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MHA-5005 Healthcare Quality Management

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MHA-5005 Healthcare Quality Management Question: Discuss about the Veteran Affair Of U.S. Health Department. Answer: Introduction The veteran department of USA is the most unique and exceptional service provider that US government has delivered to their civilians. The representation of this service and the culture of the deliverance have evolved better aspiration for the health system. This is a hospital-centric mode and has served a large number of average Americans. Veteran Health Administration (VHA) is the highest rated facility that integrated by the service organizer and fulfills the need of veteran. This association deals with different sectors of health vulnerabilities and treated social isolation, age, poverty, mental illness, homelessness or even for the insurance for poor people. The high level of service and the medical virtue and critical engagement of dual eligibilities can deliver the full-fledged deliverance to the American civilians. However, in this modern scenario, there is a lack of service was seen from the department. Thus public trust was getting a threat. They are not satisfied with the provided service that VHA offers. There excellences in performance, culture of service and advance health care prohibitions are being neglected as there was not enough quality expertise in their administration (Tsai et al. 2015). The quality of service is the concern ailment in this section and for this reason; the civilians and the military department of US have to lose their faith over them. This is the particular reason where good and effective work culture implementation and depth analysis are needed (Oslin et al. 2014).   VHA has made a limited extent in these recent times which is not acceptable form the civilians’ perspective. The quality is been lacking throughout the way, thus a high risk of people was there and they are not want to challenge any danger in their life. There is no risk mitigation plan and supervision of work culture as the capacity of the employees and expertise was not enough (Hou et al. 2014). The concerned authority has to make a concern look over the matter as lack of developing infrastructure and action plan may create the problem of the existence of these sectors. The organization has to serve a large number of people thus adequate accesses of expertise and management quality must be enriched in an upgrade manner. This is the largest integrated healthcare system that accumulated almost 1700 hospitals, thus their adjustment with the patient and the nature of benefit in all aspect should be in an ethical manner so that proper order of assistance will be provided from their end (Sayer et al. 2015). However, this is not happening as the acceleration of their progression manner is too low to satisfy the clients. There are some scopes of improvement in this health sector so that it makes clear in dealing with the patients. Veteran service has to be improved as the hope and belief of American civilians are depending on these so four themes and ten essential strategies that need to be followed so that proper strategic planning and improvised technological aspect must be maintained. Promotion of positive culture in service is one of the perspectives that make good vision and values to the organization (Vaughan et al. 2014). If good behavior from the Veteran Authority (VA) has done with the patients then their trust will grow up as well as the business of them. Advance health innovation is another aspect that needs to take care for the development of patient welfare. Veteran Access, Choice, and Accountability Act of 2014 have introduced new opportunities in health services. Veteran infrastructure and outcome of that service will enhance the physical and mental limit and also provide the service from outside places. The quality of VA can be improved by the proper engagement of state, federal and community-based partners. This partnership is already there but enhancement of service was not preferable enough. Some modernized technological use of disease detection or some advanced equipment that ensures treatment quality over there will be there for the beneficial up gradation for the VA (Theodoroff et al. 2015). Increase the accountability and the supportive effect of operational management was there so that the technological development can be sustained. Strategies like anticipated health care and meet the unique demands of the performance is the sustainable condition that has to be imposed in this sector so that competitive advantages can prevail. The quality of service will enhance if the following section will be maintained in this following order.   Problem Statement The major problem in this management is the stagnant performing level. The influence they have made earlier has implemented or established some new traditional methods of treatment that needed to be changed as the need o new thing and the treatment methods must have a variation that client prefers. Transformational action like reinvestment is structure, planning of veteran demographics, need and care department, health care model analysis, development of necessary effectiveness, complex care need all these are needed to be the concern. The volume-outcome relationship with the patients will enhance as the excellence in center and service prevails (Reeves, Parker & Konkle-Parker, 2016). Additional value like lean management improved veteran service will attract more people can enhance their reputation in the global aspect. There are some major problems with the healthcare facility, inadequate expertise, technological stagnant situations, ambulatory medical care all these are needed to be mitigated to make a quality healthcare side. There are different patterns of medical service and these are established and implemented in an ethical way so that disciplined trend and dependency will be maintained in VA. Online pharmacy is an innovative process where civilians can take help from the online assistant expertise (Elbogen et al. 2014). Education and training procedure must be there for the development of the employees as well as for the expertise. The financial enhancement will only be possible if people can trust over the infrastructural benefit they have found in this health organization otherwise they will not come here. Vocational rehabilitation and life insurance facility also embrace the situational analysis and creating new treatment methods so that traditional way of treatment must keep in aside and new technologies must be implemented to the satisfaction of patients (Holowka et al. 2014). New technologies like machines, equipment, and proceeding of emergency treatment are diagnosed by the core coordination as the newly diagnosed form of VA has influenced by the government for the development and trust over the treatment intervention.       Purpose Of The Study The purpose of the main study based on the improvement analysis of US Veteran department of health care. The challenges they have to face for a long as they are suffered from lack of quality in their work is being highlighted and examined in the process. The writing also shed light on the evaluating treatment method and the imposed treatment analysis that needed for the betterment of Veteran Affair. The Department of Veteran affair needs to enhance their chances by implementing new strategies and advancement of technologies (Woods, Evans & Frisbee, 2016). Therefore, critical analysis of patient changing the behavioral mindset and the imposed new aspect of the organization can be the effective scenario of the development of VA. Medical service patterns and the theme of developmental changes are found in the service so that downfall in an aspect of patient rate can decrease and there must have the impact of up gradation of client trust and involvedness. The gradual changes in between the patients or civilians with Veteran health care will make a strong output and can relate the influencing metamorphic treatment effectiveness (Byrne et al. 2014). The training methods and the developing atmospheres of the VA enhance the chances for their professional skill and have made a list of their problems. The solutions are also very relevant that they have to impose for making trust and development to their organization. Patient health is the primary objective that veteran department has to serve. This is the premium responsibility that they have to cover by any means. Thus surgical operation, gastro operations all these are supported by the advancement mechanism of equipment. These equipments are also needed so that by the help of that equipment necessary progress and primary responsibilities can be served by Veteran Affair. Therefore, quality of service may get an advance modification by factorizing these treatment methods in their organization. Different patterns of technology use and mitigating the problem issues may enrich the quality of business and bring back the trust of civilians. References: Byrne, C. M., Mercincavage, L. M., Bouhaddou, O., Bennett, J. R., Pan, E. C., Botts, N. E., … & Cromwell, T. (2014). The Department of Veterans Affairs’(VA) implementation of the Virtual Lifetime Electronic Record (VLER): findings and lessons learned from Health Information Exchange at 12 sites. International journal of medical informatics, 83(8), 537-547. Elbogen, E. B., Johnson, S. C., Wagner, H. R., Sullivan, C., Taft, C. T., & Beckham, J. C. (2014). Violent behaviour and post-traumatic stress disorder in US Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. The British Journal of Psychiatry, 204(5), 368-375. Holowka, D. W., Marx, B. P., Gates, M. A., Litman, H. J., Ranganathan, G., Rosen, R. C., & Keane, T. M. (2014). PTSD diagnostic validity in Veterans Affairs electronic records of Iraq and Afghanistan veterans. Journal of consulting and clinical psychology, 82(4), 569. Hou, J. K., Tan, M., Stidham, R. W., Colozzi, J., Adams, D., El-Serag, H., & Waljee, A. K. (2014). Accuracy of diagnostic codes for identifying patients with ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s disease in the Veterans Affairs health care system. Digestive diseases and sciences, 59(10), 2406-2410. Oslin, D. W., Lynch, K. G., Maisto, S. A., Lantinga, L. J., McKay, J. R., Possemato, K., … & Wierzbicki, M. (2014). A randomized clinical trial of alcohol care management delivered in Department of Veterans Affairs primary care clinics versus specialty addiction treatment. Journal of general internal medicine, 29(1), 162-168. Reeves, R. R., Parker, J. D., & Konkle-Parker, D. J. (2016). War-related mental health problems of today’s veterans: new clinical awareness. Journal of psychosocial nursing and mental health services, 43(7), 18-28. Sayer, N. A., Orazem, R. J., Noorbaloochi, S., Gravely, A., Frazier, P., Carlson, K. F., … & Oleson, H. (2015). Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans with reintegration problems: differences by veterans affairs healthcare user status. Administration and Policy in Mental Health and Mental Health Services Research, 42(4), 493-503. Theodoroff, S. M., Lewis, M. S., Folmer, R. L., Henry, J. A., & Carlson, K. F. (2015). Hearing impairment and tinnitus: prevalence, risk factors, and outcomes in US service members and veterans deployed to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Epidemiologic reviews, 37(1), 71-85. Tsai, J., El-Gabalawy, R., Sledge, W. H., Southwick, S. M., & Pietrzak, R. H. (2015). Post-traumatic growth among veterans in the USA: results from the National Health and Resilience in Veterans Study. Psychological medicine, 45(1), 165-179. Vaughan, C. A., Schell, T. L., Tanielian, T., Jaycox, L. H., & Marshall, G. N. (2014). Prevalence of mental health problems among Iraq and Afghanistan veterans who have and have not received VA services. Psychiatric Services, 65(6), 833-835. Woods, S. S., Evans, N. C., & Frisbee, K. L. (2016). Integrating patient voices into health information for self-care and patient-clinician partnerships: Veterans Affairs design recommendations for patient-generated data applications. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association, 23(3), 491-495.

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