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PH 101 Introduction To Public Health

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PH 101 Introduction To Public Health Question       There are many organizations that strive to highlight, address, and improve health concerns for our citizens. Some of these organizations are governmental agencies, while others are not-for-profit organizations, and yet others are corporate foundations or for-profit companies. Two very prominent organizations, the United Nations and the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, have identified global and national health concerns and strategic approaches to address those concerns. For this assignment, you will need to visit the following websites:   Sustainable Development Goals: United Nations   Read through the Sustainable Development Goals and target initiatives by scrolling down the webpage.   US Dept. of Health and Human Services: Healthy People 2020   Review the topics and objectives by clicking on the links for various health issues.   After reading through both resources, choose the issue that, in your opinion, is the most significant public health concern (either global or national) at this time.   Write a report, covering the following issues:   Introduction of your topic, including why it is so important (provide rationale for why you feel this is the most pressing Public Health issue today). Provide a brief review of the literature on your topic. Describe current research findings and evidence to support your contention about the importance of this topic. You should use this section of your report to “build a good case for your topic. What challenges can we expect to encounter as we attempt to address this issue? Think of issues such as political positions, financial concerns, environmental or infrastructure barriers, cultural differences, lack of knowledge, lack of community support, competing agendas, etc. Drawing upon your research and your review of the Sustainable Development Goals and Healthy People 2020 websites, identify what strategy, policy change, community intervention, behavior change intervention, funding reform or other initiative you would recommend to most effectively address this issue. What approach do you favor? Explain why your chosen strategy / approach will most effectively and realistically achieve change regarding the issue you chosen. Answer Substance Abuse Disorder In Adolescents Introduction: Substance abuse disorder is one of the leading problems that are not only faced by individuals of a developed country but also of different developing countries. It can be defined as the mental health condition which leads an individual to depend on one or more substance like drugs, alcohol and others. This often leads to clinically significant impairment in different individuals which ultimately destroys quality of lives. Addiction and dependence are some of the important characteristics of this disorder that results individuals to compromise not only their physical health but also emotional peace and security in life leading to poverty (Brand et al. 1256). According to the  different goals set up by the United Nations to develop a sustainable development plan for all the nations, they have clearly depicted the issue as a major concern under Goal 3 which covers the topics of ensuring healthy lives and promoting well being for all ages (“Goal 3 .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform”). Not only them, the government of the United States has also proposed the initiative called Healthy People 2020 which had proposed the goal of reducing substance abuse so that they can protect the health, safety as well as the quality of life for people of all ages including children (“Substance Abuse | Healthy People 2020”). The report will contain the cause of the project to stop and reduce the rate of disorder, barriers that are faced and the strategies that can be implemented. Importance Of Proposing An Initiative To Reduce The Disorder: Substance abuse is giving a major impact on the population of the United States. It is having a cumulative effect not only on the life of the individual who is affected by the disorder but also on the family and the carer and on turn the society. Researchers suggest that people affected by the disorder often lose their stability in life and get engaged into a number of crimes. Domestic violence is one such crime often conducted by perpetrators who are involved in substance abuse in most cases. Beside child abuse is another crime. Other than this, affected individuals often engage themselves in fearful fights that harm them physically. They also tend to face accident claiming their lives or making them permanently handicapped. Besides, teenage pregnancy, homicides, suicides are some of the other factors that are also associated with substance abuse disorder. The affected individuals are not only the main victims (Brososn et al. 1010). Often families face poverty as the affected person spends their financial strength on substances. Moreover they also tend to miss schools, colleges and also their employment centres that have negative impacts on theory lives. They tend to develop a future which is not only vulnerable to failure but also leads them to depression, anxiety and self harm. Barriers That May Be Faced In Order To Address The Issue: Substance use is adopted by many individuals first as for fun and get gradually addicted to it. Therefore changing the people’s idea of fun is very difficult as it is a human right that every one practices about their own life. Preventing someone to have such idea of fun may be accepted as breach in human rights. Secondly there is another set of affected individuals who develop this disorder as a result of a particular problem which they are facing in their life which may be financial, personal, and professional and others. Therefore, it is extremely important to address to those issues first so that the main root of the development of the substance use can be ridden off. However, it not possible for the government, non profit organisation and others to individually solve each of their issues to make them leave the habit. Often ambivalent nature of the affected individuals becomes a barrier where they develop strong opinions in favour of them which cannot be modified.  A huge percentage of people in the United States are affected by the disorder and therefore the governmental funds and the resources are not enough to treat such a huge population of affected substance abuse disorders. This is because there are many other chronic disorders like cancer, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and others which also require huge resource allocation. Moreover personal development is very difficult to control by a governing authority as it entirely depends on the cognitive development of the child in the culture where he grows and the education and manner he develops. His development of choice, preferences and priorities are entirely personal attributes where one needs to be careful and responsible enough to choose the best options. Strategies That Can Be Proposed: Since this issue is not restricted to a particular area of the nation, it is extremely important to cover the issue from governmental perspective and also from a community level. Moreover personal grooming is also very necessary. Therefore starting with the governmental level, the public authorities should first conduct a thorough research about the main reasons that are forcing the population to fall in the grip of substance abuse disorder. Once the factors are found and researched over by experts, the eminent policy makers will have to produce policies that will help not only the affected individuals but also their families to get over the disorder. Moreover the government should be strict and confirm that substance abuse disorders would not be treated in public funds but in private funds which will restrict the individuals to some extent (Bowen et al. 547-556). They should impose high taxes on alcohol and similar drugs to reduce their usage. At the community level, interventions that need to be taken include introduction of proper education in the academic levels so that individuals can understand the harmful effects that it might have on them. Community workshops can be arranged where the affected individuals may be encouraged to attend in order to help them overcome the disorder. Introduction of different interesting entertainments like sport matches, swimming clubs, interactive sessions and others can also be arranged. Meetings with counsellors can be fixed in case of severe situations. A proper survey needs to be conducted from time to time to look over the effects of the strategies implied in order to assess the success. Personal grooming can be achieved by proper counselling mediums helping in promoting quality life among the individuals (Whiteford et al. 1575-1586). Conclusion: Subject abuse disorder is a growing concern among United States that had pushed the fate of the present generation as well as the future generation in great danger. It will harm not only the pride of the nation but also affects the entire economic stability of the nation. Therefore it is important for the government, non profit organisations, the communities and the others to come together and thereby take initiatives to make a nation that would be free from substance abuse disorder making lives of people worthy for living. References: “Goal 3 .:. Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform”. Sustainabledevelopment.Un.Org, 2017, “Substance Abuse | Healthy People 2020”. Healthypeople.Gov, 2017, Bowen, Sarah, et al. “Relative efficacy of mindfulness-based relapse prevention, standard relapse prevention, and treatment as usual for substance use disorders: a randomized clinical trial.” JAMA psychiatry 71.5 (2014): 547-556. Brand, Matthias, Christian Laier, and Kimberly S. Young. “Internet addiction: coping styles, expectancies, and treatment implications.” Frontiers in psychology 5 (2014): 1256. Brorson, Hanne H., et al. “Drop-out from addiction treatment: A systematic review of risk factors.” Clinical psychology review 33.8 (2013): 1010-1024. Whiteford, H. A., Degenhardt, L., Rehm, J., Baxter, A. J., Ferrari, A. J., Erskine, H. E., … & Burstein, R. (2013). Global burden of disease attributable to mental and substance use disorders: findings from the Global Burden of Disease Study 2010. The Lancet, 382(9904), 1575-1586.

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