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NURBN1004 Determinants Of Health

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NURBN1004 Determinants Of Health Question: Using your findings from your fieldwork, in particular the most concerning ONE of the three (3) health issues you have discovered within YOUR chosen community, write a reflective response around WHY and HOW you think these health concerns exist in this particular community or LGA as well as WHO it is more likely to effect. Using reflection and analysis, discuss what determinants are contributing to these health issues. HOW and WHY may they be impacting on the population What health care is being provided to improve the current health status of this population What gaps exist Discuss how health professional intervention, especially nursing, might also be influenced by these determinants and what role the nurse might have in improving health in this area. Finally, students need to include reflection about their own learning experience and personal growth after conducting the fieldwork and community assessment. How has this experience changed your thinking about health and/or the role of the nurse What have you learnt from conducting the fieldwork or looking at your community through a different, health related lens Identify any elements of this assessment that have enabled you to seemore indirect aspects that impact on the health of individuals Identify 2 things that has changed the way you thinkabout the priority health issue you discovered HINT: It is preferred that you use the Gibbs Reflection Cycle in your academic reflection practice. You can learn about this way of thinking by going to the following web page on the Federation website, or you could do your own Google search to learn more. Please also see the diagram example below with suggestion for this topic. Use the marking guide to ensure you address the task requirements. Answer: The current assignment focuses upon the social determinants of health within the Dandenong community of the Victoria region of Australia. The region shelters a huge number of immigrants who has been suffering from adverse health issues lately. The current assignment focuses upon the common perils faced within the community and the impact of the social determinants upon the same. As per my analysis, some of the common health perils which are dominant within the community are drug addiction, mental health issues and low rates of fresh fruits or vegetable intake. The current assignment focuses upon the nutritional deficits faced within the community due to not eating sufficient fruits and vegetable. As per the reports and data provided by Abs (2017), nearly one in five Australian youths aged 15 and above experienced malnutrition. In 2008 alone 15.5% of greater Dandenong experienced high levels of nutritional deficits compared to the Victorian residents at 11.4% (Gordon, 2017). Feelings: Impact Of The Social Determinants Upon The Health Of The Population  There are a number of profound effects of social determinants on the health of an individual and community. Some of the social determinants of health which have been taken into consideration by me are the cultural, socio-economic and the environmental conditions. As commented by Adler et al. (2016), some of these factors have adverse effect in shaping the lifestyle and health approaches within a community. The living and working conditions along with accessibility to health, education and community services can influence the overall physical and mental well being of an individual (Braveman & Gottlieb, 2014). In my opinion, some of the major attributes such as water, sanitation and nutritional requirements further determines the community health as a whole. However, I think adequate support services from the state or federal level governments can help in eliminating some of the false beliefs and cultural myths. Evaluation: Improvement And Loopholes In The Data Collection Process  There were a number of challenges that I have faced during the fieldwork and data collection process on the Dandenong community. The hindrances were mainly offered due to difficulty in communication with people from widely different cultures and languages. The limitation of knowledge about different languages served as a real challenge for me().   In my opinion, the lack of adequate health and support services also affect the health literacy requirements of the individuals and community. As commented by Marmot & Allen (2014), organising health education campaigns stressing upon the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables within the diet of an individual can help in controlling the nutritional deficiencies of the community. In my opinion, the government can play an instrumental role by restricting the consumption of junk foods which have seen to deteriorate the health of the individuals and community. Analysis: However, during the course of my data collection process I have come across some of the findings which points at nutritional imbalances within the community. Reports and estimates have shown that almost 21 % of the population consume less than one serving of vegetables per day. In my opinion, there exists a strong relation between chronic illnesses and protein deficiency within the community. This might be attributed to relatively high cost of protein rich foods which becomes a barrier for the economically disadvantaged community. Effect of social determinants on professional health intervention and role played by nurse  In my opinion the nurses play an effective role in catering to the health and support care needs of the Dandenong community. The nurses need to be well trained in the communication perspective which would help them in addressing individual care needs within the community. They can prepare a diet chart as per the nutritional requirements of individuals and maintain a log book for the daily nutrition doses being served to the patients. I think revaluation of the monthly nutrition would help in addressing some of the major community issues such as chronic illnesses, haemoglobin deficiencies, mental depression and anxieties. Conclusion: The assessment helped me in figuring out some of the indirect aspects which had a profound effect on the health of an individual. Some of the contributing factors are inadequate amount of health literacy along with less or no support from the state and federal level governments. Therefore providing the support users with sufficient amount of information along with free health checkups can help in reducing the common peril faced within the community. Action plan: Activities Week1-4  Week5-8 Week 9-12 Health campaigns ·  ·    Implementing adequate exercises   ·    Free health check ups     ·  Self reflection:  The undertaking of the field work has played an immense role in shaping my opinion about health and the role of a nurse in addressing the diverse health concerns of the people. The assignment focuses upon the different social determinants of health which have an adverse effect on the health of the community and individual. In my opinion, some of the social factors such as lack of economic stability and societal support can produce adverse impact upon the mental health of the people. As commented by Badland et al.  (2014), some of the unavoidable parameters such as cultural paradoxes possessed by the people can have a profound effect on the health behaviour and the attitude of the individuals. Therefore, my role as a community nurse would be to educate the care and support service users regrading health prevention and precautionary measures. References Adler, N. E., Cutler, D. M., Jonathan, J. E., Galea, S., Glymour, M., Koh, H. K., & Satcher, D. (2016). Addressing Social Determinants of Health and Health Disparities. Discussion Paper, Vital Directions for Health and Health Care Series. National Academy of Medicine, Washington, DC. https://nam. edu/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/addressing-social-determinantsof-health-and-health-disparities. pdf. Badland, H., Whitzman, C., Lowe, M., Davern, M., Aye, L., Butterworth, I., … & Giles-Corti, B. (2014). Urban liveability: emerging lessons from Australia for exploring the potential for indicators to measure the social determinants of health. Social science & medicine, 111, 64-73. Braveman, P., & Gottlieb, L. (2014). The social determinants of health: it’s time to consider the causes of the causes. Public Health Reports, 129(1_suppl2), 19-31. Emery, C., & Chang, J. (2017, July). Reflection in a new light: updating Gibbs’ reflective cycle on a foundation degree in healthcare sciences. In HEA Conference, generation TEF. Gordon, N. P. (2017). Prevalence of Social Determinants of Health in a Large Non-Safety Net Health Plan Membership. Journal of Patient-Centered Research and Reviews, 4(3), 183. Inman, M., Daneman, D., Curtis, J., Sochett, E., Elia, Y., Dunger, D. B., … & Mahmud, F. H. (2016). Assessing social determinants of health in a pediatric diabetes clinical research trial: Are recruited subjects representative of the larger clinical population?. Diabetes research and clinical practice, 113, 41-43. Marmot, M., & Allen, J. J. (2014). Social determinants of health equity. Mitrou, F., Cooke, M., Lawrence, D., Povah, D., Mobilia, E., Guimond, E., & Zubrick, S. R. (2014). Gaps in Indigenous disadvantage not closing: a census cohort study of social determinants of health in Australia, Canada, and New Zealand from 1981–2006. BMC Public Health, 14(1), 201. Northwood, M., Ploeg, J., Markle?Reid, M., & Sherifali, D. (2017). Integrative review of the social determinants of health in older adults with multimorbidity. Journal of Advanced Nursing.

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