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HMGT 320 Management In Health Care Organizations

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HMGT 320 Management In Health Care Organizations Question: Allison began her health care career with an established general dentistry practice consisting of one dentist, Dr. Gable. Shortly after she started her job, Dr. Gable decided to add a second dentist, even though his past ventures with adding a partner had not been successful. Dr. Gable hired an expensive consulting firm to handle all the specifics, such as developing the contract with this new dentist, helping with hiring additional staff, purchasing additional equipment, and helping the current staff adapt during the transition. Even though Allison was new to the dental field, Dr. Gable kept her up-to-date with the process, but only to a certain point. Furthermore, Allison’s input was not wanted, so she politely stepped back and observed the process. Both dentists had big ideas for a successful partnership and expected instant success. They even looked for land to build and move the current practice because they expected the practice to double or triple in size since there would be two dentists to serve their expanding patient base. Watching the beginning of the partnership develop was exciting for Allison, and she was anxious for the partnership to succeed. The thought of managing such a large, successful practice would certainly be good experience for her. However, Allison noted a couple of negative factors that made her question the wisdom of adding a second dentist. Those factors included: The new partner had just graduated from dental school and did not have a patient base to bring to the practice. The discussions between the two dentists and the consulting firm did not indicate how the new dentist would market himself. The new dentist would be paid a set salary, increasing each year, without consideration of how much revenue he actually generated. Furthermore, several issues quickly came to the surface: Expenses quickly exceeded profits. The new dentist wanted all the best and newest equipment, which was very expensive. Increased staff for the new dentist meant a larger salary expense (not to mention the salary of the new dentist). The new dentist was neither motivated to nor interested in marketing himself. He was drawing a salary, which would increase each year, so he was not motivated to seek new patients. This meant he was treating the existing patients and, therefore, taking away business from Dr. Gable. In turn, little additional revenue was being generated, and expenses were going through the roof. The morale of the office quickly deteriorated. The tension between the dentists and staff was obvious. Due to the increased expenses, the year-end bonuses for staff were eliminated and employee hours were cut. Allison was also feeling demoralized. Now, after keeping Allison out of this process, both dentists expect her to fix the situation. Allison feels like her job is on the line, along with the morale of the staff and the outcomes of the practice. Plus, Allison is positive neither dentist will be open to accepting responsibility for the situation. She is trying to decide what to do and how to address these problems. Answer: Health Services Organization Management And Marketing According to the case scenario, the major problem is identified as the concern for success of partnership. Alison established a general dentistry practice with one dentist Dr. Gable. He hired an expensive consulting to handle contracting, hiring staff, purchasing equipment and helping staff to adapt to change. Both these dentists had a huge idea of partnership and expand the client base instantly without proper planning and responsibilities. The key points required to resolve the identified problem is- motivation to boost Alison’s morale, accountability to manage the expenses and revenue, and training and incentives to motivate the new dentist to enhance patient base (Haneberg, 2014). The major problems are identified as new partner just being graduated from the dental school having no patient base. Another major problem is that the dentists and consulting firms did not conduct planning on marketing. Lastly, the new dentist had to be paid a fixed salary that would increase every year irrespective of the revenue generated by him. The secondary issues are identified as- expenses quickly exceeding profits, no motivation to expand client base and deteriorating morale. The major and secondary problems have certain difference that the major ones can lead to several other unidentified issues. The secondary issues can become major problems as every identified secondary problem can have more unidentified issues (Kim et al., 2015). The role played by me is that of an outside consultant. The role of an outside consultant is chosen as the existing consultant is not justifying its role and allowing the dentists to take significant steps in investment without proper planning. The advantage of this role is that the work has diversity thereby keeping challenges and motivated. The disadvantage of this role is that a wrong advice to the client can affect their organization adversely (Haneberg, 2014). The strength to the major problem of graduating from dental school is that the dentist must be aware of the latest trends and techniques in the field. Therefore, the organization can focus on extracting that so that latest techniques and technologies can be applied. However, having no accountability of the revenue and expense can lead to mismanagement of finance and result in losses. Firstly, the firm can conduct motivation training by an external trainer in which Alison’s morale can be boosted as there is tension between staff and dentist due to increased expense. However, the training program shall add to the current expenditure. Secondly, marketing strategies need to be planned by the consulting firm as the firm needs to increase patient base and revenue levels for meeting the expenses. However, marketing programs shall also add to the cost of firm (Hollensen, 2015). For evaluating if the problems have been resolved, the difference in patient base can be measured if it has increased. The effectiveness of training programs can be measured by assessing the stress levels and number of conflicts among the staff and dentists. The response of the patients can be measured if they are satisfied with the services (Grol, Wensing, & Eccles, 2013). References: Grol, R., Wensing, M., & Eccles, M. (2013). Improving patient care (1st ed.). Edinburgh: Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann. Haneberg, L. (2014). Organization development basics (1st ed.). Alexandria, Va.: ASTD. Hollensen, S. (2015). Marketing management (1st ed.). Harlow: Pearson. Kim, H., Kang, D., Lee, S., & McLean, G. (2015). Career Commitment as a Mediator between Organization-Related Variables and Motivation for Training and Turnover Intentions. Journal Of Career Development, 43(2), 130-144.

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