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VTP320 Community Care Question: Topic: International comparison of community care How does the current Australian system for delivering community care services for older people compare to that in other countries? Discuss this with reference to one or two other countries. You should compare and contrast a range of aspects relating to provision of community care for older people in the different countries such as: The types of community services provided The way community services are funded Aged care assessment Models community care (i.e. reablement versus dependency models) Answer: Introduction Much of the sustainability talks regarding the individual are about costs. It is one of the important components that are required in case of making reasonable comparison. The measuring cost is relatively easy. Measuring the benefit derived from an object is relatively tough. The most common parameter to make a comparison is through morality based measure.  Life expectancy and early deaths is a part of potential years of life lost. These are known as two of the most common factors. The graph mentioned below provides a comparison in between the OECD countries (Vecchio, Fitzgerald, Radford & Fisher, 2016). Expenditure On Health Vs. Life Expectancy (SOURCE: Australian health care: where do we stand internationally,2014). The graph above shows data regarding the recent available historic trends. In the year 2001 Australia has spent 8.2 percent of the GDP on health.  Over the period of 10 years the GDP has increased to 9.1 percent.  The life expectancy improvement has helped in showcasing progressive data. An improvement in life expectancy is visible in the graph. This has helped in gaining effective position. Both the trends of input have suggested that the status of health has improved in the recent past. Community Care Services For Older People In Australia Australia is doing well against its peers and has achieved a remarakable position. The current standards guarantee that the country is being positioned at a correct place.  The community support program managed by the government and voluntary group is providing an access to avail mainstream support and services. Most of the assistance is provided to the aged population over 65 years of age. It is greatly understood that the highest needs for an individual is support in his last years.  In the recent years there is a tendency to increase emphasis on the early intervention on healthy ageing (Bulmer, 2015). Types Of Community Services Provided  The goal of Australia’s Community Care Program is to provide assistance to the aging population. The only purpose is to make them independent in their home and involved with their community as long as possible by ensuring a better quality of life (Health at a Glance 2015, 2015). The Way Community Services Are Funded The Australian Government’s funding system includes a worldwide public health insurance scheme. These schemes help in providing an assurance regarding the overall support system. This is necessary for providing a sustainable solution in future. Community Care Services For Older People In UK The overall purpose of the community care services is to provide assistance to the people in need. There is an increase in the number of aged section. Both the government and the voluntary association are providing assistance to those in need. Aged Care Assessment Models Community Care The traditional model for community care services in Australia has a focus on illness and dependence. At present the concept has grown into ‘wellness and reablement’.  This model focus on developing capacity whereby allowing independence in performing activities. Community Care Services For Older People In UK The population of UK is ageing at a rapid rate. The total proportion has risen to 15 percent to 17 percent from 1985-2010. It is projected that the data will rise to 23 percent by 2035.  The most significant parameter is to understand the growth in the number of people above 85 years.  This fact has created a concern over creation of funds for future funding of adult social science There is a necessity to focus on health and social services for the elderly people. This is only possible by promoting the independence in the elderly group. The UK government has set aside about £1bn a year from 2011-15 for promoting independence in the older section of society. Types Of Community Services Provided  There are different voluntary groups in the country that are providing with support system. They are closely providing health services and benefits to the elderly population. There purpose is to meet the needs of old people by making them independent (Elderly people, 2007).  The last few years has seen an alarming increase in old patients. This indicates the deteriorating community health and service care (Campbell, 2015). The Way Community Services Are Funded The community services are well funded by the government in order to meet the requirements of the aging population. There is an increase in the social help group that is providing funds to the community services. In the UK, there is an agreement that present models of health and social care funding does not allow sustainability (Means, Morbey & Smith, 2002). Aged Care Assessment The assessment is carried out in order to understand the amount of care required for an individual. If a person qualifies to attain support from local authority instead of getting services directly funded and arranged by council. One can direct ask for direct cash payments (Prince et al 2015). Community Care Services For Older People In UK The population in UK is focused upon the dependence model whereby the people are dependent on the government authorities to provide community service. The young population is asked to make a contribution from their income towards the community services (Social care and support: where to start, 2017). Conclusion It is important to notice that the health care services are increasing in the recent time due to the increase in the mortality rate. The old age care center role in Australasia is increasing where the government and non-government authorities are providing assistance to those in needs. The report reflects a contrast in between UK and Australia’s health care practice. The Health care services are developing in Australia which has helped in increasing health awareness. People and government bodies now understand the importance of community care services for older people. The necessity regarding allocating fund for futuristic need is essential. The health care system need to be given special attention in both Australia and UK.  The report reflects that Australia stands at an efficient place regarding community care services for older people compare to other country. References Australian health care: where do we stand internationally? ,(2014). (IMAGE). Retrieved from: (Accessed on: 4 April 2017) Bulmer, M. (2015). The Social Basis of Community Care (Routledge Revivals). Routledge. Campbell,D.(2015). More old people in hospital as community care ‘starved’ – Age UK. (ONLINE). Retrieved from: (Accessed on: 4 April 2017) Elderly people,(2007). (ONLINE). Retrieved from: (Accessed on: 4 April 2017) Health at a Glance 2015. (2015). (ONLINE). Retrieved from: (Accessed on: 4 April 2017) Means, R., Morbey, H., & Smith, R. (2002). From community care to market care? The development of welfare services for older people. The Policy Press. Prince, M. J., Wu, F., Guo, Y., Robledo, L. M. G., O’Donnell, M., Sullivan, R., & Yusuf, S. (2015). The burden of disease in older people and implications for health policy and practice. The Lancet, 385(9967), 549-562. Social care and support: where to start,(2017). (ONLINE). Retrieved from: (Accessed on: 4 April 2017) Vecchio, N., Fitzgerald, J. A., Radford, K., & Fisher, R. (2016). The association between cognitive impairment and community service use patterns in older people living in Australia. Health & social care in the community, 24(3), 321-333.

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