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SHB50115 Beauty Therapy Question: How camouflage make-up overlaps into the beauty sector and its uses Interrelationship of camouflage make-up in beauty and allied healthcare sectors • Overlap into the beauty sector and its uses Vitilligo, port wine stains on clients Overlap into the Allied Health Sector and its uses Scars, burns and facial disfigurements Ethical considerations to be made when liaising with health professionals to include working relationships/referral process Ethical considerations when liaising with other professionals Answer: Camouflage Make-Up Overlapping Into The Beauty Sector And Its Uses Camouflage make up is one key way to deal with altered image of several people throughout the world. It is a key remedy in the beauty sector used by people suffering from altered image. Thus, this is one of the key reasons for visiting their GPs and beauty therapists. As the altered image can have significant impact upon psychology, skin camouflage is one significant option through which people combat with their altered image. Camouflage can be used for one-off occasions like public events, wedding or it can be applied on regular basis (Levy and Emer 2012). In allied health care sector it is useful in keeping people happy and satisfied by mitigating their skin problems and enhancing self-esteem, thereby helping them to return to normal life. Overlap Into The Beauty Sector And Its Uses In beauty sector, camouflage make up is a key option for people to remove or hide their stains in face like vitiligo, port wine stains and other birth marks. Skin camouflage make ups are safe for children and adults and one can wear it throughout the day with no irritation. It would hide the scars on skin and improve the representation of the individual, enhancing the self-esteem. It does not require prescription for usage, so people can buy and use it according to choice ( 2017). Overlap Into The Allied Health Sector And Its Uses Altered image is a common situation, which includes accidental deformities like scar, burns or facial disfigurement. Camouflage was designed to conceal discoloration to skin, instead of altering skin function or texture ( 2017). Thus, it helps to remove pigments or marks of burning on skin. Allied health sector deals with using any kinds of services related to health and well being of public, instead of focusing on doctors, nursing and pharmacy. Thus, the camouflage make up has significant use in allied health care sectors. In many burning or accidental cases, physicians or beauty therapists recommend for a camouflage, for reducing facial deformities and improve patient’s self-esteem. Ethical Consideration In many cases, GPs give patients referral to camouflage beauty therapy, a referral is an integral part of a complete quality health care management, which should be done based on patient’s unique needs. Thus, some ethical aspects should be considered. The physician should document a complete medical history and assessment of the patient. Prior taking the consent for implementation of Camouflage make up to the physician would explain the steps involved in the camouflage procedure ( 2017). On the other hand, any kinds of adverse effects should also be conveyed to the patient. In addition, patient would be ensured about any kinds of assistance. Contraindicators, Contra-Actions, Influencing Factors Contraindicators are the situations, in which a procedure should not be carried out. In case of camouflage make up, medical oedema, skin cancer, infectious skin disease, severe acne. Slipped disc, diabetes, recent facial surgery, known allergies, open wounds, insect or animal bites, undiagnosed rashes, communicable disease, hypersensitive skin and recent fractures are the contraindications (Kaliyadan and Kumar 2012). Contra-actions are the situations raised as an adverse effect of the procedure. In case of camouflage make up contra-actions include allergic reaction, inflammation and eczema. Influencing factors for camouflage make up are erythrema, scarring resulted from trauma, hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, unwanted tattoos, burn scars, surgery, depigmentation, bruise, port wine stain, stretch marks, age spots, vitilligo, thread veins and leucodermas. Colour Matching For gaining the highest effectiveness of the camouflage make up the colour theory should be used. Colour correctors are used for disguise the shade of scars, burns or bruise. Then the camouflage should be applied and blended to have the exact skin tone. The unwanted pigmentation can be cancelled out by using a concealer in complementary colour, i.e. colour opposite on the colour wheel. For blue-toned dark circle, peach concealer, for grey tone, pink concealer, for roscea and acne blemishes, yellow or green, for sun damage, orange concealer should be used (Huxley 2017).   Products And Equipment  Products required for camouflage make up include headband, bedroll, magnifying lamp, disposable slippers, robe, disinfecting fluid, tissues, sponges, cotton wool, velvor puffs, fingers, gloves, brushes, spatulas, bowls, mixing palette, sterilising solution, mirror, UV cabinet, autoclave, hot bead, sterilizer, chemical immersion equipment, personal protective equipment, waste disposable, disposable face mask, disposable head cap (Washer 2017). In addition to these equipments, the colour matching wheel, manual and guides along with the main concealer, nude concealer, foundation and face powder matched with the skin colour are required for camouflage make up. Limitation Of Products There are some limitations of the camouflage products and their application, which should be considered during application. For instance, the products are difficult to be applied upon larger surface area, good products are highly expensive, smudging of creams over hands and feet due to friction and these products are difficult to be applied patients with open lesion, infectious skin conditions and severe acne (Ramien et al. 2014). Other than the lips, it is difficult to get exact colour match with the surrounding skin, whereas in some patients, the original colour fades with bluish coloration. Some adverse effects include micropigmentation, ecchymosis, edema, crusting and contact allergy. Safe And Hygienic Working Practice A number of safety precautions needed to be maintained, while using camouflage make up. As the concealors and other related products, colours are made of chemical substances; these can adversely affect the skin or other parts of the body of both the service user and service providers. Thus, solutions should be sterilized in autoclave; equipments should be sterilized in hot bead sterilizer, UV cabinet. Products should be kept in safe place, unreachable to children. Chemical immersion equipments and chemicals should be kept in protected place; appropriate amount should be used according to manual (Ramien et al. 2014). Waste disposal should be done properly and service providers should use personal protective equipments like gloves, while applying products. Record Keeping Camouflage makes up deals with several sensitive health issues of clients, which influences the necessity of proper documentation. For this purpose, the GP referring a patient with camouflage make up, the service providers and other staffs should follow the data protection act 1998, for keeping personal data of client safe (Levy and Emer 2012). On the other hand to eliminate any kinds of miscommunication or misdiagnosis, client record cards should be kept by the client as well as service providers. Reference:, 2017. A Camouflage Cosmetician Career. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2017]., 2017. Skin Camouflage | Camouflage Cream | Altered Image – Beauty Resource. [online] Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2017]., 2017. Camouflage makeup: what it is and how to apply it. [online] BioNike. Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2017]. Huxley, D., 2017. Skin Camouflage Information. [online] Consulting Room. Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2017]. Kaliyadan, F. and Kumar, A., 2012. Camouflage for patients with vitiligo. Indian Journal of Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprology, 78(1), p.8. Levy, L.L. and Emer, J.J., 2012. Emotional benefit of cosmetic camouflage in the treatment of facial skin conditions: personal experience and review. Clin Cosmet Investig Dermatol, 5(1), pp.173-82. Ramien, M.L., Ondrejchak, S., Gendron, R., Hatami, A., McCuaig, C.C., Powell, J. and Marcoux, D., 2014. Quality of life in pediatric patients before and after cosmetic camouflage of visible skin conditions. Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology, 71(5), pp.935-940. Washer, L., 2017. Using Color Theory for Corrective Makeup — How to be a Redhead. [online] How to be a Redhead. Available at: [Accessed 26 Mar. 2017].

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