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HM411 Healthcare Management Question: One of most promising of the HL7 International standards is Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR). FHIR is built on HL7 but is considered easier to implement because it uses web-based technologies (Ahier, 2015). The difference between FHIR and other standards is that it goes beyond the function of a traditional messaging system and includes modern web services to exchange clinical information. FHIR enables granular pieces of information rather than an entire summary document to be shared (Ahier, 2015). According to Ahier (2015), FHIR offers easy-to-use tools not only to build faster and more efficient data exchange mechanisms but also to use personal health care information to create “innovative new apps” with the potential to create a “plug and play platform, similar to the Apple app store”.   When health care providers have access to complete and accurate information, patients receive better medical care. Electronic health records (EHR) can improve the ability to diagnose diseases and reduce, even prevent, medical errors, improving patient outcomes. EHR’s don’t just contain or transmit information; they compute it. That means that EHR’s manipulate the information in ways that make a difference for patientsA qualified EHR not only keeps a record of a patient’s medication or allergies, it also automatically checks for problems whenever a new medication is prescribed and alerts the clinician to potential conflicts.EHR”S can expose potential safety problems when they occur, helping providers avoid more serious consequences for patients and leading to better patient outcomes.EHR’s can hep providers quickly and systematically identify and correct operational problems. EHR’s may improve risk management by: providing clinical alerts and reminders improving aggregation, analysis, and communication of patient information making it easier to consider all aspects of a patient’s condition supporting diagnostic and therapeutic decision making gathering all relevant information in one place support for therapeutic decisions preventing adverse events Osiris Tejeda,  For primary care physicians or any other specialties in the medical field, its difficult to maintain a comprehensive medical record system that connects with behavioral health professionals. The cost of technology or any new medical equipment is expensive for any modern healthcare facility or practice. Due to rapidly changing data collection in the medical field technology creates a strain for any future progress between communication with healthcare and behavioral professionals.   I’ve seen many issues working in healthcare for several years with medical records communicating with each other. The main issue is different facilities or practices not using the same medical record system. Healthcare in the 21st century is now considered a profitable business to invest instead of providing the best possible patient care. Many facilities and practices now make it difficult for others due to competition between each other. It should be up to leadership to prevent problems like comprehensive medical records connection. Traditionally patient safety is the responsibility of leadership or management within a healthcare facility or practice.   The world is continuously changing, and healthcare is no different. Facilities working together in adopting a medical record system that connects within each other would be an excellent benefit for patient care. “Healthcare leaders must demonstrate active engagement to have everyone in the organization recognize its importance” (Buchbinder, S. B. 2017).   Cynthia Howard,  The best way a health care provider can distinguish its product from those of the competitors is by providing better products at a great price. There are several places that offers free eye exams with glasses. Some places offer two pair of glasses for the price of one. I’ve also seen where some offices offer free consolations for service. By offering great products at a great price will always draw in customers.   Brand building is an exceptionally intense employment, and subsequently, it requires a strong arrangement ahead of time. It is the place Strategic brand management steps in. There are four stages, which are the most critical in strategic brand management.   1: Brand Positioning 2: Brand Marketing 3: Brand Performance 4: Brand Value.   Bella Swan (Twilight) or the Hermoine Granger (Harry Potter range). I am certain individuals over the world will relate more to Hermoine Granger since the successive esteem expansion of Harry Potter over a time of 10 years in its seven sections. When somebody knows the significance of building a brand, then it’s J K Rowling who is as yet running solid with different tie-ups at Warner Bros and Universal for the range of Harry Potter. That is the manner by which you continue enhancing the brand so that at last it turns into an ever-enduring brand. Answer: Response 1 (Latasha Lynch) The post has properly covered the how the integration of new technology in the healthcare improves patient care. The explanation on how it is being incorporated is excellent. The impact of this particular technology has also been well brought out. The application of technology enables the application of holistic approach in dealing with the patient. The availability of information in healthcare is the basis of different medical intervention. The ability to retrieve particular information rather than dealing with the whole bulk is very convenient and time saving. Patient data is also made available for epidemiological studies. Your post has summarized the topic very well. Response 2(Osiris Tejeda) You have brought out an issue that has far reaching consequences on the health care quality offered to patients. when cooperation between different professionals is hindered, the patient remains disadvantaged (Graffigna, Barello & Triberti, 2016). It less cost effective considering that there may be duplication of management which could otherwise be given once. The interdependence of the professions should be well reevaluated and regulated for the benefit of the patient (Blais, 2015). To bridge this gap, I feel that technology though expensive, is continuously advancing and providing a solution to the problem. I also feel that healthcare professionals should have some knowledge on how to interpret data from other specialties in order to detect when to ask another specialist to intervene early enough. Reference: Blais, K. (2015). Professional nursing practice: Concepts and perspectives. Pearson. Graffigna, G., Barello, S., & Triberti, S. (2016). Patient engagement: a consumer-centered model to innovate healthcare. Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG.

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