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HLTH 1310 Introduction To Wellness And Health Promotion

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HLTH 1310 Introduction To Wellness And Health Promotion Question: Research a specific Health related condition in an essay format with an introduction, and a conclusion. Purpose: To identify the benefits of physical activity and demonstrate an understanding of how participation in a physical activity program can positively impact the prevention or improvement of a health related condition. This essay will include: .Discussion of the health related condition including. .Prevalence within the North American population. .Brief discussion of pathophysiology of the condition? (what is happening in the body with this condition?) risk factors that contribute to the condition. .Evidence-based discussion detailing the specific benefits of participation in a physical activity program on the particular health or disease related condition. Answer: Physical Activity Is Effective In The Prevention Or Improvement Of Health Related Condition Health conditions are getting worse day by day in North America. From the research it was found that heart related diseases are increasing among the people of North America. It is observed according to the American heart association that 99 million people above the age 20 have the issue of high cholesterol (Johns,  Langley & Lewis, 2017). The increase of cholesterol in body causes major risk for heart attacks and strokes. Research says that these conditions can be improved by staying physically active and practising such activities daily. Physical activities prevent certain diseases like heart disorders, depression and many more. In this essay the health condition that will be considered are heart disorders. To control the level of elevated cholesterol in the body, rich nutrition diet should be followed to avoid the chances of calories (Reis, et. al, 2016). In North America the heart diseases have increased due to the modern lifestyle in which people eat unhealthy food and are less active (Malik, Blake & Suggs, 2014). The outcome of this is getting overweight or obese. This causes many health consequences and increases the risk of heart diseases (Robinson, Webster, Palmer & Persad, 2018). Heart diseases also affect the body of an individual (Johns,  Langley & Lewis, 2017). The cardiovascular disease causes plaques in the blood vessels or heart. These blockages in the blood vessels make the transmission of blood to various parts difficult Thus this blockage can lead to heart attacks and can cause death (Poitras,  Get. al, 2016). It is observed that the heart disorder also causes fatigue, weakness, chest pain and short of breath disorder. Heart diseases have long term affect on the body as it causes change in skin colour by making it pale (Reis, et. al, 2016). It also causes swelling in legs and dark areas around the eyes. These issues can be reduced by daily exercising or breathing activities (Poitras,  Get. al, 2016). The risk factors that are associated with heart diseases are high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, and diabetes, smoking habits, being overweight or obese, being physically inactive, and having a family history of early heart disease or unhealthy diet (Robinson, Webster, Palmer & Persad, 2018). These factors increase the chances of heart disease. Thus, these risk factors can still be controlled or reduced by changing the lifestyle. The controllable risk factors are stop smoking and taking part in physical activities regularly. Making change in lifestyle is a proven method to prevent heart diseases. Healthy lifestyle will improve the health conditions in one or the other way. Thus, some of the changes that can be made in lifestyle are quit smoking and improve the cholesterol level (Hopkinsmedicine, 2017). Regular exercises help in controlling the cholesterol and blood pressure. It is said that an individual who don’t exercise have higher rates of death and heart diseases as  compared with those who participate in moderate extent of physical activity. Heart disease can be eliminated by spending more amount of time in leisure activities so that chances of having heart disease reduce. It is suggested that an individual should exercise 30 minutes every day to remain fit and maintain all the parameters (Hopkinsmedicine, 2017). Physical activities are beneficial in many ways as it reduces the risk of heart attacks, manages the weight so that issues of overweight and obesity is eliminated. Physical activities help in managing the blood cholesterol level of a person. It is found that it not only prevents heart illness but lower the risk of diabetes and cancer. Physical activities build up stronger bones and boost up the power by making them active. From number of studies it was found that heart disorders occur due to stress and depression (Hills,  Dengel & Lubans, 2015). Thus, physical activities help in overcoming the issue of depression and stress.  Physical activity eliminates the risk for cardiovascular disease and improves the health status of an individual. Some of the benefits of physical activities that improve the health conditions are discussed below. It helps in balancing the heart rate and blood pressure by reducing the chances of blocking in the blood veins. As exercising strengthens the muscles and is considered as one of the best way for heart health (Robinson, Webster, Palmer & Persad, 2018). Regular exercise prevents an individual from heart disease and also establishes good heart healthy habits among children(Eldredge, Markham, Ruiter,  Kok, Fernandez & Parcel, 2016) . This is beneficial as it builds strong immune system by reducing the blood pressure in people. It also helps in reducing stress, tension, anxiety and depression. Thus, it can be said that participation in a physical activity program resolves health or disease related condition (Hills,  Dengel & Lubans, 2015). It improves the overall health and wellbeing of a person by prolonging the optimal health. It is recommended to heart related patients that they should participate more in physical activities programs. It is said that physical activities increases the health benefits as it strengthens the muscles and helps them to lose weight. Physical activity has many health benefits. These benefits may differ from one person to other according to their age and races (Malik, Blake & Suggs, 2014). It supports a person for maintaining weight and makes it easier to do daily tasks by boosting up the stamina. It is observed that physically active adults have lower risk of depression and stress (Eldredge, Markham, Ruiter,  Kok, Fernandez & Parcel, 2016). It is seen that physical activities lowers the risk for many diseases such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer.   It can be concluded that physical activities strengths the working of heart and improves the functioning of other body parts. In North America, heart disease is commonly seen that are caused due to blockage in blood vessels. These issues can easily be eliminated by participating in physical activity programs and events regularly. Maintaining appropriate levels of physical activity in case of cardiovascular disease is very important. References Eldredge, L. K. B., Markham, C. M., Ruiter, R. A., Kok, G., Fernandez, M. E., & Parcel, G. S. (2016). Planning health promotion programs: an intervention mapping approach. John Wiley & Sons. Hills, A. P., Dengel, D. R., & Lubans, D. R. (2015). Supporting public health priorities: recommendations for physical education and physical activity promotion in schools. Progress in cardiovascular diseases, 57(4), 368-374. Hopkinsmedicine. (2-017). Healthy Heart. Retrieved from Johns, D. J., Langley, T. E., & Lewis, S. (2017). Use of social media for the delivery of health promotion on smoking, nutrition, and physical activity: a systematic review. The Lancet, 390, S49. Malik, S. H., Blake, H., & Suggs, L. S. (2014). A systematic review of workplace health promotion interventions for increasing physical activity. British journal of health psychology, 19(1), 149-180. Poitras, V. J., Gray, C. E., Borghese, M. M., Carson, V., Chaput, J. P., Janssen, I., … & Sampson, M. (2016). Systematic review of the relationships between objectively measured physical activity and health indicators in school-aged children and youth. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism, 41(6), S197-S239. Reis, R. S., Salvo, D., Ogilvie, D., Lambert, E. V., Goenka, S., Brownson, R. C., & Lancet Physical Activity Series 2 Executive Committee. (2016). Scaling up physical activity interventions worldwide: stepping up to larger and smarter approaches to get people moving. The Lancet, 388(10051), 1337-1348. Robinson, L. E., Webster, E. K., Palmer, K. K., & Persad, C. (2018). Integrating Pedometers in Early Childhood Settings to Promote the Development of Positive Health Trajectories. In Physical Activity and Health Promotion in the Early Years (pp. 131-144). Springer, Cham.

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