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HLTEN510B Implement And Monitor Nursing Care For Consumers With Mental Health Conditions

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HLTEN510B Implement And Monitor Nursing Care For Consumers With Mental Health Conditions Questions Mental Health  1. UN Principles for the Protection of Persons with Mental Illness (1991) were released when it recognised that people with a mental illness were vulnerable, and were subject to a range of abuse. Focusing on Principle 9 ‘Treatment’ discuss how this principle would affect the care provision of a person who was suffering from a mental illness that required treatment. 2. Identify the priority themes of The Australian National Mental Health Plan (2003-2008).    3. There are many different theories of personality development. Abraham Maslows renowned for his theory of human needs. What did Maslow identify as categories of human needs?   4. What does the ‘nature vs nurture’ debate propose? 5. At various times through your shift, you have been chatting to a client who is about your age. At the end of your shift, the client asks you for your phone number, and suggests that you meet up for coffee after he/she gets out of hospital. The client tells you that you are the only person who has really understood and helped them, and that they want to continue being friends with you. a. Identify and discuss what is occurring in this situation. In your response discuss transference and counter transference. b. how you would manage this situation. In your response you should discuss professional boundaries.   6. Delirium is common in the elderly. It can be difficult to differentiate between delirium and dementia. Identify the difference between the two in relation to the timeframe of onset of changes in behaviour. Identify two possible reasons for a delirium to develop in an elderly person. Answers 1. Principle 9 “Treatment” emphasises the need to offer evidence-based care as well as involving the patient in designing the treatment plan (United Nations, 1991). The care provision of an individual who has mental illness would be personalised based on their needs. Besides, the treatment plan would be changed periodically based on the outcome of the patient or effectiveness of the treatment. The care provision would be ethical, and providers would adhere to internationally recognised standards. Mental health practioners offering care would have an intention of improving the patients outcome while applying their knowledge and expertise in the right way.  2.  Enhancing mental health among the residents and preempting mental health illnesses Upgrading service responsiveness – This theme aims to achieve better outcomes Improving quality of the mental health services for the general population Promoting research, innovation and sustaibability – This theme acknowledges the need for alternative effective interventions for mental health problems (Department of Health, 2005).                                                                                                3. Maslow categorised human needs into five and delineated why certain needs should be fullfiled first. Physiological needs were placed in the first category and include basic wants such as shelter and food. These basic needs are fundamental for the recovery of mental health illness. The second category consist of safety needs. Things like financial security are important in preventing mental health problems. Community and belonging comes in the third category. Loneliness might trigger mental health disorders. Esteem and self-actualization are classified in the fourth and fifth category respectively (Henwood, Derejko, Couture, & Padgett, 2015). When the “deficiency needs” are met, a person strives to achive self-actualization. Hope and resiliency are cultivated in this final category.   4. The nature vs nurture debate proposes that there is an interaction between genetic factors and the environment in the human development (Traynor & Singleton, 2011). Sociobiology and evolution psychology plays an important role in the development of mental health illnesses. Nature is fundamental in the occurrence of some mental health problems like depression and schizophrenia. This debate insinuates that the family history of a person can be a risk factor for the development of mental health disorders. However, the expression of genetic makeup might be influenced by the nurture. The nurturing can prevent the expression of genetic factors responsible for mental health illness. Nurture may also increase or reduce the severity of the condition. 5a. While chatting with the client, there was a transfer of emotions from me to the client. It is evident that countertransference occurred in this situation. The client reacted to transference by asking for my phone number and suggesting we meet for coffee. Transference occurs when a client redirects emotions onto the therapist (Prasko, et al., 2010). In this case, countertransference occurred unconsciously because I was just chatting with the client during my shift. The client thought that I understood them and wished to extend the relationship outside the therapy setting. The client thinks that the countertransference would be good in and outside therapy settings.   b. My immediate response would be to politely inform the client that it is impossible to have my phone number. In the future, I would have a more objective talk with the client specifically about their treatment. If the client persistently asks for my mobile number, I would avoid chatting with them too much. My response would be primarily built on the need to maintain professional boundaries. Providers should avoid situations that rupture professional boundaries such as sharing personal information, providing forbidden privileges to clients and establishing intimate sexual relationships (Valente, 2017). Additionally, professional boundaries advise providers to avoid over-involvement in their relations with clients. 6. Elders have the risk of developing delirium and dementia. However, the onset of delirium and dementia in elders is different. Delirium occurs suddenly and has a definite starting point. This condition has an acute onset, which is either hours or day and exhibits a fluctuating course. Conversely, the onset of dementia is slow and gradual (Fong, Davis, Growdon, Albuquerque, & Inouye, 2015). An elder might not realise the onset of dementia because it has an uncertain starting point.  Delirium can develop in an elderly person because of medication use or withdrawal of particular drugs. Another cause of delirium in the elderly people is alcohol use (Inouye, Westendorp, & Westendorp, 2014). References Department of Health. (2005). National Mental Health Plan 2003-2008. Retrieved 8 20, 2017, from Fong, T. G., Davis, D., Growdon, M. E., Albuquerque, A., & Inouye, S. K. (2015). The interface between delirium and dementia in elderly adults. The Lancet Neurology , 14 (8), 823-832. Henwood, B. F., Derejko, K.-S., Couture, J., & Padgett, D. K. (2015). Maslow and Mental Health Recovery: A Comparative Study of Homeless Programs for Adults with Serious Mental Illness. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research , 42 (2), 220-228. Inouye, S. K., Westendorp, R. G., & Westendorp, R. G. (2014). Delirium in elderly people. Lancet , 383 (9920), 911-922. Prasko, J., Diveky, T., Grambal, A., Kamaradova, D., Mozny, P., Sigmundova, Z., et al. (2010). Transference and countertransference in cognitive behavioral therapy. Biomedical Papers , 154 (3), 189-197. Traynor, B. J., & Singleton, A. B. (2011). NATURE VERSUS NURTURE: DEATH OF A DOGMA, AND THE ROAD AHEAD. Neuron , 68 (2), 196-200. United Nations. (1991). The protection of persosn with mental illness and the improvement of mental health care. Retrieved 8 20, 2017, from Valente, S. M. (2017). Managing Professional and Nurse-Patient Relationship Boundaries in Mental Health. Journal of Psychosocial Nursing & Mental Health Services , 55 (1), 45-51.

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