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PUB252 Health Promotion Assessment And Planning

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PUB252 Health Promotion Assessment And Planning Question  Provide a critique of the needs assessment you selected to review. Using a relevant health promotion model as a framework (the nice HNA resource can be found here) for your critique, comment on the steps that were undertaken in the needs assessment process. Were all the steps covered? How well were they covered? Is there anything you would do differently? If so, why and how? Answer Introduction Health Promotion needs assessment refers to a systematic activity which entails the identification and evaluation of the health needs of a community. We carried out a health promotion assessment because it is an important thing to for a community. Health promotion assessment is an important activity that is done to study the health needs of a community so as to get the necessary data that can be relied upon by the decision makers. Health promotion assessment is also done to prioritize the health needs of the community and come up with the strategies to address them. Reflection Of The Procedure We conducted a health promotion assessment so as to gather the data that would be used to understand the health issues in the community, prioritize them, and come up with appropriate measures to deal with them. The model of used was targeting at the entire community, not an individual. Meaning, the behavior change would be done in response to the socioeconomic determinants of the health of the community.    In order to carry out an objective assessment, we had to follow all the procedures that are supposed to be used in a health assessment promotion process. Model Elements and Good Practice Principles Critique Preparation of all the activities The first step in the assessment was the preparation of all the activities that were to be conducted during the entire process. Here, we had to make appropriate plans and identify the needs, health priorities, resources, and the population target. At the same time, we had to establish a health promotion assessment team which would be relied upon to spearhead the entire process.  We had to do this because an effective health promotional assessment process is done by involving different people. Health promotion assessment is a complex activity which involves a wide range of activities. Therefore, to complete all of them, it is necessary to incorporate the input of different players. In my reflection, I would like to point out that we did a commendable job here because no single person dominated the assessment process. Instead, we had to involve different kinds of players who would, in one way or the other, play significant roles in ensuring the success of the assessment. Some of the people whose services were sought during the assessment process are the health experts, nurses, epidemiologists, and researchers. Each of these stakeholders was important because they enabled us to collect and analyze the data before coming up with appropriate strategies to use in addressing the identified health needs.  I was pleased with the way this activity was done because, apart from involving these people, we went ahead and gave them a chance to make their contributions. In my opinion, everything was done so well because we were adequately prepared for the assessment. The only thing that would have been improved is the number of stakeholders included in the project. Since it was small, it would be much better if additional stakeholders were involved in the assessment.   Community Participation The second step in our health promotion assessment was the involvement of the participation of the community members. After the identification of the target population, we had to arrange everything and seek for the contribution of the community members whose needs were being assessed. Here, we did a commendable job by accepting to incorporate the participation of the community members. As a healthcare professional, I know that community involvement is a very important action to take when engaging such health activities. It is necessary to do so because if the community members are involved, they can help in making important decisions as far as the identification and prioritization of the health needs are concerned. According to me, this activity was properly done because it gave the community members an opportunity to participate in making decisions which matter to them. It was a job done well because we had to create enough time to allow the community members to join the assessment team and give their contributions without any unnecessary hindrance. The active involvement of the community members enabled us to unmask all the health needs of the community and come up with the most suitable strategies that would help in dealing with them. This activity was properly done. However, if there were some improvements to be made, I would suggest that a few people were involved in the assessment. Therefore, the only recommendation I would make is that the number of community members involved in the activity would have been increased. At would be relied upon to identify. If a large number of the participants was used, it would be much better for the experts to get adequate information to identify the health needs of the community and address them as expected.   Collection, Analysis, and Presentation of the Data The third step in the health promotion assessment was gathering, analysis, and presentation of the data that was to be used in the assessment process. Indeed, data collection is an important activity that had to be done because it was necessary in collecting all the information that would be relied upon when coming up with the strategies to address the health needs of the community. On the other hand, data analysis had to be done so as to help in breaking down the findings and make them simpler to understand. I would like to say that the data collection and analysis was properly done. I successfully managed to use the interviews, focus groups, and questionnaires to collect all the data that was to be used in the assessment. At the same time, I effectively utilized statistical and non-statistical strategies to analyze the data and present it to the audience. All these were successfully done and executed as expected. It enabled us to be acquainted with all the information that we needed to know about the community on which the assessment was to be done. The clear and precise manner in which the data were analyzed made them clear and easy to interpret. v Since everything was done well, I do not feel that there are any improvements that should be made. The instruments that were applied in the collection and analysis of the data were properly chosen and applied.   Planning for Change The fourth step in the health promotion assessment was planning for change. After the collection and analysis of the data, we had to sit down and plan for change by performing a number of activities. First, we had to clarify the goals and objectives of the required intervention. Besides, we had to engage in action plan and strategize on how to achieve our goals. Moreover, we had to clarify all the issues and come up with objective strategies to monitor and evaluate the progress of the project. Lastly, we had to choose the strategies to adopt. Each of these activities was properly done because we had made all the arrangements to ensure that the assessment process goes on as planned. Since I was personally involved in the assessment, it is my pleasure to report that these activities were done so well. We succeeded in identifying the priority areas, setting the goals, and taking the necessary measures to come up with monitoring and evaluation plan for the entire assessment process. Each and everyone were given a chance to make their contributions and discharge all their allocated duties and responsibilities. We also went ahead to come up with appropriate and well-thought risk-management strategies that would be applied in the assessment.  According to my evaluation, there is nothing much to change if at all the assessment is to be repeated. The only improvement that might be made is that we rushed in making the decisions because we were not adequately prepared. The rush hindered the effectiveness in identifying the most brilliant strategies that should be adopted in improving the health of the community.   Development of Health Assessment Document The sixth step in the health promotion assessment was development of the health assessment document and eventual management and sustainability of the process. Since the main goal of the assessment was to identify the priority areas that were to be used in addressing the health challenges affecting the community, it was necessary to develop an assessment document that would contain the findings. It was properly done because all the information that was gathered during the assessment was put into a document that would then be used.  It was done so well without any hiccups. This is what was expected because the documentation process was necessary as it would enable the experts to actualize the assessment and make it useful in transforming the health status of the community. The other thing that was done is the management and sustainability of the assessment. According to my observation, all these activities were properly done in the right manner expected. However, the only thing that needs to be improved is the utilization of time. All the activities would have been effectively done if the issue of time management was taken seriously.

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