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PBHE111 Introduction To Health Care Administration

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PBHE111 Introduction To Health Care Administration Question: Next, please review the Discovery Question (DQ) below and compose a thoughtful, analytical answer post of at least in your group’s BlackBoard discussion board forum. Discovery Question (DQ) – use all information resources at your disposal to answer the following: Consumer Health Social Media Networks. The goal for discussion in this unit is to begin assessing the value that social media and social media networks impart to health consumers. The assumption is that defining value more explicitly enables its recognition and its realization, leading to the creation of strategic planning frameworks to guide revision and remodeling of the current health information infrastructure for better alignment with the realities of the health information ecosystem and to facilitate realization of the CH themes of accessibility, communication, and learning. In your DQ response, please address the following questions: How are social media and social media networks (SM&SMN) impacting the current healthcare experience? What value (tangible and/or intangible) does/could SM&SMN impart to organizational healthcare delivery; what risks must be assessed and managed; why? Are SM&SMN contributing toward the advancement of consumer health; why/why not? Please explain and provide examples to support your analysis.   Remember to provide support for the validity of your claims to differentiate factual evidence from logically-sound opinions. The goal is not simply to reproduce information content by citing from the readings and/or your personal life experiences, but to produce new insightful information from your expert analysis of information content that is meaningful to the discussion context.Define the current concept of Health2.0/Med 2.0. Identify current social practices related to social networking and health information transactions. Assess the benefits and limitations of the current state of social networking and consumer health information. Explore possibilities for facilitating progressive change towards the goal of consumer-centric healthcare delivery. Answer: Internet is the new sensation of the present century which had made lives not only fast but successful in different genres. Social media has been particularly interesting for present day generation as it had helped people to remain connected with others without casual or formal visits (Neiger et al., 2012). Social media had particular helped a lot in the healthcare sectors and had come to be designated as E health. They are responsible for publishing important contents which not only help readers to take curative measures but also help in preventive measures as well. Health literacy and health status have a significant effect on health information seeking behavior that is addressed by social media (Chen, Hou & Zhao, 2016). Internet based technology called the patient centered e health had been particular benefitting for large number of patients. This system had formed an interconnected network of patients and their experiences, advices, treatments and others. These have helped them both to provide information and consume information regarding their ailments and how to get well. This process ensures that focus of the patients can be fixed so that they have active participation. This helps in patient empowerment (Jiang & Yang, 2015). However reports have been suggested which shows that privacy, security and confidentiality are compromised in many cases. Researchers have tried to study the multifaceted complexity of social media network in healthcare sector. They have identified that the connections formed on social media are based on characteristics and circumstances of the person, content of the message, adaptive practices, dimensions of the context, characteristics and circumstances of the relationship and composition of the social network. This had shown that health information communication engages people who are beyond formal and informal care providers. The information is also driven by larger social contexts and even by characteristics of personal lives in addition to their health issues. Therefore it has become extremely necessary for IT industry to align the main concept of social media with realities of patients’ communication routines (Valdez & Brennan, 2015). Number of negative aspects has been linked with the availability of information on healthcare in social media. In many cases, healthcare information is released by physicians who make the content such that it gets biased. Such physicians make the readers and the patients encouraged to visit them only making social media a good platform for advertisement. Another negative aspect is that the quality of the content is not always apt due to availability and also because they can be altered anytime. Moreover the immediacy and freshness of the information is also controversial. Moreover the rising trend of online spammers is not being able to be controlled by the cyber crime departments of different nations. It is also been seen that the information which may be relevant and applicable for particular individual might be irrelevant as well as harmful for other individuals (De Martino et al., 2017). Language gap is also identified to hinder the aspect of successful exchange of information during communication (Jiang & Yang, 2015). Over the years, researchers have tried initiatives that will help the social media to remain protected from the above mentioned threats. They have stated that it is extremely important to maintain four important standards which will make the information useful and suitable for decision making by students. Authorship should be monitored with proper information about the author, their affiliations, and important credentials and others so that the authenticity of the content can be justified. Besides this, attribution should also be provided which will help the reader to be assured about the sources, references and the citations from which the content was assimilated. The third is disclosure which ensures that website ownership, advertising, sponsorship, commercial funding arrangements need to be properly disclosed. Currency is the last criteria which will ensure that any information when updated in content should be dated. A quality rating should be provided from 0 to 4 ensuring that each score will give idea to the reader about the authenticity (DeMartino et al., 2017). References: Chen, J., Hou, X., & Zhao, W. (2016). Research on the Model of Consumer Health Information Seeking Behavior via Social Media. International Journal of Communications, Network and System Sciences, 9(08), 326. De Martino, I., D’Apolito, R., McLawhorn, A. S., Fehring, K. A., Sculco, P. K., & Gasparini, G. (2017). Social media for patients: benefits and drawbacks. Current reviews in musculoskeletal medicine, 10(1), 141-145. Jiang, L., & Yang, C. C. (2015, March). Expanding Consumer Health Vocabularies by Learning Consumer Health Expressions from Online Health Social Media. In International Conference on Social Computing, Behavioral-Cultural Modeling, and Prediction (pp. 314-320). Springer International Publishing. Neiger, B. L., Thackeray, R., Van Wagenen, S. A., Hanson, C. L., West, J. H., Barnes, M. D., & Fagen, M. C. (2012). Use of social media in health promotion purposes, key performance indicators, and evaluation metrics. Health promotion practice, 13(2), 159-164. Valdez, R. S., & Brennan, P. F. (2015). Exploring patients’ health information communication practices with social network members as a foundation for consumer health IT design. International journal of medical informatics, 84(5), 363-374.

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