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NURS6231 Healthcare Systems And Quality Outcomes

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NURS6231 Healthcare Systems And Quality Outcomes Question: Part I: Search Strategy Using the Walden Library and other appropriate databases, locate 10 scholarly articles that pertain to your selected quality improvement issue. Step 1: Identify the resources that you have utilized or will utilize to find articles that pertain to your topic. Step 2: Identify search terms and criteria. Step 3: Identify Boolean search strings. Part II: Analysis Of Literature Step 1: Summarize 10 articles that you selected from your research efforts, completing the table below. Step 2: Analysis of strengths and weaknesses of existing literature. Step 3: What gap exists in the current literature? Explain. Step 4: What strategies that address your quality improvement issue are suggested by current literature? Synthesize the evidence. Answer: Dobedian Model Access The urinary tract infection occurs when the micro organisms invest the urinary tract and leads to infection. This type of infection mainly occurs due to the catheter associated with the patient in the hospital. This type of issue which is the CAUTI complications needs to be assessed properly. The most significant risk in the infection is the duration of the catheterization which should be accessed. The hospital pursuits must follow a particular guideline to avoid the long use of the catheters (Gardner, Gardner & O’connell, 2014). The access plans could be carried out by proper design and implementation of the interventions. The patients should be well assessed before placing the indwelling catheters. There should be aseptic uses of the catheter. The bag should be kept lower than the patients. The nurses, doctors like urologists are to be well accessed in order to prevent the emergence of the danger symptoms related to the urinary tract infection. Thorough check ups to be followed to see that the microbes are free from urine. Normally urine is sterile but with the microbes it leads to the urinary tract infection. There should be specific survey in the Staphylococcus aureus (Carayon et al, 2014). The examinations should be done in time to see the growth and the presence of the microbial existence in urine. The organization must include access of proper experts that will look to see the symptoms in time and take remedies for the patients. Many poor quality hospitals lack the physician visit in time. Evidence has shown that if proper and safety measures are accessed then the infection prevention can be made. Thus it will arise as the focal point in taking measures by the organization in preventing the outcome of the disease. There should be check up linked with the bladder ultrasound that is to be frequently prescribed by the doctors. The access will also include the newly available less cost medicines to be reached in time to the patients. The less effective medicines should not be given in the therapy. They can access the survey of the conditions of the patients affected and see to their needs. They will also look into the proper safety measures that are to be monitored to see if they are perfectly performed among the students. They should also regularly access the performances and the consequences and look into the weakness and the success. Investigation of the error is the another factor of the access process (Rhee, Phelps, Meyer & Reed, 2016). Structure The structure will include the prevention of the use of bio films. The bio films leads to the establishment of the colonization of the patient’s bladder with microbes. These are the complex structures in the catheter that leads to the urinary tract infection in the patients. The structure should include check up section that will include the urologists, doctors, physicians and the nurses. Nurses should be involved mainly here that will take standard process in the safety measures to handle with the proper management of the catheter(Trinkoff et al, 2014). They are mainly involved in the insertion and the removal of the catheter. The other human resources to be included in the management of the person with the infections include the staffs that will provide rigorous monitoring and also look carefully to the feedbacks of the treatments given to the patients. Process This will include the proper diagnosis of the disease in time by the group of expert urologists and doctors in this field. The treatment can only be made in time with the proper diagnosis of the infection in time. The antibiotics can sometimes fail in this section due to the multidrug resistance of the bacteria. There is no such proper medicinal care for this disease. Antibiotics are the first line drug source for the treatment. Normally trimethoprim, fosomycin, ciproflaxins and other many such drugs are used as the therapy. The drugs vary with the presence of the bacterias. The sad part is that many people remain unaffected with the use of the antibiotics owing to the multidrug resistance of the bacteria recently. Thus in the management of this disease the prevention is the best way and is better than cure. The preventive measures will include the right use and the proper mange of the catheters. Many hospitals do not use catheters or take some hygiene principles in the use of the catheters (Miller,  2015). Outcome The outcome have clearly shown that the persons when managed with the safety measures in the use of the catheters then the patients who are long term hospitalized are able to resist the attack of the microbial invasion. However still there remains some chance in the prevalence of this disease. Thus further modifications in strategies needs to be made with the more adoptive measures and guidelines used in the way of using catheters. Thus outcomes of these will draw a line in the process of the improvement of the health status of the person and thus will be more effective in the healthcare. Patient experience The preventive Donabedian model for the mitigation of the urinary tract information related to catheter use can be understood by looking in the experiences of the patients. The patients show slight improve in the conditions and prevention of the onset of the disease. The treatment showed less results as most of the antibiotics remained unaffected among the patients. New drugs in this case will be more affective (Twigg, et al, 2016). Figure 1 – The process map of the strategies The Performance Targets These will include the promotion of the health care plan and the effects of the outcome of the urinary tract infection associated with the overuse of catheter. The organization will include the spreading of message for the prevention of the use of the catheters to prevent the infections. They will also avert the people of the harm that leads due to this disease. Access Of The Strength And Weakness Already it is mentioned in the section 3 that the strength will include the strong promotion of the urinary tract infection control. The catheter associated infection is the main cause for the nosocomial infections. The six sigma process is defined which has shown the light of the strength of the organisation. They have also shown the relationship of the innovations and the change in the accelerations of the process adopted to increase the strength. The weakness was the less quality improvement in the promotion. There should have been now research in the sections for the improvement in the quality. There has been no mention of the number of the participants.the quality improvement in the health care needs to be assessed. The organization needs to be developed in order to look into the quality improvement of the health care techniques for taking more healthy measures in removing the infections. The facilities that are to be provided needs to be more expert that will deal with the critical issues in the infections. Strategies To Be Implemented  The evidence based strategies will show that the proper management and the promotion plans is not enough to totally reduce the infections. The improve in the quality of the organization in this task is the most important factor. Evidences show the occurrence of the infection among the patients even after using the strategies. One should take more advanced steps in the research fields and the research works that are done in the field. New modifications in the strategies are to be designed based on the current situation of the patients. The use of catheters needs to be stopped. On the other hand new strategies must be taken in handling the catheters. The UCSF organization provides the nutritional therapy for the patients. The members of the professional staffs are very well expert in dealing with the field (UCSF Medical Center, 2017). They will have to look in to the staff experience of the hospital. They should look into the demonstration of the competence regarding the interns and the staff experiences. They should also look into the solidification of the staff experiences that will handle the cases of the infections. Their main weakness is the less availability of the expert staffs and so strategies needs to be taken with regards to improving the health conditions. The promotion strategy will also reach the people with the improvement in the organizational strategies. Practice- The organization must take a daily note of the work being made in progress and the  staffs that are appointed in the sections. They must also look in the new ways to improve the health conditions. Protocol- a strict protocol must be followed along with the day day to progress and the failure in the process. Pathway- The strategy to look in the work of the staffs and the recruitment of only experienced staffs in the field that has all possible knowledge to handle any situation. Activity- The activities should focus on the daily assess of the staffs and proper treatments plans and preventive measures that they follow. Improvement Strategies After looking into the weakness of the organization they must stake statistical note of the conditions of the persons by doing surveys and then improve the health conditions. The finalization of this map will be helpful to deal with the organization in handling the cases. References  Gardner, G., Gardner, A., & O’connell, J. (2014). Using the Donabedian framework to examine the quality and safety of nursing service innovation. Journal of clinical nursing, 23(1-2), 145-155. Carayon, P., Wetterneck, T. B., Rivera-Rodriguez, A. J., Hundt, A. S., Hoonakker, P., Holden, R., & Gurses, A. P. (2014). Human factors systems approach to healthcare quality and patient safety. Applied ergonomics, 45(1), 14-25. UCSF Medical Center. (2017). Retrieved 24 July 2017, from Rhee, C., Phelps, M. E., Meyer, B., & Reed, W. G. (2016). Viewing Prevention of Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infection as a System: Using Systems Engineering and Human Factors Engineering in a Quality Improvement Project in an Academic Medical Center. The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety, 42(10), 447-471. Trinkoff, A. M., Lerner, N. B., Storr, C. L., Han, K., Johantgen, M. E., & Gartrell, K. (2015). Leadership education, certification and resident outcomes in US nursing homes: Cross-sectional secondary data analysis. International journal of nursing studies, 52(1), 334-344. Miller, C. L. (2015). Improving Compliance with Clinical Practice Guidelines to Reduce Urinary Tract Infection in Long Term Care. Twigg, D. E., Myers, H., Duffield, C., Pugh, J. D., Gelder, L., & Roche, M. (2016). The impact of adding assistants in nursing to acute care hospital ward nurse staffing on adverse patient outcomes: An analysis of administrative health data. International journal of nursing studies, 63, 189-200.

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