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HLTEN514B Apply Research Within A Contemporary Health Environment

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HLTEN514B Apply Research Within A Contemporary Health Environment Questions: a)Explain the role of healthcare team members in the research process b)Identify one area within healthcare where research has resulted in a change in practice c)Consider your experience in the healthcare environment and identify one area where you think that research can improve practice and discuss why Ethics and data storage Q.9. What are the data storage requirements for researchers? Q.10.  Human research may be conducted only with ethical approval. Outline the responsibility of researchers in gaining ethics committee approval. Q.11.  Specific issues arise in the design, conduct and ethical review of research involving certain categories of participants. List three of these categories. Q.13.  Locate the primary research article listed below (follow the web link). Write a short summary of this research. Research design Method/s of data collection Findings/results Dissemination of findings Any age and gender issues Any cultural or religious issues Answers: Introduction: Research is an investigative process through which information is acquired in order to describe, predict, and explain the observed phenomenon. Research is important because it is through research that, the doctors can come up with new methods of treatments. For example, it is through research that new medicines are invented, new procedures and tools for treatment for better health care services (Titler, 2008). Research gives the doctors and nurses opportunity to embrace new technology and skills of handling different diseases and treating patients (Steinwachs & Hughes, 2008). This means that research is very important in our contemporary health care for quality service delivery to the patients. Part A For an effective research to take place, there must be team members. Team members are important in the research process because they are assigned different roles for the purpose of making sure that each area of the research process is covered for the purpose of quality results. To conduct an effective research the following groups of people are involved; Facilitator/mentor, team leaders, staff nurse participants and administrative staffs and each member of the team has equal responsibilities assigned to them. Healthcare in Australia has been on the top list of issues that require more attention due to its urgency. There is much research that has been carried out in order to have improved health care services. The introduction of Telehealth services has really helped a lot. With telehealth services, the patient can easily do clinical communication with their health care providers’ online right from consultations to service to treatment. This technology has benefited especially those who are the rural areas and remote regions to be equally able to get medical attention without having to travel a long way to visit a medical facility (Moule & Goodman, 2009). The reason as to why medical research is conducted is the need to improve the contemporary health care by providing new knowledge and skills required for a better healthcare outcome. Health research is important for the purpose of introducing new treatment which has been proven to be a better replacement for the already existing treatment or rather medication. (Curtis, & Drennan, J 2013 Research can improve practices, for example, the patients with chronic illness or diseases such as hypertension, cancer, blood pressure and others can improve their health conditions by having a positive attitude, taking their medication and living and eating healthy regardless of their conditions. It is through research that patients having chronic diseases have better and alternative medication and treatment to help them control their conditions (Dickson, & Tholl). With the new technology on how to treat cancer, for example, has reduced the mortality rate compared to the previous means of treatment. It is through research that technology has been improvised on the treatment of cancer right from screening in the early stages to main treatment for cancer patients (McCormack, 2017). It is proven that at institutions where research is done the rate of patients’ recovery is high compared to institutions where research is not conducted. Research is vital for better health care services delivery in a country. Part B. Ethics and Data storage Q.9. Data must be carefully stored for the period of five years or more, the fact that a lot of funds is used to support research it is important that the data is kept safe for references and comparisons. Data should be stored in a way that it restricts any other institutions to access information apart from the team members who are the only ones authorized to do so. Data files need to be linkable but at the same time be held separately so that they can only be linked only by authorized researchers. This is to ensure that data cannot be tampered with or removed from the secure system (Stevens, 2013).    Q.10. Human Research can be conducted with an approval of the Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). HREC is an important system in Australia and it provides ethical oversight to research involving humans. The responsibility of researchers to gain ethics committee approval involves; researchers designing a research project and filling in all human research application form then the supervisors signing application documents and take responsibilities for all aspects of the project, these documents are then submitted to the Human Research Ethics Office (HERO) who signs to authorize the submission. The HERO acknowledges the receipts of the application and sends a letter to the chief investigator and finally, HERO coordinates the review and approval of the ethics application. 11. The three categories of participant include;    Women who are pregnant and the human fetus    People with cognitive impairment, intellectual disability or mental illness    People who highly depend on medical care and may not be able to give consent Part C Literature review 13.   This research aims at tackling issues that arise due to lack of nurse urgency in tackling or dealing with early symptoms of various diseases before they become adverse, these issues include poor recognition of early symptoms of illnesses, the delayed asking for assistance from the skilled personnel, and need for systems that enable to get information necessary for their expertise(Leonard, & Kyriacos 2015). The research objectives are to assess respondents’ ability to identify abnormal findings in respiratory and heart rate, oxygen saturation level, systolic blood pressure, level of consciousness, urinary output and normal temperature. There was a descriptive observational survey research conducted in one nursing college in Cape Town, South Africa, using a self- administered adapted questionnaire to collect data. A sample of 77/212 of fourth-year students with the majority of respondents being female and above 25 years. The Afrikaans language was the first respondents followed by isiXhosa and lastly English. Most respondents recognized normal temperature. In overall there would have been delays in calling for skills in critical illness compared to psychological parameters. Conclusively, the article presents the notion that nonrecognition of deterioration in patient’s clinical status, as well as delays in the intervention by the healthcare providers, impact the patients negatively. Besides, it promotes the chances of severe adverse effects to the patients. The article recommends that nursing curricular should adopt the track and trigger system in practice to promote positive patient outcomes. References Curtis, E. A., & In Drennan, J. (2013). Quantitative health research: Issues and methods.   Maidenhead, Berkshire, England: McGraw-Hill Education. Dickson, G., & Tholl, B. (n.d.). Bringing Leadership to Life in Health: LEADS in a Caring Environment [recurso electrónico]: A New Perspective. Leonard, M. M., &Kyriacos, U. (2015). Student nurses’ recognition of early signs of abnormal vital sign recordings. Nurse Education Today 35(9). 11- 18. McCormack, B. (2017). Person-centred healthcare research. Wiley-Blackwell. Moule, P., & Goodman, M. (2009). Nursing Research: An Introduction. London: Sage Publications. Steinwachs, D. M., & Hughes, R. G. (2008). Health Services Research: Scope and Significance.   Retrieved from Stevens, K. (2013). The impact of evidence-based practice in nursing and the next big ideas. OJIN:  The Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, 18(2), 1-13 Titler, M. G. (2008). The evidence for evidence-based practice implementation.

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