentioned health conditions usually leads to death before biological maturation and usually do not live his utmost life. Our body sustains mostly on naturally available nutrients and it becomes extremely important to nourish our body with appropriate nutrients from time to time and can be undertaken with healthy diet. Besides having a healthy diet, excessive alcohol consumption must be avoided to maintain the biological processes of the body and getting rid of all lifestyle related maladies. 5.5 Loss of employment affected the mental and somatic condition of Martin. Further, this has precipitated imbalance in the dietary intake of him. Lack of dietary nutrients in terms of essential vitamins and minerals has led to severe implications in Martin, such as obesity and diabetes type 2. Continuing such path can lead to severe conditions such as organ failure, heart stroke, heart failure and ultimately death. 5.6 Alcohol consumption and smoking are two sedentary lifestyle related issues that carries capacity of causing severe conditions such as diabetes and obesity, same as the condition of Martin. Furthermore, not getting another job can also be attributed to such lifestyle, as he may not be able to focus completely on his selection. Such continual lifestyle can have severe implications on body such as stroke, dissension in connective, transportation or nervous system. 5.7 Yes, diabetes and obesity in Martin will lead to increase in bone fractures and reduced healing of bone damage. Diabetes and obesity affects the concentration of osteoblasts and osteoclasts leading to increased number of osteoclasts and reduced osteoblasts. Osteoblasts undertake the process of bone formation and repair, and reduced number will prevent formation and repair process. Bone formation can be hampered with different conditions such as hyperglycemia, inflammation and others (Jiao, Xiao and Graves 2015). References: Jiao, H., Xiao, E. and Graves, D.T., 2015. Diabetes and its effect on bone and fracture healing. Current osteoporosis reports, 13(5), pp.327-335. Lippke, S., 2014. Modelling and supporting complex behavior change related to obesity and diabetes prevention and management with the compensatory carry-over action model. Ommega Internations, 1(2), pp.1-8. Moritz, M.L. and Ayus, J.C., 2015. Maintenance intravenous fluids in acutely ill patients. New England Journal of Medicine, 373(14), pp.1350-1360. Shell, W.E., Pavlik, S., Roth, B., Silver, M., Breitstein, M.L., May, L. and Silver, D., 2016. Reduction in pain and inflammation associated with chronic low back pain with the use of the medical food theramine. American journal of therapeutics, 23(6), p.e1353. Shuval, K., Leonard, T., Drope, J., Katz, D.L., Patel, A.V., Maitin?Shepard, M., Amir, O. and Grinstein, A., 2017. Physical activity counseling in primary care: Insights from public health and behavioral economics. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians. Voldby, A.W. and Brandstrup, B., 2016. Fluid therapy in the perioperative setting—a clinical review. Journal of intensive care, 4(1), p.27.

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