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MH511 Addictions And Mental Health

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MH511 Addictions And Mental Health Question Your IDP will be an in-depth post of your initial understanding of the week’s readings which includes your inner dialogue (your thoughts, ideas and feelings) about what you read while reading it. This post will demonstrate evidence of thoughtful consideration, reflection, and initial understanding of the readings; and demonstrate critical thinking skills. To that end, choose any three questions to respond to as per ‘4’ on the Participation for your Initial Discussion Post: Where and how did the reading or experience challenge you? What bothered, disturbed you, or drew your attention? Did the reading make you change your thinking in any way? Did the reading provide background information that changes the way you will deal with clients or situations? How will that week’s content change the way you approach your work as a psychiatric nurse working with this population? Be specific in your answer. Tell me how your thinking or behavior will change and why. What important questions arose for you as you read the text? What important facts, ideas or issues do you think need to be considered? Did the author(s) leave anything out that you consider important? Was there something that you want to criticize or disagree with? Did anything make you uncomfortable or contradict your assumptions, worldview or upbringing? How did the ideas connect with other readings, lectures, or experiences you’ve had? How would you integrate that week’s ideas or facts with what you already know or think about on this subject? How could you apply what you learned in your relational practice? Is there anything in your past experience, cultural or ethnic background, or identity that resonates with or clashes with the reading or your lived experience? What else would you like to share about this week’s readings? Answer In Depth Post Addiction refers to the inability to cease a behaviour, especially a harmful one. Most people who are addicted would like to cease their behaviour but they feel a very strong urge to continue with the behaviour. Addiction to drug is one of the classes of addiction. When the word addiction is mentioned or raised up, most people think of drug addiction. Traditionally, the term addiction has been used to mean drug addiction. This paper will primarily focus on the week’s readings on drug addiction. Use of drugs is common now than at any other time in the history of mankind. Despite the many measures employed by the government to stop addiction, there has been little success in containing the situation. It is worth noting that most drugs affect the brain and the nervous system (Take Home Naloxone, 2018). Particularly, the neurotransmitters are adversely affected by the drugs. Neurotransmitters are the chemicals that the brain use to relay various messages. It follows that drug addiction could affect the life of the user in a negative way if not monitored or when done drug is used in excess. This in-depth post will answer three questions in three paragraphs to reflect on the week’s readings on addiction. The first response will look at how the reading experience challenged me. The main challenge that I got from the reading is to use my profession to create a better world for persons who are addicted to drugs. The World Health Organization defines health as a state where an individual has achieved not only physical wellness but also emotional, spiritual and mental wellbeing. As a healthcare professional, it is my duty to ensure that that patients/ clients achieve optimal health. According to the United Nations Commission for Human Rights, every human being on earth has a right to the highest attainable level of health and wellbeing. In my capacity as a health care professional, I should endeavour to ensure that persons addicted to drugs are assisted to regain their health and wellbeing. This would be through being empathetic and treating every patient with dignity. It is also wise to avoid being judgemental while dealing with such clients. The second question that will be addressed is that of what bothered/disturbed/drew my attention while reading. I was disturbed by the understanding that most of the persons who are addicted to drugs put great effort in trying to cease the habit but are not successful. Extensive research has revealed that most of the commonly abused drugs affect the reward system of the brain. Continued use of the drugs leads to tolerance which means that the person must take more to achieve the same effect. This affects the life of a person in many ways most of which are negative. For instance, one may spend numerous amounts of resources/money to have access to the drugs. This may leave the person with inadequate finances to meet other needs. In addition, the health of a person deteriorates and affects their productivity negatively. These facts disturbed me and I hope to of great help to addicted persons in my professional practice. The reading greatly changed my thinking. Before going through the reading, I used to think that those who abuse drugs lack proper morals. I therefore used to judge them as moral less and people who do not care about their wellbeing. These thoughts have changed significantly through the week’s readings. First, I have learnt about the process of addiction. A person who is addicted is like a sick person who needs medication in order to heal or manage their condition (Burgmann and Magee, 2018). I have also learnt that one may attempt so many times to stop abusing the drugs but relapse due to the physiological changes in the body brought about by drugs. Due to this understanding, I am less judgemental and aim at being of help to the addicted persons through my professional practice. In conclusion, addiction refers to the inability to put to end a behaviour despite the intention to cease it. Addiction is brought about by physiological changes, especially to the brain and the nervous system that are brought about by abuse of drugs. I have been challenged to help the addicted persons cease their behaviour through my professional practice. I was disturbed by the fact that most of the addicted persons try to cease their behaviour without success. In addition, the readings have influenced me to change my thinking.  I used to judge people who abuse drugs as moral less. I know understand that it is beyond their control. References Burgmann, A., & Magee, R. (2018). Addictions and Mental Health. (7th ed.). Take Home Naloxone. (2018). Retrieved from

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