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NUTR19207G Nutrition For Well Being

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NUTR19207G Nutrition For Well Being Question: If you did not hand in the first part to this assignment, you will be required to complete part one prior to completing part two. Critically evaluate the diet that you submitted for part one: Select 3 different food items and provide 3 alternatives that would improve the nutritional power of your diet. Provide rationale (using information discussed in class, in your text book or from other sources) to explain why the food choice was a poor one, and why the alternative is better Consider the glycemic index, the saturated versus unsaturated fat content, the quality of protein, the vitamin and mineral content (and perhaps method of cooking), etc. This will require a little more investigation into the foods that you consumed for part one. § Is there any additional information that would be important to note when examining your daily diet? For example, are you physically active or sedentary? Do you suffer from any conditions or diseases that might impact your food choices? Was this a typical day for you, or were there extenuating circumstances surrounding your diet this day? Answer: Food Item #1 Lean meat is not included in the glycemic index due to lack of carbohydrates components and for this reason, it does not have any effect on blood sugar. Additionally, lean meat has fewer calories than non-lean meats thus making it a good source of protein. Furthermore, lean meat also contains vitamin B3, vitamin B6, and selenium which help to prevent cells damage from free radicals and boost the immune system (Kelman, Pannier, Pethick, & Gardner, 2014). Conversely, lean meat contains saturated fats which are harmful to the body as they lead to heart disease. Comparatively, lean meat also increases the chances of getting out to people who are resistible to purines. Therefore, a suitable cooking technique like roasting, grilling, stir-frying and poaching can be used to cut the level of saturated fats in lean meats making it safe for consumption. However, it will be important to use legumes as an alternative source of important proteins than lean meat since it will minimize the intake of saturated fats and increase the nutritional power of the diet. Food Item #2 The low glycemic index in yams is important as it indicates a low level of calories and how yams can keep the blood sugar steady. In fact, yams keep blood sugar steady by gradually releasing sugar into the bloodstream. In addition, it also improves the health of the heart by reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes. Nevertheless, despite yams being an important source of carbohydrates and unsaturated fats, it contains low contents of protein, vitamins, and minerals (Tsiboe, Luckstead, Nalley, Popp, & Dixon, 2018). As a result, they have low impact contributing high nutritional power of the diet. Therefore, when preparing yams by either roasting, pounding, frying or boiling it is important to add ingredients like tomatoes, pepper, and spices to increase the nutritional power of the diet (Seth, Badwaik & Ganapathy, 2015). However, it will be important to use cereal grains like maize as an alternative source of carbohydrates since they provide a complete diet. Food Item #3 The low level of fat contests in rice is important as it helps in keeping healthy body weight. However, regular consumption of rice may lead to high blood sugar due to high-level glycemic index. In fact, a cup of cooked rice contains 2, 000 calories which according to health experts it not healthy for people who are suffering from type 2 diabetes. Thereupon, when preparing rice it is advisable not to add fats to people who are suffering from obesity (Maertens & Velde, 2017). In addition, rice should be eaten alongside vegetables and baked chicken to ensure high nutritional power of the diet. However, it will be important to use amaranth as an alternative since it is healthier than rice. Additional Information The healthy diet can be maintained by eating a variety of foods which supply a range of dissimilar nutrients to the body. Primarily, eating variety of foods helps reduces the risk of one acquiring diseases. However, foods which have high glycemic index will be risky to people who are suffering from type 1 diabetes. Additionally, being also a sedentary due to type 1 diabetes I have to check what eat and what I do. References Kelman, K. R., Pannier, L., Pethick, D. W., & Gardner, G. E. (2014). Selection for lean meat yield in lambs reduces indicators of oxidative metabolism in the longissimus muscle. Meat science, 96(2), 1058-1067. Maertens, M., & Velde, K. V. (2017). Contract-farming in staple food chains: the case of rice in Benin. World Development, 95, 73-87. Seth, D., Badwaik, L. S., & Ganapathy, V. (2015). Effect of feed composition, moisture content and extrusion temperature on extrudate characteristics of yam-corn-rice based snack food. Journal of food science and technology, 52(3), 1830-1838. Tsiboe, F., Luckstead, J., Nalley, L. L., Popp, J. S., & Dixon, B. L. (2018). Market effects of farmer field schools in Sub?Saharan Africa: The case for cocoa. Review of Development Economics, 22(4), e160-e184.

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