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SNM660 Evidence Based Practice Question: Following this, considering the literature search you conducted for the study, does your study fit in with the body of evidence? Discuss whether there are any previously reported studies in the same area and whether these studies offered similar understanding or very different research and understanding. Discuss the above critical reflections in light of the nature of evidence based practice by discussing what evidence based practice is and whether the study you completed along with other papers, offers sound evidence or poor and the reasons for your conclusion.  Answer: Introduction: The research study is based on the health behavior of the students of the University of Canterbury. It has been pointed out that the regular habits of University students change as they move from their high school to the grad school. This is when they witness changes in their health. The entire paper has been broadly divided under several heads and a critical reflective discussion on the study shall be carried on here. The study is based on a quantitative analysis by the means of which the findings and the interpretation have been made. The paper has used many approaches to reach out the conclusion but it has definitely lack certain approaches that would have improved the quality of the paper to a better extent. Is engagement in physical activity affected by health behaviors and perceived health status of undergraduate students at Canterbury Christ Church University? As stated by Truzoli et al. (2016), the title of a study is the most important element because it is the first thing that the readers read. It is for the same reason the title has to be concise enough to indicate what the study is all about. Thus, the title should be informative and specific holding the attention of the readers. The study was based on health related problems among the Undergraduate students of the Canterbury University. The title selected for the study is lengthy enough to meet the criteria of a good title. The title of this study is to long it contains 21 words that made the title short and easy to understand the topic. In addition to this, the title has summarized the main aim and objectives of the study that is to determine the prevalence of the health-related problem among the particular population that are none but the second-year students at Canterbury Christ Church University. As it has been evident that the title include Canterbury that clearly signifies the place of the research (Truzoli et al. 2016). Therefore, it is very easy to link up the study objectives to the study title. The title met the criterion of being informative. At the same time, it is worth noting that the present tense used in writing the title helps in highlighting the intention of the researcher. The title has been written in an interrogative form that acts as a research question as well. Moreover, the title also informs the readers about the participants of the research that is the Canterbury Christ Church University. However, the title has to be comprehensive enough and the same could have taken other forms as well, like, “A study of prevalence of the health-related problems among the second year students at Canterbury”, or “A critical analysis of the health related problems and the role of physical exercise on improving the health, a case study of Canterbury students.” If the introductory part of the study is taken into consider, the introduction is full of information about the transformation that takes place among the students when they are moved from the high school level to the graduation school and the Universities. The introduction is full of detailed information and it was also aimed to let the readers aware of all the things related to the health and physical activities of the students of the University. The topic that has been undertaken is an important topic for discussion in the contemporary time keeping in mind the increasing rate of health issues that the students in the University level is facing. The issues like obesity, change in lifestyle that leads to addictions of smoking, drinking or even the dietary and the nutrition of the students remain hot topics of discussion in the contemporary time. For evidence, it can be said that in the study, Bozoglan et al. (2013) found out that level of addiction among the University students. To his findings, it was found that the internet addiction scale between 0.828+/-21.89 and the score of the depression scale were 14.75+/-10.58. It has been found that the students from the high earning families are more prone to use the internet and are addicted to the same. Thus, there is no doubt that these addictions are directly hampering the health of the students and so topic that has been selected for this particular study is indeed an important topic of discussion. In this respect, it shall be noted that the paper lacked the most vital part of the introduction section that the introduction does not state the overall approach that has been made on the research paper. The intension and the objectives of the study should have been mentioned in the introduction of the research. Next, it the literature review section of the research paper. The literature review section is very concise but it has included the vital points that are needed to be considered for this particular study. Primarily, the physical activity and the nutrition behavior of the students was the topic of discussion that was made focused on. This way, details of the changing health of the students have been known. The discussion made as a part of the literature review has added good information to the findings of the study. However, the literature review section is very brief and this is why it failed to provide lot of information about the study. There has been no critical approach made while writing the literature review. As stated by Dalbudak et al. (2013), literature review should be written following certain guidelines. For instance, the writer should have an analytical overview of the entire study to be taken into consideration. Following a particular structure of the literature review and then making interpretation on the same leads to a particular conclusion on the topic under consideration. Moreover, the content of the literature review should follow a logical structure that supports the issues and ideas of the topic. Unfortunately, all these details and credentials were missing from this particular study that lead to incomplete research on the paper. There was the need of some other headings and sub headings and more discussion on the topic that would have contributed directly to the outcome and the findings of the study (Hong et al. 2014). If the research question is taken into consideration, it has to be said that the topic of the study itself act as a research question. The analysis is based on this particular topic and research question. After the literature review was written, the report focused on the methodology section. The methodology section talks about the approach or the methods that have been undertaken by the researcher at the time of carrying out the research. It has been found that a cross-sectional survey had been conducted by using a semi-structured interview means. The survey was conducted among the second year students of the Canterbury University. The questions were related to the health behavior and physical ability problems. A total of twenty questionnaires were distributed among twenty students. It has also been pointed out that among the participants, sixteen were female participants and only four of them were male. In this respect, the importance of methodology shall be mentioned. According to Eriksson and Kovalainen (2015), methodology helps the readers as well as the researcher to understand the way the particular research is carried on. The methodology includes every detail of the research philosophy, research approach and the ways of collecting data. In this particular research, it has been found that the author completely washes out the research philosophy and the research approach and directly focused on the research strategy. Although, the research strategy has been written well with all the necessary information, other points of the research methodology clearly misses from the research paper (Leung and Liang 2016). The data collection process has been has been very descriptive in nature rather than being analytical. Again, the data analysis has been written with minimum information. It only stated about the software to be used for the analysis part and not how the same will be used. With the detailed discussion on the methodology section of the study, it is clear that the researcher has failed to address the methodology in the right way. The data collection could have been better if other approaches were taken. For instance, there was clear scope in the research to use theories and evidences to make a clear point on the findings (Creswell 2013). It is for the same reason, important that the literature review had to be a bit elaborative with some theories and models. With this, the methodology section would have improved as well and the complete research paper would have taken a better turn. Coming to the result of the study, it has to be said that the data that had been collected had been presented in the form of charts and graphs for better understanding of the readers. The chart and graphs have been designed using the SPSS software and it has been of great help when considering the overall findings. It has been found that the percentages of people who are engaged in the physical activities are very less (Bryman 2015). The students are mostly found to be engaged in different types of addictions that have lead to the decline of their health status. Therefore, the need for those students regarding improving their physical health status has been felt. The students are addicted to certain things like drugs, smoking or other things that have lead to diabetes. All these circumstances are leading to the situation where the students are suffering and there are no way out for them. The author has presented a number of articles that focused on the same subject area.  This area is focused on the health problems among the students of the University. For example, the authors who have worked previously on Health-related problems have been taken into consideration and the finding of their research work has been used as the foundation for the author. Thus, it is very clear for the readers to understand the previous work done in the area of health problem among the university students (Blair et al. 2013). In addition to this, the paper has also highlighted the unhealthy behavior activities carried out by the university students that include smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol, and lack of physical activities as risk factors that are associated with chronic diseases. Hence, this research was justified because the findings could be used as a source of information for policymakers for the development of intervention measures (Bilsborrow 2016). The recommendations made in this study were specific and were meant to help in policy formulation. This has automatically provided the way forward on implementation of the key policies. However, there were no suggestions for future work on the subject area. Lastly, it can be said that the researcher had tried to carry out the research in a more comprehensive way but the details were not sufficient enough to establish a proper conclusion to the findings. There were many other major means that could have been used by the researcher to improve the overall research and improve the quality of the paper. For instance, the paper required good quality literature review that included some theories of addiction and other information related to the topic. The research methodology should have included other important points as well that would create a clear picture of the overall research method that have been undertaken. On the discussion part, the findings could have been better if the more number of respondents were included in the survey. The outcome cannot be considered as the best outcome of the findings but there was clear space for improvements in the overall research paper. There was also space for better recommendations as well that could have been proposed in the study. References: Bilsborrow, R. E. 2016. Concepts, Definitions and Data Collection Approaches. In International Handbook of Migration and Population Distribution (pp. 109-156). Springer Netherlands. Blair, J., Czaja, R.F. and Blair, E.A., 2013. Designing surveys: A guide to decisions and procedures. Sage Publications. Bozoglan, B., Demirer, V. and Sahin, I., 2013. Loneliness, self?esteem, and life satisfaction as predictors of Internet addiction: A cross?sectional study among Turkish university students. Scandinavian journal of psychology, 54(4), pp.313-319. Bryman, A., 2015. Social research methods. Oxford university press. Creswell, J. W. 2013. Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches. Sage publications. Dalbudak, E., Evren, C., Aldemir, S., Coskun, K.S., Ugurlu, H. and Yildirim, F.G., 2013. Relationship of internet addiction severity with depression, anxiety, and alexithymia, temperament and character in university students. Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, 16(4), pp.272-278. Eriksson, P., & Kovalainen, A. 2015. Qualitative Methods in Business Research: A Practical Guide to Social Research. Sage Hong, F.Y., Huang, D.H., Lin, H.Y. and Chiu, S.L., 2014. Analysis of the psychological traits, Facebook usage, and Facebook addiction model of Taiwanese university students. Telematics and Informatics, 31(4), pp.597-606. Leung, L. and Liang, J., 2016. Psychological Traits, Addiction Symptoms, and Feature Usage as Predictors of Problematic Smartphone Use among University Students in China. International Journal of Cyber Behavior, Psychology and Learning (IJCBPL), 6(4), pp.57-74. Truzoli, R., Osborne, L.A., Romano, M. and Reed, P., 2016. The relationship between schizotypal personality and internet addiction in university students. Computers in Human Behavior, 63, pp.19-24.

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