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HUCL1101 Role Concept In Health Care

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HUCL1101 Role Concept In Health Care Question: 1. Why did you choose the topic/video that you did? 2. What were the important points emphasized? How does this correspond to the course concepts? 3. Can you relate to this on a personal level? Write about an experience you endured or witnessed. Do you agree or disagree with the message in the video? 4. Has viewing the topic challenged your philosophies or beliefs? 5. Did you find the message powerful/challenging? Answer: Introduction The term leisure, popularly known as “free time”, can be defined as the time spent by an individual away from business, work, education and domestic troubles.  Especially when someone utters free time, it mostly refers to the time that one possesses out of his or her professional work time. Now days, due to globalization, the work pressure on every sector, be it private or government has got increased immensely. As a result the excessive workload, it becomes highly difficult for professionals to maintain a healthy work life balance as well as to invest time for self analysis. In the following paragraphs the methods that can be implemented in order to gain control over one’s free time will be discussed. Discussion In today’s life it has become highly difficult for people to find out free time for themselves as well as for their near and dear ones. This in turn is not only imposing negative impact on their work-life balance but is also preventing them to discover themselves (Maxwell et al., 2015). Discovering oneself as well as performing something that can enhance the quality of life always may not be in the list of short time priorities. However, it is crucial to address them for future accomplishment. The video titled “How to gain control of your free time?” has been selected for this essay in order to solve the above mentioned issue.  In the mentioned video, the speaker, Laura Venderkam has discussed how we select our priorities and how we can control our leisure time for self as well as things that are beneficial for us. In this paragraph, the discussion has been focused on the important points that have been emphasized in the video and the way this correspond to the course concepts (Kizilcec et al., 2017). It can be clearly understood that the video has direct relation with the time management. In healthcare system, it is crucial for all healthcare service providers to understand the importance of time management in order to avoid inappropriate work life balance.  In this video, the time management expert  Laura  have pointed out that majority of professionals drastically overestimate their commitments each week, while underestimating the time they have to themselves. The most crucial points of the entire videos are as follows: When we say “we do not have time”, we mean that “we are not considering the work as a priority.” Time is highly elastic, that is, it is not possible for one to make more time but time posseses the potential to stretch itself for accommodating what one select to perform. In order to correctly select one’s professional as well as personal priority, it is crucial to note it down ( How to gain control over your free time?.,  2018). It is crucial to break our priorities in into doable steps. Since there is 168 hours per day, every individual can consider art least 60 hours in a week for themselves. Instead of investing time on phone or TV, every individual should invest the leisure time for something fruitful like reading an interesting book or spending time with the family. As a student, I can totally relate to the message provided through the video on a personal level. Like majority of the students in this age of technology, I too like to spend my leisure time either going through my social media pages or by watching web series. It was difficult for me to extract time from my busy schedule for my parents or relatives. Besides that, I also found it difficult for me to get adequate time to pursue my hobbies. This was imposing a negative impact on my social life. After watching the video I understood that that I need to reset my priorities in order to enhance my social life. Thus, I totally agree with the message that has been shared through the above mentioned video. The topic discussed in the idea challenged my philosophies or beliefs as well. I was not aware of the 168 hour concept (Panek, 2014). Prior to watching this video, I used to invest my brief leisure for something which I do not consider as a priority. This video has made me calculate my own working hours as well as my sleep hours in order to understand the hours that are available to me as free time. For instance, I found out that I spend more or less 20 hours per week for educational purpose and 20 hours for a side job. In total this is 40 hours. I generally sleep 8 hours a night, which means a total of 56 hours for sleeping. Thus, I calculated that in a week, I almost have 72 hours for myself which in can spent with my family. While, I, before watching this video truly believed that I lack time to spend with my family, now, I believe that I had set inappropriate priorities that were hindering my social life. I, personally, have found the message highly crucial. As discussed earlier, due to globalization, the work pressure in both government as well as private sectors have increased to a considerable level. As a result, it has become highly difficult for individuals to find time for themselves as well as their families. This is gradually deteriorating the personal life of the professional as well as creating a barrier in their cognitive development. Therefore, I think that for contemporary businessmen as well as professionals, it is highly crucial to   learn proper time management in order to enhance their quality of life. Conclusion From the above discussion, it can be concluded that majority of individuals overestimate their commitments each week, while underestimating the time they have to themselves. Effective time management has the potential to change the thought process of the individuals in a positive way. With the help of improved time management, people will be able to find out more time for their own as well as social life. Besides that, by implementing the techniques discussed in the video, professionals will be able to enhance their quality of life to a great level. Reference List How to gain control over your free time?. (2018). [DVD] Directed by L. Vanderkam. Kizilcec, R. F., Pérez-Sanagustín, M., & Maldonado, J. J. (2017). Self-regulated learning strategies predict learner behavior and goal attainment in Massive Open Online Courses. Computers & education, 104, 18-33. Maxwell, S. M., Hazen, E. L., Lewison, R. L., Dunn, D. C., Bailey, H., Bograd, S. J., … & Benson, S. (2015). Dynamic ocean management: Defining and conceptualizing real-time management of the ocean. Marine Policy, 58, 42-50. Panek, E. (2014). Left to their own devices: College students’“guilty pleasure” media use and time management. Communication Research, 41(4), 561-577.

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