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HM411 Healthcare Management Question  Feedback For The Following Posts. Lakeia Reddick , Priority Partners uses many ways to make up their marketing communications process. I am a member of them, and they are very efficient when it comes to making sure they are communicating well with their members, not too invasive and not too much either. What I prefer! The main way would be direct marketing and sales promotions. Like I’ve said before they periodically offer $50 gift cards to all of their members that decide to actually follow up and get their health checked on, like lead/blood testing. I also like the fact that you can make no excuses, as they offer free transportation as well. just like many other competitors im sure the best way to set their communications budget is by figuring out what their competitors are pricing their products and services as then going off of the needs and demands of their clients. Like BCBS uses the demands of their clients to come up with new products and services, where as others may not do that. However they are all in competition with other health care providers so they must figure out ways to thrive and beat them. This includes reviewing results from the previous years, creating new saved monies for new marketing ventures, and figuring out what type of advertising will reach majority if not all of the clients best. Delivering effective communication is very important. An organization must be able to clearly advertise and communicate the product or service being offered and at the same time convince the client to go with the product or service at the providers set pricing. But i think when a great provider is able to communicate enough and well but not too much with its clients its easier to advertise and communicate with them better in all future ways. I love the idea of keeping the message simple but yet deep enough to get the organizations point across of needing to act fast and go with the product or service. Many commercials do this in a short amount of time. Priority Partners is able to have live people at all times on the phones for all your needs and mobile apps to help get in touch better. I havent seen commericals for priority partners yet but I think it would be a great idea as well, reflecting on the benefits of acting fast with getting coverage and the best type of benefits with it yet. Many people watch TV and have phones so even ads on platforms like youtube can help and be easier to reach target people. Tammy Everett-West , The programs implementing to address cultural competency within HCO they have several disparities. For example, there has to be an understanding of the language of the patient in order for them to be able to receive help with their medical issues at hand. One way to handle this situation is to hire personnel that is competent and have an understanding of the patients’ culture. Another disparity is implementing programs that assist with medical bills for clients without insurance coverage. I would put this in place for patients with low income so that they could qualify for assistance based on their income if they made so much that they could not receive Medicaid or Medicare benefits. I would allow LPNs, and nursing assistants to come in and help out by providing them with their medication, shots, etc. I would have pamphlets available on the information to better assist the clients with being involved in their health and suggest classes that would educate them with their medical diagnoses and to promote and support better health and to maintain a better healthier lifestyle. Kenyale Gosserand , The success of any business or health care organization will depend on a variety of factors. For starters, the ability of the company to employ team members that are different and unique, which can interact well with others. I would employ team members from other different backgrounds and cultures. Hiring qualified canadities from various cultures can show the company’s willingness to hire a diversified staff, which can lead to team members learning from one another culture, talents and ideas. I would also implement educational and training exercises that may provide continues training on cultural diversities, inclusion, and disabilities. I think it’s essential that companies expand and provide training on cultural diversities, how to treat and professionally include team members on activities and how to manage team members and patients with disabilities, being careful not to judge are making lite of a persons disability. I also think it’s important for healthcare clinics to pay it forward to the communities. I would assemble a committee designed to meet and engage in the needs of the community. I believe that it is vital for the patients to know the healthcare clinic has their best interest at heart, and they are continuously striving to meet the needs of the community. Rather its hosting educational events related to communal illness or free healthcare clinics, I would want to show them that we are here for them. Kimberly Mace , Interoperability – “the ability of a system to exchange electronic health information with and use electronic health information from other systems without special effort on the part of the [user]” Today, providers are challenged to knit together multiple EHRs, financial systems, and analytic solutions in an effort to effectively manage population health and facilitate care coordination.   Usuability – In addition to interoperability concerns, clinicians often express frustration with the usability of EHR systems and other clinical information systems. Common frustrations include confusing displays, iconography that lacks consistency and intuitive meaning, and the feeling that systems do not support clinicians’ cognitive workflow or inhibit them from easily drawing insights or conclusions from the data. Health IT Safety In 2011, the Institute of Medicine published a report titled Health IT and Patient Safety: Building Safer Systems for Better Care in which they outlined a number of recommendations to ensure health IT systems are safe. In brief, they suggest that safety is a shared responsibility between vendors and health care organizations and requires the following: Building systems using user-centered design principles with adequate testing and simulation Embedding safety considerations throughout the implementation process Developing and publishing best practices Having accreditation agencies (such as the Joint Commission) assume a significant role in testing as part of their accreditation criteria Focusing on shared learning and transparency Creating a nonpunitive environment for reporting (IOM, 2011) Answer  Feedback: Topic 1: This article clearly represents the bloggers view about priority partners and the marketing communication process. The organisation has been using their effective communication. It can also be done advertisements as a marketing procedure that the organisation can adapt to further enhance their communication with the clients through effective sharing of information and communication (Wager, Lee and Glaser 2017). The blog is informative enough and does not only put the positive points forward about the organisation’s marketing communication plan but also suggest the ways by which it can enhance the strategy further (Langabeer and Helton 2015). Therefore, this blog can be considered as a successful one in offering suggestions to healthcare organizations with marketing communication plans. Topic 2: This blog clarifies about a healthcare institute called HCO and how they are having several disparities in the addressing of the cultural competency. The blog describes every medical issue that the organisation is faltering with and how the personnel hiring process is also not competent (Dobrzykowski et al. 2014). The bloggers suggest two ways to handle the situation by hiring completed personnel and other modes of operation management that would add the Medicare benefits for the patients as well as handling the operation for the entire organisation. However the blog has very less information about the positive points of the organisation and the resources by which the suggested implementation can be put into used within the healthcare institute for providing the patients with a better and healthier life. Topic 3: This blog states the success behind any business or healthcare organisation and identifies the ability of the company to focus on their various aspects of operations and communication management. It describes how HRM system can be handled with respect to proper utilisation of varied background and cultures using the cultural difference with the diversified staff as an advantage of the company. This blog does not develop a manifold overview about the sectors of improvement that healthcare management institute can induce and just focuses on the HRM system that can implement the cultural diversities to the company’s advantage. Topic 4: The article explains the factor of interoperability and usability that deals with the information generated due to the electronic health information systems. Interoperability is termed as the exchange of the electronic health information within various systems without any effort on the part of the user. On the other hand the usability factor is termed as a concern of the interoperability face where it is a point of frustration on which clinical information system cannot be handled by formal clinicians. This blog is less informative than the others since it just takes the problem and does not provide a solution to any of the usability problems that a normal condition might face. Topic 5: This blog is a much brief informative blog by Health IT Safety and delivers information about Health IT and Patient Safety report that was published in 2011. This report gave the idea about the building of safer system for better care to make sure that the IT system in healthcare is safe (Pagnotta et al. 2016). However this blog is not at all informative enough because it only states the shared responsibility between the vendors and the healthcare organisation. This blog is the least informative amongst others and it would not even compel a researcher to continue going through the subject given the written account of this blog. Reference Dobrzykowski, D., Deilami, V.S., Hong, P. and Kim, S.C., 2014. A structured analysis of operations and supply chain management research in healthcare (1982–2011). International Journal of Production Economics, 147, pp.514-530. Langabeer, J.R. and Helton, J., 2015. Health care operations management. Jones & Bartlett Publishers. Pagnotta, K.D., Mazerolle, S.M., Pitney, W.A., Burton, L.J. and Casa, D.J., 2016. Implementing health and safety policy changes at the high school level from a leadership perspective. Journal of athletic training, 51(4), pp.291-302. Wager, K.A., Lee, F.W. and Glaser, J.P., 2017. Health care information systems: a practical approach for health care management. John Wiley & Sons.

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