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SHQM37 Organising Health Care Questions: Tasks: You are required to write a report addressing the following: 1) Discuss Syed’s roles and responsibilities (as the new Healthcare Manager) in maintaining quality in Rosewood Centre. 2) Conduct a SWOT analysis of Rosewood. 3) From your SWOT analysis, suggest two changes to be implemented in the service. Using a relevant change management theory, explain how Syed should implement and manage these changes. Answers: Introduction Managing quality is always a priority for successful managers. It is stated that quality service is only able to provide customer satisfaction which is important for an organisation to gain competitive advantage in the market and sustain in the market for a long period of time. Quality management could be a hectic job if the identification of key issues is not done properly and in this scenario the manager has an important role to play to be able to improve the services provided by an organisation. In the present case it is clearly visible that Rosewood Play Centre has faced number of key issues like staff turnover and leadership issues, casual behavior of the staffs and training and development of the staffs. The Manager needs to assess these issues which would help to make improvements in the overall service of the organisation (Hitt et al., 2012). Change management is important for the manager to handle properly as it will help to make sure the changes are properly implemented and also monitored. The present study will discuss the key aspects of quality and change management through effective internal analysis of the organisation which would help to suggest effective strategy for the improvement of the overall service provision of the company.   Task 1:Roles And Responsibilities Of Syed As The Healthcare Manager  As the recently appointed healthcare manager the first and the foremost thing that Syed has to implement is quality. Quality is an extremely important aspect for the health and social care organisations and hence the managers will have to be very upfront about the way they manage the organisational operations. Syed has number of key roles and responsibilities in this case as he has already realised the issues which are there in the organisation. The ultimate focus of the Rosewood Play Centre is to provide the best possible services to the children and let their parents get respite from their daily concern of looking after their children which becomes extremely tough for the present day parents due to their rigorous official commitments. It is important for Syed as the healthcare manager at the play centre to streamline the operations which would help to make sure the service provision done by the organisation is effective and up to the mark (Slack, 2015). Since Quality management from the perspective of the health and social care is seeking to improve the efficacy of the service provision and maximising service user satisfaction in this case it is important for the manager to ensure that the kids with special needs do get special attention for the mental and physical improvement. The manager Syed has to take into account the needs and wants of the children and accordingly provides services which mean being consumer focused is essential in this situation (Swayne et al, 2012). As the healthcare manager it is important to continuously assess the efficacy of the service provided by the organisation. The main focus of the healthcare manager will be to make sure all the levels of the organisation work together in order to get the best possible result from the operations. As a manager Syed also has the responsibility of scrutinising the activities of the employees operating in the business and to indicate the main issues which affect the growth and development of the organization (Peteraf et al., 2014).  It could be said that most of the Play Centers operating in this area have their own regulations and policies and for Syed it is important to develop a strong operational strategy which would help to abide by the Governmental laws and regulations and accordingly implement certain key tools and techniques to keep the quality of the services provided intact. As the Healthcare manager Syed should make quality his main focus and it should be handled with the help of Check Sheets and Control Charts which would be effective in making sure that the employees operate in line with these tools which would help to benchmark the service provision options effectively (Hill et al., 2014). The play center is focused on providing the best possible service to the children with special needs and hence it becomes imperative for Syed to show his prowess as a manager and peruse the efforts made by the employees and gather effective details from the operation to make changes in the business. Being the manager of the concern Rosewood Play Centre it is important for Syed to make sure the organisation is able to provide effective and quality services to the children with special needs in the play center. As Syed has already analysed the business after joining as a healthcare manager he might have understood the fact that there are number of issues in the operations which has hindered the overall quality service provision of the organisation and hence it is important for the manager to intervene and improve the overall system effectively.  Syed should focus on implementing a complete quality system in the organisation with the help of few key elements which has been missing in the organisational operations so far. Syed should implement the eight key elements of quality in the organisation: ethics, integrity, trust, training and development, leadership, teamwork, communication and respect & Recognition. These elements are extremely important for the organisation at the present moment (Eden and Ackermann, 2013). It has already been understood that the leadership in the organisation is not effective and it is autocratic in nature which means the communication between the team leader and the employees doesn’t take place very often which means there is a communication gap that affects implementation of plans and strategies. Leadership is an extremely important aspect for the organisation at the present moment as it will streamline the communication between the employees and help to convey the different goals and objectives developed for the business. Communication is extremely important to be improved for which having a participative leadership style is important in the organisation which would allow to have better communication which means better understanding among the employees which would help to provide better services to the children. Understanding their needs and wants and showing compassion to the children will help to improve the provision of services to the consumers (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). As the healthcare manager Syed should focus on implementing  a better communication framework through regular morning team sessions and recess sessions which would help him to communicate the day to day objectives and also allocate jobs and tasks effectively which would help to improve the business operations and provide quality services to the children. Syed should focus on providing effective training and development programs to the employees working in the organisation which would definitely help to make sure the employees are performing well and putting more efforts in the work. Through training Syed should be able to convey the importance of ethics and integrity among the employees which is likely to increase their honesty, value for work and in return Rosewood Play Center will be able to get ethical conduct from the employees and better and active performance from them (Simons, 2013). To conclude it is important to mention that as the healthcare manager Syed needs to supervise the different activities taking place in the organisation, and constantly monitor the operations which would help him to provide feedbacks on the tools and techniques implemented by the organisation to improve the quality of the service provided and also to increase profitability and customer loyalty which is important for the long terms growth and development of the organisation (Mullins et al., 2012). Task 2: SWOT Analysis Of Rosewood Play Center The SWOT analysis is an integrated analysis which would help to understand the internal and external environment of the organisation Rosewood Play Center. SWOT stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats of an organisation which helps to work on the strengths and develop strategies to improve the weaknesses, understand the opportunities and realise the threats of the organisation. The SWOT analysis of Rosewood is discussed below: Strengths: Rosewood is a huge space as a play center which is extremely effective for the children especially for those with special needs. With this huge space Rosewood could make effective planning and development to expand its business. Another key strength of the organisation is it is comparatively more affordable than its immediate rivals in its area (Grant, 2016). Weaknesses: The organisation is comparatively new to the market and hence has less knowledge of market which has affected its business planning. It is important for the organisation to have effective business planning in the absence of which the organisation will not be able to manage its business and generate profitability.  On the other hand one of the major weaknesses of the organisation is man management. Man management is very weak in the organisation and has high staff turnover rate. This needs to be handled effectively so that the organisation is able to allocate its resources properly and use them in the best possible manner (Schneider and Spieth, 2013). Weak research and development is another cause of stagnated growth and development of the organisation and hence the upper management of Rosewood will have to focus on improving its research and development abilities. Poor implementation of leadership style is another key weakness as decision making doesn’t happen in the best possible manner for the organisation leaving it behind in the race to gain competitive advantage. Weak service monitoring is also another issue which affects the service provision of the organisation (van Wijngaarden et al., 2012).  Opportunities: Excessive increase of interest among parents to give their children in after school play center has become one of the key opportunities for the company Rosewood. Effective online presence has helped Rosewood to get better response in the local market. Involvement of new technology and introduction of better plans to communicate with children with special needs should work effectively for the organisation. Huge scope of expansion in other places within the country as play schools for special children have become highly common in the market (Mastropieri and Scruggs, 2012). Threats: Constant increase in competition is one of the key threats. Changes in government regulations have also created inner turmoil in the market. Many options for the consumers have let the market share down of the organisation and lack of proper implementation of capital in the business has grown to be a huge issue for the organisation. These aspects could affect the business of the organisation if not handled properly (Spodek and Saracho, 2014). Task 3: Change Implementation In The Organisational Operation At Rosewood Syed as a healthcare manager needs to work on number of key issues but presently it is important for him to analyse the SWOT test applied on the organisation and identify the key areas which needs to be changed. As per the information provided it could be said that the children could be exposed to better service provision which is not happening now. From the SWOT analysis of the organisation it has been found out that the main weakness of the organisation is to provide effective services to the children which means the present service provision procedure is not effective. The children could get snack and drink which is not happening now as the service strategy of the organisation is not effective (Hayes, 2014). Syed should focus on understanding the needs and wants of the children which would help to improve the services provided. Hence the first change which is needed in this case is to change the service provision strategy to improve the quality of service provided. The main focus should be on care which cannot be applied at the present moment due to the lack of involvement of the employees and poor decision making. The “weakness” section in the SWOT test also highlighted that Leadership is autocratic which definitely affects the overall decision making of the organisation and hence it is important for Syed to make sure there is also a change in the way leadership is handled which would help to make effective decisions for the smooth operations of the organisation (Burke, 2013). Change is a crucial aspect for every organisation and every manager needs to manage change in the organisation to get the best possible result from change. Change could be defined as the transformation of the organisational operation for long term betterment of the organisation. Change management becomes one of the complex aspects for managers if not handled properly and hence it is important for Syed to move in a strategic manner to improve the service provision of the organisation and also to implement change in the leadership style within the company Rosewood Play Center. There are number of change management theories which are used by the organisations to gain long term advantage in the market. These theories underpin change and also help to manage change effectively within the organisational setting allowing the organisation to gain competitive advantage in the market (Cameron and Green, 2015).  The McKinsey’s 7s Model is one of the commonly used change management strategy which has helped a number of organisations to change the areas needs to be changed. The 7s Model by McKinsey puts forward certain key aspects which are important to be managed well by the manger in order to implement change effectively which are: Shared Values: This is one thing that Syed needs to convey between the employees. The share value for all the employees should be effective care provision which would help to assess all the possible ways through which service provision could be changed for good. It is important for the healthcare manager to conduct ethical thoughts among the employees which would help to motivate them effectively. Strategy: The strategy of the service provision should be changed especially with the implementation of the elements of the total quality management. The strategy needs to be more communicative which would help to identify the loopholes effectively allows changing the way service is provided. The strategy should focus on involving every level of employee for which communication will be important and hence the implementation of effective communication framework will change the way service provision is done (Daft, 2012). Structure: Syed as the healthcare manager should focus on changing the reporting structure of the organisation to make it more communicative. Initially the leadership was autocratic in nature which affected the decision making of the organisation but a change in the leadership style will largely help to improve communication and service provision planning effectively. Systems: The system needs to be changed and the manager will be in direct touch with the clients and also improving the information system with the integration of better technological system in the organisation. Style: The Style of the organisation will be changed to participative which would help to break the ice among the employee levels and help everyone to work for the consolidated objective of the organisation (Goetsch and Davis, 2014). Staffs: The staffs are motivated in the organisation but it is important for the healthcare manager to change their approach towards the work which would help to get better result from their efforts. It is important for Syed to implement Total quality management where the staffs would understand the need of quality in every level of the organisation which would help to improve the service provision for the organisation. Skills: Even though the employees working in the company are well motivated and experienced but it is important for the organisation to constantly train and develop employees for improvement of their skills and capabilities. Making the Makaton training mandatory will help each and every employee to develop their performance and understand the importance of their work effectively to provide the best possible service (Mitchell, 2013). On the other hand the for the leadership issue Lewin’s Change Management Model will be used by the Healthcare Manager in the organisation. This model has three different stages which would support the change in leadership: Unfreeze: In this stage the employees will show strong resistance to change as changing to participative style means they will have to take more responsibilities which no employee wants to take. Since the employees are motivated enough it is important for the manager to channelise their motivation effectively through effective communication and asking for their support during the period of change (Daft, 2012). Transition: The participative change model is initiated which makes employees important more than ever for the organisation. The employees realise their importance in the business and are inclined to support the company with effective insights to improve service provision. They become more attached with the organisation which definitely helps to improve the service provision and the care for the children with special needs. Refreeze: With the implementation of the new guidelines employees become highly flexible showing their interest in communicating the issues and problems and eliminating them from the operations together that facilitates implementing total quality management effectively and the employees refreeze as they start operating under new rules and regulations (Mitchell, 2013). Conclusion To conclude the study it could be said that Syed will have to be more focused on improving the overall service and care provided to the organisation which would help to increase the profitability of the organisation. Syed is focused on implementing total quality management with the help of aspects like ethics, integrity, honesty, communication and leadership. The strength of the organisation lies in the fact that it has huge space and ample assets for children with special needs and its pricing strategy is also effectively which would help the organisation in the long run. Care provision and decision making are weaknesses for the company which the organisation has focused on changing with the help of change models like McKinsey’s 7s Model and Lewin’s Change Model which would help to improve the overall service provision and increase the possibility of profitability and competitive advantage in the market. Hence it could be said that the present study has been able to discuss all the key aspects which has helped to cover up the objectives effectively. References Burke, W.W., 2013. Organization change: Theory and practice. Sage Publications. Cameron, E. and Green, M., 2015. Making sense of change management: a complete guide to the models, tools and techniques of organizational change. Kogan Page Publishers. Daft, R., 2012. Organization theory and design. Nelson Education. Eden, C. and Ackermann, F., 2013. Making strategy: The journey of strategic management. Sage. Foss, N.J. and Knudsen, C., 2013. Towards a competence theory of the firm (Vol. 2). 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