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HME711 Health Law And Ethics Question: Disucss about the Health Law and Ethics. As they use the services it is normal for them to provide the service providers with information which is not available otherwise.  Answer: The Issue One of the primary issues which come up in relation to heathcare services is related to privacy. Various patients use the healthcare services to get treated for any disease which have affected them. As they use the services it is normal for them to provide the service providers with information which is not available otherwise. This information may be in relation to their personal details or about their health information. In Australia, the law provides protection to such information to ensure that it is not misused. Section 6 of the Privacy Act (Cth) 1988 specifically provides rules of how to deal with such data. The legislation also includes in its scope provisions for sensitive information which the services providers may gain access to when dealing with the patients. Specific rules have also been provided by state legislation with respect to the way in which personal information is to be collected, stored and disclosed. All individuals who are involved in providing health care services must known that they have to comply with all laws concerning privacy to avoid legal consequences. In case these laws are not followed diligently it may have disastrous effects on both the service provider and receiver (Campbell 2018). Why is the information protected? Right to privacy can be stated as a fundamental right of the citizens. Any information which may make them vulnerable has to be treated with utmost care. This information may be required for the service providers to ensure that the services are provided appropriately. However if such information goes to wrong hand it may create significant problems for the clients. They may be harassed with unsolicited selling or even worse someone can use the information to cause them a more serious harm. Thus there is a clear requirement that confidential information is kept private. The Legal Meaning Of Privacy Privacy has been defined by Hasan et al. (2018) as a right possessed by individuals to have control over any information which is related to them. It is upon them to decide whether they want to disclose the information to any other person or not. However there are certain information may be required to be provided under legal provisions for the safety and protection of the society. The concept of privacy is not the same as that of confidentiality. Privacy may also extend to the environment, communication and physical selves of a person (Iyengar, Kundu and Pallis 2018). However, when it comes to confidentiality, it is a concept which every medical practitioner is aware of. This means that every individual has the right to autonomy. If there is no confidentiality within the system, the service uses will not be confident about providing relevant information to the service providers. They will be scared about the fact that their information may be revealed to the public which in turn may result in significant harm for them and their families. In relation to heath care privacy means that what have been told by the patients to the service providers, what has been written down or any medication along with personal information is kept private. The health information can only be shared with the consent of the owner. This may take place when the person wants to change the healthcare provider. Heath Information And How It Is Stored And Shared Any information which is in relation to heath services, disability or health is known as health information. This information is personal and sensitive and this is the reason why such information has been provided protection by the law. A health service can be defined as any organization which is collecting heath information. These may include doctors’ surgeries or clinic, pharmacies and public or private hospitals. The information collected must be only what is required and be stored in a way that it will not go into wrong hands. If this information is leaked, the services providers are to be held accountable. Exemption To Privacy Laws There are two situations in which confidential information can be shared by the service providers without the consent of the patients. This include when the individual’s safety or health is seriously under threat and the information must be known to ensure that they can be property treated. Further, when the information will prevent or reduce public safety or health threats such as a contagious illness and the public has to be warned about it, the information can be shared.  In addition privacy rights are only applicable in relation to living individuals and not the deceased. What Is Required To Be Done? The data which have been obtained through the clients must only be used in a way it is required to be used. There must not be any additional usage of the information other than what is intended at the time of collection. The heathcare providers must known that they must only collect information which is required to be collected and when it is required to be collected. By ensuring compliance with the fundamental rules regarding privacy, one would be able to easily comply with all rules and laws in relation to the right.  It is important not to indulge into gossiping about any personal matter which may be related to the patients in any way. By doing so also the health care providers may be held liable for the breach of privacy. There must be a sound practice in place for the purpose of ensuring that information is collected and stored in a proper manner. Any information which is not required to be accessed must not be accessed. Registered service providers may also go through the provisions of My Health Record Act 2012 (Cth). There are also other state legislations which the service providers need to abide with. Compliance with these legislations can be easily ensured by working in accordance with the code of ethics and diligently and carefully discharging duties.  Any unauthorised person should not be provided with any information about the patients (Khan et al. 2014). Third parties should only be allowed to access information about the patient without the consent of the patient.  All information which has been collected is to be processed in a highly accurate manner. All data on the EMR have to be protected through the use of high security programs. All accesses information such as passwords should not be shared with any unauthorized person and are best kept secrets to avoid unwanted use. Official computers should also never be used for personal use, so that the integrity of the system is maintained.  Further information can also be easily obtained by carrying out a search at on the internet about heathcare privacy requirements in Australia. References Campbell, S., 2018. The bush telegraph: an overview of privacy and confidentiality concerns in rural and remote healthcare. Hasan Tehrani, T., Seyed Bagher Maddah, S., Fallahi-Khoshknab, M., Ebadi, A., Mohammadi Shahboulaghi, F. and Gillespie, M., 2018. Respecting the privacy of hospitalized patients: An integrative review. Nursing ethics, p.0969733018759832. Iyengar, A., Kundu, A. and Pallis, G., 2018. Healthcare Informatics and Privacy. IEEE Internet Computing, 22(2), pp.29-31. Khan, F.A., Ali, A., Abbas, H. and Haldar, N.A.H., 2014. A cloud-based healthcare framework for security and patients’ data privacy using wireless body area networks. Procedia Computer Science, 34, pp.511-517.

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