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PSYC1309 Abnormal Psychology Question: Positive Psychology, a relatively newer area within the field of psychology, is often dubbed the science of happiness or well-being. It offers individuals a number of evidence-based tools that have been shown to increase our sense of well-being so that we can flourish in our personal, interpersonal and professional lives. Many of these interventions appear to be quite beneficial for individuals with and without a clinical diagnosis.      Introductory paragraph includes an interesting hook and clearly introduces the reader to the subject of the paper Introductory paragraph includes an adequate hook and introduces the reader to the subject of the paper Introductory paragraph includes an adequate hook OR an introduction to the subject of the paper, but not both Introductory paragraph includes a hook OR an introduction to the subject of the paper, but with very limited detail Answer: Introduction: The human body is comprised of many systems that through their collaboration ensure a human body is able to function properly and the most important part of these is the mind. Every activity that takes place in the body of a human being gets orders from the mind as it serves as the computing machine of the body. Therefore, if something goes wrong with the mind of an individual then it means the entire body will malfunction. Psychology is simply the scientific study of the human mind and behavior and the ways, which our minds work. Therefore, I will look at abnormal psychology, which is an unusual pattern in the behavior of human beings Abnormal psychology dates back since the beginning of times where such behaviors were explained from the supernatural traditional point of view. Several explanations and reasons were put forward to explain any abnormal behavior detected in members of the society. For instance, the most common explanation to why some people would exhibit abnormalities in their behaviors was that they were obsessed with evil spirits, which controlled them. Our religious societies also believe that abnormal behaviors are associated with spirits; therefore, they practice what is called exorcism to get rid of the spirits (Randall 2016). Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) was initially created in the psychotherapy In my own understanding, this functions as a relapse prevention technique for depression for people with abnormal psychology. This therapy technique is different from other mindfulness therapy procedures where MBCT is specifically meant for individuals who have psychological problems majorly depression. Through my own research, it is quite clear that MBCT has been known to use a technique called cognitive behavioral therapy to help patients with depression be able to deal with their condition. Cognitive behavioral therapy includes activities such as creating an awareness to patients and educating them on depression and its effects and encouraging friends and family to those affected to be supportive of them (Hofmann n.d). Doing my own research further, I came to ralize that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy operates on a certain theory that a patient who has developed depression usually go back to automatic cognitive processes that normally trigger depression in that person and that is why this therapy focuses on the cognitive behavior of affected people to help them gain back their senses (Lang 2013). MBCT had the main objective when it was introduced in Asia which was to interrupt the automatic processes that go on in the mind of people with abnormal psychology. Instead of focusing on these automatic processes and letting them control the patients, MBCT wanted to teach patients how not to react using stimuli but instead reacting to the situation they are in without any actions or judgment. Therefore, as the normal human being, mindfulness practice teaches me not to react to incoming stimuli and for this, it helps me to sense incoming stimuli and this is how I am able able to avoid it. With several therapy sessions, a patient will be able to recognize when he is about to judge a situation or react to it but instead they are given tactics on how to remain silent. MBCT is a program that usually runs for eight weeks in which a patient is supposed to attend the therapy session for two hours every single day. It is after the eight weeks that one can note a transformation in the mental state of the patient who was under depression. The program encourages patients to be patient and concentrate more on situations that they get themselves into. MBCT also teaches patients that paying attention is important in all situations (Eric 2015). Paying attention is specifically important to people with abnormal psychology as it is usually normal of them to be irrational and to make decisions and judgment without first thinking it through. It is with this technique that recovering patients use to help themselves analyze situations to know where to react and where not to react (Lu S. 2015). Effects Of Mbct On Depression A meta-analysis carried out in 2016 and 2017 revealed that mindfulness-based cognitive therapy works well with people who had three or more major depressions in their past before the current one. The research showed that this procedure works better when helping a patient who is psychological issues and is almost falling into depression again. MBCT is a good therapy procedure on relapsing patients who fail to control mental state and allow themselves get depression (Germer 2009). Wear valleys NHS foundation carried out research on MBCT which showed that the mental state of patients who started the program had improved significantly. The patients were fully aware of the importance of self-awareness, psychological distress, anxiety, worry, and empathy toward others (Arkwitz 2014). The result from this research revealed that MBCT is effective for people with depression and patients with abnormal psychology as it aids in making them better as well. The meta-analysis also encouraged home sessions for depressed people as MBCT can be carried out at home as long as a strict routine is established for the patient. Conclusion We human beings are social, therefore, the few of us who exhibit characteristics of being unsocial and antisocial social are assumed abnormal. Such people do not follow the rules and regulations of the society and are unable to differentiate between right and wrong. It is therefore assumed that they are not normal as normal people can distinguish between rights and wrong.  All human beings are born different and special so the few who have mental illness should be treated and be well taken care of as it might not be their fault that they possess an illness.  References Ramsden, P. (2013). Understanding Abnormal Psychology. London: SAGE Publications Arkwitz H and Lilienfeld S. O (2014) is mindfulness good medicine. Hofman S.G Sawyer A.T Witt A.A and Oh.D the effect of mindfulness-based therapy on anxiety and depression. A meta-analytic review Lang A (2013). What mindfulness brings to psychotherapy for anxiety and depression? Lu S. (2015) mindfulness holds promise for treating depression Germer, C. K. (2009). The mindful path to self-compassion: Freeing yourself from destructive thoughts and emotions. NY: Guilford Press   Randall E. Osborne ‎Joan Esterline Lafuze ‎David V. Perkins – 2016 case analysis for abnormal psychology Eric J Mash ‎David A Wolfe– 2015 abnormal child psychology

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